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Probably didn't need to make a whole thread on this but some friends on /deeds/ wanted to hear this story.

My parents have been generally shitty, mostly towards me. I have a few mental illnesses (who doesn't lol) and they're constantly telling me I'm lying for attention, although I have a diagnoses. I've attempted suicide more than once and they don't fuckin care. My mom often drinks instead of being responsible, so I have to be a mother to my younger brothers. I'm usually the one cooking and cleaning nowadays. My dad sits around chewing nicotine and tobacco and controls every aspect of my mom's life, going as far as to track her phone. He is fucking gross (he walks around the goddamn house in his underwear jacking off) and beats my brothers and sometimes me. It's obviously not as bad as many other people's families, but it hurts nonetheless. I made an appointment with my school counselor and split everything. Hopefully something good happens.


Woah that's really rough shit man. I hope things start going for the better real soon.


fucking hell…
no one deserves such a life, I'm so sorry you had to endure this.
don't give up man, there are brighter days ahead for sure


Good luck, anon. I hope your life improves soon.

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