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File: 1454956762834.jpg (493.59 KB, 1562x1200, fig.jpg)

No. 407

Thought I'd start a thread for all things figures. Do you collect? What do you have, want to get, etc.


File: 1454964875608.jpg (169.64 KB, 721x541, alamomodel.jpg)

Do models and such count? I used to have one of the battle of the bulge and of the siege of stalingrad. Been trying to get an Alamo set pieced together like pic related recently. Kind of want some weeb-tier figurines but the prices are ridiculous


i would say any scale model of human or whatever is cool!

that's badass :o i've always wanted to get in to model trains and by proxy scenery.

what weeb figures have you in mind? i have a bunch that i might be willing to let go reasonably


File: 1455024946278.jpg (40.37 KB, 355x355, image.jpg)

For the crisp nostalgia


File: 1455025686423.jpg (49.18 KB, 600x600, FIGURE-016844.jpg)

she's super cute :3 i don't have her though ;_;

just preordered this qt


A real 2D qt indeed. Guess I will have to get jew'd on prices. Although all of the stuff for the Alamo is coming out to be a lot more than expected, might actually be cheaper at this rate with all the dozens of little details I'm needing.


yeah if i want something i always try to preorder it. i always regret not when i see the prices a few months after release

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