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No. 1559

Joker Discussion Thread: Have you seen it? What are your thoughts?


when the joker says the n word


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I saw it yesterday and it might be one of my favorite films. I'm a sucker espescially for good score and seeing Arthurs limp body move so carefully and cautious was haunting.

Overall, I found the movie to resemble a horror movie more than anything else, through the runtime the droning sound and the visuals build up such a heavy, thick atmosphere that is terryfing.

I love this film and I might see it again with my dad.


I hate to inform you that you're on the wrong chan.




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Talking about a depressive film isn't in the context of this board that has the very broad name Good Feelings.
This film is talked about in hundreds of other places more suited to it and with a userbase of people interested in discussing it.

Also, your contribution to the thread so far was very small. You didn't share your own opinion, you started the discussion not with an intent but with a general questions:
>Have you seen it? What are your thoughts?
This isn't a good start and not having a clear intent in mind in a discussion will lead it nowhere. Not on this site though, it won't pick up in the first place.



already a thread for movies >>932

But yeah I saw it a few days ago. I liked it a lot. Call me a normie but I generally don't like when evil is portrayed in a sympathetic light as it was in this movie. Still, I enjoyed it so maybe I'm just a complete hypocrite.


yeah he's right. My brother came over and the first thing he did is ask me about what I thought about this violent movie. So I told him about the relevant political surroundings and he didnt want to hear about it. He came round and asked me about this most unchill subject ever then tried to debate me on it. So I lost my shit and the fall out has lasted all week with my mother caling me this morning worring about me but with no appreciation of what an unchill guest my brother is and why it pisses me off. This subject is the very antithesis of good feelings,


You and your brother were angry at each for a week over a movie? Wew lad
Are you the anon who posted in deeds about how you told your mother to fuck off over the phone? If so you have emotional problems and need help


If you can't have a civil discussion over a movie, politically charged or not, you need help


I just saw it a few days ago, and I thought it was really challenging. To think that this was a capeshit universe film is very interesting for many reasons, not the least of which is its amazing plausibility of narrative, while at the same time being so open-ended and open to interpretation. Did any of the film even happen? I think it could be argued that it didn't - that this was just the daydream of someone in a mental asylum, and the comical "Benny Hill" ending - where he ran through the doorways avoiding pursuit, *but in slow motion* as opposed to the fast-motion of the traditional depiction, was just phenomenal.

A legitimately excellently made, excellently acted, excellently directed, excellently designed movie. High points for set design/location, lighting, cinematography, and even the music had highlights. That this was a movie centered around a "comic book villain" and was done in this way is nothing short of incredible.


I agree on the music. My mom's favorite scene was when Arthur was in the taxi after the evening show and White Room by Cream was playing.


My mom and all of her friends (late 50’s adored this movie) my mom said the same of the White Room scene


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>tfw no mom to watch movies with
Where do I get one?

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