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Crushing on this girl at my job right now.

The sweet part is the warm feeling I get inside when talking to her and she'll touch my arm or if I'm standing somewhere she'll walk by and lightly scratch my back as she passes :)))

The bitter part is the fact that I'll never make her my cutie patootie sweetie pie and cuddle with and kiss her :(


I know that feel.
Workplace crushes are worst crushes. You tell yourself that you'll just keep in touch should someone leave the job, but then life happens. It hurts.


never had a good experience with this, aside from the initial crushing phase. it gets ugly, sadly


Destroy your feelings before they destroy you.


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Had to put one of my dogs down today

The bitter part:
my poor doggo… :(

The sweet part:
He very unwell, his suffering is over

He's chasing squirrels in heaven now


Yes I bet all dogs go to heaven. Because God is a Dog, and Dog is God spelled backward. It has to be true.


I know that it's not easy to do, but you made the right decision.

It will take time, but this pain will come to pass. Until then, we're here for you.


Love, not time, heals all wounds. Try to meditate out in nature and feel the cycle of life surrounding you. Even the grass loves life enough to grow, though it struggles the entire time.


I'm approaching my mid-thirties and haven't had a crush or anything like that since middle school.


It's not a bad thing, anon. Crushes, love, relationships and stuff like that aren't necessary, i'd even say that you're lucky that you've never encountered it again.


I haven't really had a crush on anyone in over 5 years now. I do pass by the occasional woman I'd like to have sex with. But I obviously never make a move because my social awkwardness would only get in the way. Besides once she knows I'm a beta with no car, job, or license. I also can't communicate with regular people anymore. It's so damn hard. Imageboards is about the best way for me to communicate with others. I've tried to get back into using social media but damn it's so awful. I shouldn't have to lower my standards with a bunch of "normals". I'm just trying to think of a proper way to communicate with others who I actually am able to somewhat relate to online.


Just ask her out anon. Just do it.

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