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Posts about books you're reading or finished and talk about what you think, so far. Ask other anons of a book is good and they might reply


been reading Fulfillment by alec macgillis, pretty interesting stuff, especially the third chapter about how the corporate-contractor military-industrial economy was accelerated so much in the past few decades by the help of lobbyists in Washington. the more narrative parts are great but get kind of depressing pretty quickly without much room for hope. maybe I just need to finish it
I also picked up a book from this little free library cabinet in the park by me, the Memoirs of Jozsef Cardinal Mindszenty, from what I can tell it's about a cardinal in Hungary who spends a lot of time in a communist prison as a political enemy. some neat black & white photos in the middle pages


Been reading Junky by Burroughs. So far I don't really care for the author's self insert. He's a dick. It is an interesting look into morphine/heroin addict culture of the 40s and early 50s. Only about 1/4 the way through, maybe I'll come to like the book better as it progresses.


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im reading the book of mormon im halfway through first nephi its pretty good so far i dont know if im convinced its true tho

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