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Dreamchan now has a Twitter!

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No. 2093

I found dreamchan on Creamy's homemade list of chans. What about you, anon?

Do you recommend this place to others?


I'm not even sure how I found this board, it was back around 2016. I've come here on and off since.

>Do you recommend this place to others?

No, but if I talked to people who I knew was looking for a small comfy IB that could be trusted. I'd consider it.


File: 1618507281882.png (29.21 KB, 640x480, 1604068060063.png)

Same. I just remembered this bored a couple months ago. Can't remember the first time i visited this place. I think it was in it's early days…


Woops. meant board. not "bored"… Well I was pretty bored when I remembered Dreamchan.


8chan ads


File: 1618927967948.png (1.26 MB, 1000x793, ojhchgQWVr1tixvyxo1.png)

Found it by lurking around in desuarchive I think. Or…..it might have been on some other altchan mentioning other communities. Ehh, I can't remember.


File: 1618929999817.png (215.04 KB, 569x447, nigga get a grip.png)

creamy's homemade list literally gives multiple links to chans that were made for child porn. i cannot believe that we had to get the authorities involved to get them taken down. this creamy guy is fucked up in the head

i found this place when i was 13, i was too scared to go on 4chan because i thought it was all gore and shit but i was enthralled by the culture and the greentext videos on YT. i read this article
and decided to give dreamchan a google. then i lived on here for a few months before i gathered up the courage to move over to 4channel, where things move a lot quicker


>i found this place when i was 13
You were 13 in 2015…?


File: 1618938059671.jpg (8.9 KB, 364x354, 171590472_953949048708786_….jpg)

I had no idea about the rest of the story! Thats really fucked up… I found Creamy's list when I was in high school, and I would cull through all the sites on the school computer/school wifi to see what was unblocked, and dreamchan was one of the few that was unblocked. Magically, wizchan and krautchan was also unblocked, but wikipedia for the first half of my high school stint at that school was blocked because students could look up pictures of boobies from articles. Retarded.


File: 1618955359172.jpeg (47.32 KB, 464x453, 84233919-1A20-46BD-9DA8-8….jpeg)

Wanted a chan that wasn't full of edgelords and pedophiles. Found this through sheer luck and have been around ever since.


Am I the only one who finds it very strange that Dreamchan is mentioned in that article at all?


strange indeed. even with a cursory glance at dreamchan, i think it could be seen that it has no relevance really to the article at hand, but that's blog journalism for you!


File: 1619035361075.png (544.78 KB, 633x758, 1505786487975.png)

When I got into alternative chans a long time ago I'd sometimes google my interest with a -chan suffix. That's how I found Lainchan & Dreamch.

and the years go by!


I found this place in 2015. If I remember correctly it was by complete chance. I pop in every now and then because this is a very comfy little corner of the internet which is what I love about it.


File: 1619783984011.png (179.45 KB, 429x390, 1576712211569.png)

Someone mention it on another alternative chan. Cozy place.


I don't remember probably from some list of chans or seeing it mentioned on some other chan.


Creamy's list was one of the worst things that happened to altchans because of the inevitable spam. He came to regret ever compiling it. I first came here way back when it was advertised on 8chan. A historical fact is the earliest Japanese textboards and imageboards were made for CP.


srsly? thats fucking disgusting, wow


Why am I not surprised? That's horrible… I'm glad we're cracking down on that shit now because it's unacceptable.


File: 1623819100163.jpg (27.31 KB, 512x512, lucky.jpg)

dreamchan was mentioned on another board and I got curious.
So Hey anons!


hello friend!






greetings from lolcow


is duck a lolcow now? lole


I hope no one discovered my daily 9,000 calorie mukbang uploads ;_;


It's nothing like that, admin, it's just that someone made a post mentioning dreamch on lolcow because farmers there were trying to find a new home, but I'm sure nothing will come of it.
Long time lurker here, btw

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