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No. 317

Who else is playing Fallout 4?


Level 15 here, couldn't play way too much cuz of work

I am about to go kill the courser


Level 21 patrician master race over here. Curie is best waifu and settlements were a bit of a let down for me. Game isn't bad but mods have already started fixing some problems I had with it.


Yeah settlements suck for me too. Pretty satisfied with it but I can't get over the dialogue. Turning off the cinematic cat scenes did help a bit.

Level 18, I can't bring myself to get rid of Nickk. He's just my guy.


My biggest issue is the lack of the karma/reputation system. The game almost forces you to be the good guy. Either save these people or save these people while being an asshole


Yeah, having your companion as the only gauge of your Karma is kind of dumb. Definitely the least reputation based game so far.

However, I will say I love what they did with the Rads, eating away at your max HP. Rads have never really been a major issue before this game


Definitely makes radiation an actually relevant instead of a slight inconvenience. The companions and the combat system is what I like the most at this point in the game.


I'm having a ton of fun with the combat. Biggest issue with companions is that they get. in. the. fucking. way. lol

I was doing The Big Dig for Bobbi No-Nose and couldn't proceed, because the cave shafts were single character sized. Had to start chucking grenades to get people to move.


I can't count the amount of times I threw a grenade to have it bounce off of Curie's head. I like the quest, easy way to get a lot of stuff if you have high charisma.


jesus christ the railway rifle is perfect


It keeps dropping me if I run. The game crashes


What platform are you on?


i got way tired of it after about 115 hours. i don't plan on touching it until dlc comes out. i couldn't get way too immersed in to the settlement building

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