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No. 428

Happy Valentine's day Dreamchan!

Anon tell me, you have plans for today?

>Pic related, My Valentine.


Happy Valentines Day :3

i am going to see deadpool with my fwb, then maybe eat some chinese food


Happy Valentine's Day Everybody! <3<3


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Girl I know invited me over. I think she wants benis in bagina but I'm not really interested so I think we're just gonna LAN tf2, maybe watch a movie, get some pizza, and call it a night. Should be pretty nice.

No she's not hot or anything, actually is really overweight, but I don't care if we're just hanging out


That sounds like a nice night, let us know how it goes.

Is she clearly in to you? Hang out with her and stuff just don't lead her in if you aren't tryinf to dive in to that jiggly pillowy goodness




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Hello friendos, it went pretty nice! I went over there and we played TF2 for a while (I was having a really bad day apparently and sucked hard). Went to subway and got some food, brought it back, then started watching The Martian - that movie with Matt Damon.

Got about halfway through, but it really sucked, so we watched a few episodes of Love Lab which she liked, but she had a hard time keeping up with the subtitles because I guess she doesn't read a lot. Then I went home; we hugged when I left.

She texted me afterward and said she had wanted to cuddle while watching Love Lab, but didn't want to be awkward so she never made a move. I told her we could cuddle next time.

This is deep into blog territory, now, so I will sage and spoil:


File: 1455587158648.png (31.51 KB, 1068x640, 1450773149662-0.png)


I kind of want to tell her that I'm not really interested, but I also don't want her to feel like I never gave her a chance because of superficial reasons, which is completely true. I don't find her mentally attractive - it's not the chubster thing, I actually don't mind it/sort of like it.

For instance, when we went to subway she only got half a sub because (I'm sure) she's self-conscious about her weight. Of course, she got a large soda with it - completely defeating any calorie loss (poor thing is trapped in cognitive dissonance), but regardless - part of me wants to say to her as somebody who she believes is still interested/invested that she shouldn't feel guilty for being overweight, which is true. She had a bf in the past, she said, who really "shamed" her and was extremely abusive to her regarding her weight. So right now, her emotional outlook is: She doesn't want to be skinny as much as she just doesn't like how she is. Kind of a subtle difference, but it's there. More negative self image than there is positive desire to improve. She will not get skinny with that balance, she will, at best, experience perpetual diet/re-gaining cycles. If I can improve her self-image to no extra weight-loss endgame, it's still a net gain for her ba-dum tiss because she'll "feel better" about herself - but not necessarily her weight. If I improve her self-image to the extent she finds the self-confidence to permanently change her lifestyle/weight (small chance) then it's even better. I hope that all makes sense.



I've done this sort of thing before:
Chick was into me and I was physically attracted to her, not mentally attracted to her. She wanted to fugg before she went away again for college. I really didn't want the drama that would come with intimacy, but told her that I didn't want to start anything right before she went away, because I'd have a problem with the distance and emotional turbulence that comes with long-distance sorts of things which I've done before (terrible).

She said that she'd never been physically rejected by somebody before (she came on really strong, put my hands in her shirt, even), and that while she was disappointed in one way, she felt extremely respected and grateful for the feedback in another, and that it was one of those "Faith in humanity" boosters for her.

tl;dr I am at times a sufficiently manipulative shit head to actually make people feel good about rejection and improve their view of the world - simultaneously increasing their standards for what they want in a partner (assuming they appreciate the emotional awareness) and hopefully therefore decreasing the number of doomed-from-the-start relationships that they are willing to enter into, decreasing the net emotional problems of the world. Which is probably bullshit, but I want to believe it.


Had this thread open and read this as you posted them.

Well hey at least the evening wasn't a total shitshow!

I've been in her shoes before, being really heavy, insecure as shit and having a hard time with romance and stuff. Had some girls say some awful things to her. I would say take her actions/awkardness with a grain of salt.

Also, you can't feel bad about not being attracted to her. You've done nothing douchey or anything like that so far. I would say though, if you aren't prepared to keep cuddling, don't cuddle the next time. For someone like her the tiniest intimacy will result in a lot of clinginess.

It feels powerful to reject people. Knowing you can make someone feel like shit or on top of the world with your verdict. I think you'll have more fun accepting and wanting to be with someone in the future.


*awful things to me


>Well hey at least the evening wasn't a total shitshow!

I legitimately had a good time and want to go play TF2 with her again. I think she needs/wants friends too, same as I, and that's one of the reasons why I'm actually not too attracted to her - I almost don't believe that it's "me" that she likes, I think it's anybody who she finds physically acceptable who isn't just a flat-out douche to her. Same as the other girl I mentioned, she started liking "me" way before I'd ever really told her anything personal about myself - considering our interactions were previously limited to chat windows, I feel that's kind of telling.

> if you aren't prepared to keep cuddling, don't cuddle the next time

Next time is likely when I'd be telling her this, so I agree.

>It feels powerful to reject people. Knowing you can make someone feel like shit or on top of the world with your verdict.

This must be my motivation. However uncomfortable to accept, this sits a lot better than my "saving other people harm" bullshit. What I don't like is that I was in this position from the start, if that makes sense.


File: 1455590476216.jpg (75.58 KB, 1023x834, living life.jpg)



>I think you'll have more fun accepting and wanting to be with someone in the future.

It's hard for me to find people I'm attracted to, and even when I can, my own emotional junk makes it difficult/impossible to act on in a meaningful way.

But you see what you just did? Call me out? Actually, maybe, in some way, guide me and help me learn more about myself? That's you displaying some of the power that you have - the power that comes with self-knowledge. I'm needy and clingy for that like she (presumably) is for cuddling. I crave people's experience.

Here's the thought that you correcting me ultimately generated just now: Maybe my motivation is ultimately power-madness, and I only want more experience to have power over even more people emotionally. Now I am obligated to keep that in mind in the future. That thought is a little disconcerting, but I think the more likely answer is the ultimate one: I just want to be happy. To love and be loved. Knowledge of myself - I think at a subconscious level I believe - may one day alleviate some of the pain I'm always in. That sort of advancement is the kind I feel like I can only get from people like you, and that's, unfortunately, what the feeling of love and attraction has become tied to for me. Even just the prospect - hearing you say something that is clear and refreshing but coming from a place of brilliance, is enough to make you look like a way for me to find that selfish fulfillment - a person that I can actually grow both from, and with, and hopefully the feeling would be mutual, or at least, the insanity compatible.


>ultimately power-madness
Ok so become the next Mussolini or something. I'm just an anonymous mongolian imageboard user but things are only as complicated as you make it to be my friend


trips of truth

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