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Does anyone else play VRChat in their free time? I started playing it for about a week and I enjoy being in cozy rooms all by myself. Feels warm and wholesome.


looks comfy but I don't have VR headset, those are expensive.


what is your VR setup?



I don't play using VR, unfortunately. I want to save up for a headset but for now I play on desktop, which is available through Steam.


File: 1592688772297.png (2.11 MB, 1920x849, VRChat 101.PNG)

I have been exploring VRChat a while ago. It's a nice place to get lost, specially in forgoten worlds with no people on them. I have quite a big collection of screenshots too. This one is from a lighthouse I found. You can go to the top and see the sunset and the sea. When I was there I thought about how my life is quite like VRChat. I just observe everything without interacting with the scenario. I'm an outsider. I'm not really from this world. That's what I feel everytime.


I see, I'm not very fond of the VR trend, but I kinda want one of these just to explore places like the ones you will see in Yume Nikki in VR, I really like the idea.


File: 1592716075841.jpg (78.7 KB, 960x960, 95561551_10218361556363662….jpg)

Friendly reminder that while escaping is comforting, the real world is still what we must all come back to. Still, best of intentions to all of you exploring!


Indeed. :)
It's a very nice escape when we need it, it's very unfortunate some people become addicted to it in an unhealthy way.
I feel like this a lot as well, especially now as of late. Beautiful find!
The YN rooms are very beautifully done and meticulous to detail. Though you can't really go around and collect effects like you could in the original game, it still has the music a very creepy aura to it. Very faithful recreations if you ask me, I hope you get to experience it!


I checked it out briefly, but I didn't have a VR headset of a good graphics card so I shelved it. There are some pretty worlds.

It reminds me of Second Life or Alpha Worlds so some of the novelty isn't there. I didn't have a microphone and I had a sexy avatar and people started harassing me and demanding to know why I didn't answer them, so I switched to an ugly microphone. I heard it's full of whiny kids now that the Meta Quest 2 is so cheap.


File: 1661444177898.png (221.61 KB, 370x454, FaUQ1z_VsAEa9xH.png)

How about Meta's new game? In Hollywood, there's a famous saying that whatever age you're at when you become famous, that's the age you'll be for the rest of your life. I think that's true for billionaires as well.

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