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No. 31

Who has a job they can goof off at?

Nothing is better than being able to surf the internet 5/9 hours of the shift


I'd rather get something out of my time at work, as I'd like to be able to get something better some day and be able to support a family comfortably. We do fuck around a lot though and I certainly don't avoid joining in, I've slept on the office couch a couple times after a night of drinking gone too far.

I think the longest span we've gone is 22 hours, starting at 8:00 AM at our office and ending at 4:00 AM in another timezone (we drank at the airport, on the plane, etc.). I slept 4 hours that night and had a kind of existential crisis. The morning after was magical, we walked a few miles to the conference we were attending, grabbed a bunch of free food and beverages, and I just felt this strange aura of well-being and clarity through the hangover.


That sounds bretty ebic. I've experienced vaguely similar things, but they have a sinister undertone in retrospect since they were related to sleep deprivation and/or cyclical depression.


can't goof off but I do GET off lel

i regularly wank at my job

i'm a janitor at a hospital and the stalls are quiet


fucking gross, my hospital is way too dirty to do that and people can and do walk in constantly.


You've got nothing on that one nignog janitor at the mall who records himself fucking his hoe regularly out in the open.


I had a job where I had a lot of downtime (state job), and I would frequently talk to people, listen to music, browse the internet, study, etc during it. Wasn't that bad until they told me I couldn't listen to music while working.


that's super lame, what was your job?


I worked with the department of transportation to get money out of high school. It's boring as shit, but it was pushing $12/hr for an unskilled kid. They didn't want us getting hit by cars and they monitored temps pretty closely.


that doesn't sound too bad

i worked at a subway throughout high school

as soon as the owner left in the afternoon we were on our phones in between sandwiches

we ate so many cookies and sandwiches they pry were thousands in the hole

and we smoked bud while taking out the trash

i miss it sometimes


I had a pretty good job stocking dairy in a grocery store. Most days were pretty quiet, so once I finished stocking out on the floor I would get to hang out in the dairy fridge and play with my phone. I had no service, so it was all listening to music, playing games and reading. I'd use the milk crates to work out and warm up if I ever got too cold. There were no cameras back there and I was pretty much alone for four of the six days I was on. When my coworker was on, we'd mostly shoot the shit and creep on people from behind the milk. I miss it.


I work at a college library. Most of the people that come in are just there to use the computer lab, so whenever I get to work outside of the lab, it's very calm. I just sit there and browse the internet on the computers at the desk, while actually serving customers every 20 minutes or so.

We used to be able to bring our laptops to work, then the higher-ups decided to disallow it since they thought it was making us look too unprofessional.


but you aren't a professional working at a college library as a student


I work the closing shift at a Starcuck's in a grocery store and half of the employees toke, so on break there is always someone smoking me up in the parking lot. The kiosk is only ever busy early in the day so I basically fuck with drinks and browse on my phone the whole time. bretty gr8


Is it a Safeway? I just got some cold brew in a starbucks in a safeway today. I usually don't go for starbux but their cold brew is on point.


I don't work it any more, but some modern farming jobs are mad easy. A lot of modern row crop tractors use GPS for navigation, letting the vehicle drive itself. The driver is just there to override it in case of an emergency. That leaves you just sitting in a cozy closed-cab mobile office with music to listen to and internet to browse.


File: 1448531350726.jpg (48.39 KB, 595x508, 1434762385725-4.jpg)

Security guard here. I am sitting in my car with the heater turned on and not giving a fuck. If you value money over your free time, you're a fuckin dingus.

>not shitposting and making money simultaneously


Have you ever had to take action for any reason?


Yeah, there are places they send you where you actually have to work once in a while. But most of the time you get to sit on your ass and collect a paycheck. Works for me.


nice trips

it almost sounds like the perfect job, except they drug test so you can't blaze on the job right?


I'm currently a NOC technician and I work the grave shift which means shit doesn't go on, and all of the bosses are asleep. I get paid to sit in front of my laptop with a fast internet connection, watch anime, download shit, play games, etc. Then reboot a machine maybe once a night.

12/hr with benefits.

Seriously going to miss this job, but while the job is cool, the company is actually shit. It doesn't matter if I worked there for 20 years, they wouldn't give me a single raise even if I was at Network Engineering levels of experience. Jews to the core. I'm friends with some of their top admins thoguh, so it's gonna be a good fallback if I ever need another gig…


Yeah, I'm in a similar situation now.

Making $16/hour as a junior dev. Can do anything on the computer all day, but it's a lousy company and there's no growth (Also crappy legacy php to maintain)

This is my last week though, got a new position that pays $20/hour at a decent company. Probably won't get to goof off anymore though :/

What is the most work you've had to do in a night?


File: 1449899770606.jpeg (468.85 KB, 1024x768, Pensive Parakeet.jpeg)


A client was consolidating their rented space in the DC by moving machines from two cabinets into a cage they were also occupying (just were going to pack machines in tighter.)

They showed up in the middle of the night a day before they were supposed to, while another client was getting DDOSed, the on-duty net engineer was nowhere to be found, not answering calls, emails, anything, the new feed that was supposed to be run to the clients cage wasn't run, and as the client began powering on their newly migrated machines, their power strips started popping.

So I'm running a cable under the tiles by myself while my co-worker (cool ass motherfucker who lets me sleep in the break room when I'm tired from school) is finding spare whips that have been run from the PDUs and trying to find out what machines they can power off when the net engineer stumbles out of his office drunk as fuck. He starts talking to us and trying to explain to the client that any cord-and-plug connected load can only be designed to have 80% of the circuit's rated ampacity for the purposes of fire safety (Which is true, I am knowledgeable about the NEC.) and it was just a general clusterfuck.

Another fun time was moving a KVM around to a hundred different machines in a cramped, dark, and hot as fuck literal jungle of cables in the hot-gap between two sets of racks.

All in all, it's not bad at all.


File: 1449899867659.jpg (103.04 KB, 640x555, 1395289219752.jpg)


Bitch thing is, I'm more than likely going to be getting a job offer as an industrial process electrician at a steel mill that's several hundred miles away from all of my friends and family, so it's a tough call. I can move, save up a bunch of money and get a bunch of experience, then move back, or I can take my chances here and wait for something else to come up….I really wish I could stay in the same field that I'm in right now, I just don't see a future for it at all. So many of the daily tasks I need to complete could be so easily automated that it's not even funny.

It's like I'm going to have to wait until retirement to finally get another chance to do nothing but relax, shit post, torrent old content that I want to archive, etc.


did you end up getting the offer? i hope you took it. it sounds like you might be in a rut and sometimes change can be good


File: 1452975247296.png (129.74 KB, 225x350, 1428986217128.png)

I work a desk, but the computer i use is locked into one program, so i can't shitpost at work.

What I CAN do is bring books to read during slow hours. I've gone through so many books and between the occasional customer and cleaning it's a pretty comfy way to spend the day

My manager recently told me to stop wasting time on the job, so i'm afraid that he might take my book privileges away. It's bullshit, i had gone over 2 hours without seeing a single person in the building and he tells me i should be pacing the floor.

I'll be getting stealthier about it, and hopefully i can continue


>tells me i should be pacing the floor.
What a jackass.


File: 1454691235084.jpg (47.15 KB, 500x374, cbimage6.jpg)

Thanks anon. I went in, gave it my all, but didn't get the offer. Now I'm scrambling to find something else. Feels bad.

> he tells me i should be pacing the floor.

That's such bullshit anon, wow. Maybe get a kindle so you can low-key have it flush up against your comp screen or something? Might be the best way to go about it, but damn, that's messed up. What industry is it?


ah hey glad to see you again. sorry it didn't work out. what are you up to now? :o


>manager tells you to pace the floor
What a dick. Pace the floor while reading the book in front of him :^)


File: 1455057603634.png (579.75 KB, 530x651, best friends.png)

Hey there.

Just sending out applications like a mofo. Luckily the professors have a whole bunch of other connects in the industry via a really loyal alumni network, so I'll get in somewhere, I'm sure. Just a matter of continuing to show up and do the footwork.

How about you? What's going on in your life? Something good, something bad, and something you're not sure about, if you please.


yeah man all you have to do is get that foot in the door once and you're golden

i'm doing okay, working as a web dev. the job is fine, i can't complain. other than that i've been pretty sick ;_;

hoping i can find some help soon. i have been doing some open source stuff lately so that's lifted my spirits.


>foot in the door

Yeah, that's the truth.

Getting the recommendations has kind of taken a funny turn as of right this second - I'm extremely nervous that I'm going to soil the names of the college, my professors, and all of the other students by screwing something up because as of right now they think highly of me and how hard I've worked (many consecutive 20 hour work days in the final semester)

So in a way I'm really sick, too, just sick in the head. I'm sorry that you're not feeling well, too. Is it stress related? Are you eating somewhat healthy? Worried about money? I wish I could help anon. Let me know if there's another way that I possibly could, please.


File: 1455226712134.jpg (116.12 KB, 434x500, 1405913696174.jpg)

I also forgot to chastise you for using open-source instead of Free software (if that is what you are making) :3

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