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File: 1569433375850.gif (2.02 MB, 374x498, tenor.gif)

No. 1537

Everyone!!! I did it!! I'm not gonna be a NEET anymore !


File: 1569435562597.gif (803.57 KB, 250x270, woohoo.gif)

Omedetou, OP!


File: 1569496162845.png (206.67 KB, 399x552, b10d83747d4a605304531d2826….png)

Please tell me you aren't a Wageslave now, you aren't right?


File: 1569557885480.png (246.45 KB, 501x425, 1568450274649.png)

Congratulations, friend!

How long have you been a NEET?


File: 1569674188725.gif (586.7 KB, 450x478, 1448970997125.gif)

Hell yeah


File: 1569698642464.png (165.76 KB, 601x495, 34389602fca5fa6610fb78b988….png)

Is this something to celebrate? School and wageslaving may very well make you even more suicidal than neetdom


File: 1569736216293.png (128.59 KB, 457x645, 7b7bd5cacbdebd5eadd4426da6….png)


To answer your questions, I've been a NEET for about a year now and I'm going to be going to a trade school. Having tried out the NEET life, I gotta say I prefer being a wageslave/schoolcuck.


I went to trade school too, anon. Try to become an electrician if you can - plumbing and carpentry are awesome, but consider how long you'll be able to do it - an ex-friend of mine has a dad in his late 50s and he's almost literally breaking his back and has ruined his knees plumbing, now.


File: 1569891659157.png (1.09 MB, 1000x1000, smug taxi guy.png)

I'm happy for you anons but I'm just too autistic to cope with normal jobs and school. Working from home is god tier


Doing a trade school is a good choice, anon good luck in life!


Trades are usually safer than academic jobs.
Who knows what kinda tech products future humanity has! But you can be sure toilets will stay the same.

Flawless design


I'd feel that it's a safer bet but less rewarding than taking on an academic job. I read an article in the New York Times recently discussing the glut of STEM focused majors and the initially high wages coming out of college but the stagnation afterwards due to newer grads pushing the field forward and relegating the people back to a more managerial position or otherwise forcing them to adapt, thanks to the extremely rapid development of every field nowadays.

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