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Interesting stories thread?

>be me

>talking to cousin
>he mentions he's eating pudding
>tell him i want pudding but dont have any
>tells me to go get some
>realize i never really just go get things
>decide to get some pudding
>go outside
>its raining
>walk 30 minutes in the freezing rain
>can barely see
>get pudding
>walk home
>takes 45 minutes
>super dark
>cars zooming by
>rain in pouring
>im freezing
>phone died
>decide to take a shortcut through the dark woods
>looking back that was a bad move
>no lights
>walk the path
>everything freaks me out
>lights reflecting on the rain make me think there are random lights
>trees look like faces
>large rocks look like deer
>i trudge home, scared af
>make it home
>whole thing took 1.5 hours
>reward myself with 5 pudding cups

if I had to do it again I would've charged my phone and not gone through the woods. overall an ok experience but scary nonetheless


Spur decisions can be really nice but you still have to look at your current situation (such as walking through freezing rain lol)

>in japan for 3 weeks, have a ton of places to visit that I planned myself

>one place is a hiking trail
>on way to the end of the trail, i see another trail branching off through a stone tunnel
>decide i will finish my planned hike and then come back for this one (since the planned trail is a dead end anyway)
>right before the new trail's path starts, someone left a walking stick for someone else to use
>decide that i have to walk this trail now
>trail is pretty difficult, extremely thankful for the walking stick
>end up looking for and finding a second stick for my other arm
>getting exhausted, no water
>drink directly from a stream, resume hike
>suddenly hear shifting in the trees, unable to identify source but definitely an animal
>it moves so i see it, it was a wild mountain monkey
>slowly walk backwards since i have no idea how aggressive they can be
>sees me backing up, it decides to continue on its way
>i press onwards, try to be much more aware of my surroundings
>after like 90 minutes on this trail, reach a high up check point (but it was in the trees so no good view)
>since it's near the top, i can finally see the clouds and notice that they were a lot thicker than when I started, very likely to rain
>as i think that, a few drops start falling
>its a race against the rain clouds, start my return hike
>reach the entrance without issue aside from being really tired. thankfully the clouds were slow/going somewhere else
>return the borrowed walking stick to where i found it, and add the other one next to it
The whole hike took me about 4-5 hours, plus travel time on the trains. 10/10.


I like your story OP.
At the moment I don't feel like sharing a past story. So I'll try to remember to post during my next experience.

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