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File: 1580611160166.jpeg (307.19 KB, 531x710, Savior.jpeg)

No. 1699

This specific image of Jesus fills me with good feelings. The way this man was drawn is so pure…


I'm no longer of the fatih, but when I was little and was catholic this exact painting in my chapel always made me feel better


It's done the opposite for me. It makes me feel extremely uneasy even as a child. I've always thought it was "the devil" in disguise.


File: 1581781000917.jpg (107.08 KB, 456x599, main-qimg-5432c026cabf8226….jpg)

I always found ethopian jesus pretty comfy


coming from a middle eastern family, i like jesus to be depicted as someone with an orange glow around him - an orange background, ect.
blue jesus seemed too western. if this photo had an orange background it's be perfect


i mean, Jesus himself came from a middle eastern family


I think part of the idea is that while Jesus came from the middle east, it is the West which popularized the faith, for better or worse, and so his image is (appropriately, in my opinion) generally envisioned as western, but is specifically depicted as local nationality would dictate, so that it's a little easier for each culture to tie itself into the teachings. That said, it is definitely the Biblical ideas that inspired western civilization, but that's another conversation.

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