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This place is great, it got me back in that comfy mood I've been looking for. I love you guys
Talk about the comfiest you've ever been


3 years ago I seriously attempted suicide and after I got out of the hospital and was able to get back in bed I just remember feeling so at home and safe. I know the circumstances aren't happy but that would be my answer


Comfy is comfy freind
I don't know what you've gone through but i hope your'e doing better now :3


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Idk the comfiest I've ever been but the comfiest I've been in recent memory happened just a few weeks ago.

I suffer from general anxiety and depression (who doesn't these days) as well as struggling with addiction. and was going through a seriously tough time resisting the urge to relapse and give in to my addiction. I was very close to giving up when somehow I stumbled across a picture that I took one day hanging out with a friend and a girl I had a crush on, it was a fun time and a good picture and we all looked so happy, and a very comfy warmth washed over me. Suddenly the urges to give in to my addiction had no power over me and I felt at peace and even joyful despite the cravings and all the shit I was going through at the time

9/10 experience

So sorry you had to endure that brother, hope you're well now


When she dropped the l word…


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The comfiest I've been was when I was dating a girl who was going to art school at a nearby city. I knew her since high school and we started dating out of the blue. I took a 4 hour nonstop bus ride to see her at her apartment. Falling asleep next to her, in a place that was completely new to me, was the most refreshing and comforting feeling for me. Holding her hand on the subway on our way downtown was really comfy too.


>l word…


Drowsing in my hammock on a foggy summer morning, with the songs of birds in the trees above me mingling with my dreams. I really need to rig some kind of setup to use my hammock indoors, I get much better sleep (and dreams) in hammocks than in any bed.


I think it was when quite a while back I spent an entire sunny day on reading 8 volumes of my favourite manga that arrived to my apartment the same day & watching moomins while drinking a lot of milk tea w/ my favourite sweater on. Sounds very basic, but the way sun was shining on me giving me its warm made me feel very comfy.


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About two years ago, when I was a grown up manchild. At summer in parents' house. Watching k-on and some other animes. Checking systemspace banter. Writing an e-mail weekly to an internet friend I love. Playing vidya and thinking about her all day. Thinking that we may have a chance of being together forever.

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