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what is your favorite place to travel and why? what place(s) would you like to visit someday?


(anon replying to my own comment to start here, hi everyone)
i haven't traveled to many places outside of the states, but i absolutely love places like a plaza close to the beach attached to some condos in Florida, or this tiny village in Upstate NY where most of my aunts and uncles live. this may be of pure nostalgia, but i still like to go to these places whenever i get the chance.

in terms of wanting to go to other places, i would love to travel outside of the states. there are a lot of places i find interesting. i always love pulling up Streetview and traversing these landscapes and cities in places like France and Japan and Norway, usually while listening to music.

for me, listening to music while in Streetview has sort of the same cadence as listening to music on a road trip or a plane trip. i'm not really sure why, but it has an energy i don't know how to describe.

that's about all i have to say.


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My favourite place to travel for the time being is Greece due to its history, geography and climate. And mhhh, food!
If I had all the time in the world and an appropriate budget I would love to take the classic Trans-Siberian Railway from Europe to Russia to China. It takes several days to travel to the final destination Beijing, but for me it would be a big plus because I had the chance to see many different fascinating locations. And mhhh, food!


i'd like to go back to visit philly, i especially miss the 4 hour bus ride. the city itself is cool enough. i'd really like to see the mesas in new mexico, arizona, and visit some of the northern colder states, maine, minnesota, even ohio because i have a morbid fascination with post-industrial decay

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