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It’s going to be 2023! What are you all doing for New Year’s Eve, and what are your hopes and wishes for the new year?


I had a nice cozy time with some friends


My friend has birthday on the 31st so i visited him and we drank some beers and smoked weed. Got home then because Grandma was in dying process so i wasnt feeling like partying hard. She passed away on the 1.1. ..
For the next Year I hope i will gain more control over my drug use. Its not too bad just too much marihuana everday so i get lethargic as FUCKING hell. Also occasionally party drugs. But i want to focus more on life itself then trying to escape you know.
I wish you all the best /b/ros.


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>Grandma was in dying process
lmao what a weird way to say it
Sorry for your loss anon.
I wish you the best in you struggle against drugs.


In german we got the word "sterbeprozess" which in direct translation means "process of dying".
Maybe i translated it a little bit too directly so it sounded strange…
Also thank you.


>wishes for the new year?
Ukraine wins the war with russian federation, takes back its land and humanity goes on to peacefully explore and take good care of the universe ;)

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