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No. 1040

Let's talk about all things programming and development!

Languages, Paradigms, Libraries/Packages, Tech Stacks, Editors, Code Help/Review, etc


I am currently trying to build an imageboard with Flask. What are you guys working on?


How did you all go about learning this sort of stuff? This is a hobby I would very much like to get in to but I don't really know where to start. I want to learn C# first but it's hard to teach it to yourself, are there any good guides out there for noobs?


I don't know C# but you should first find a 'tutorial' type thing to get you through the basics. Some people swear by programming books (look on torrent sites if this sounds like your kind of thing) but I never did this. There are free online tutorials, which sufficed me for Python and C (and now Go). Do a search and find a detailed one which you can understand. I found this from Microsoft and it looks okay (maybe a little out of date?): https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/csharp/

A quick look-around tells me that the .NET standard libraries provide a lot of things. You will also want to find a good reference guide to these libraries (e.g. handling files and input and output) to consult when you get stuck in your projects.

If you have the time, I would suggest not starting with C# though. Again, I don't know the language, but I think that something like Python (though it has flaws) is better for a beginner. It's what I first learnt. It's simple to start and can be used in different paradigms (i.e. you can choose to use classes and objects - like C# seems to do - or not). Thus it can be more instructive, while being a springboard for learning different types of other programming languages.

I hope this is useful and not too restrictively specific.


I love flask, it's fun to use but I stopped using it because it always ended up annoying to actually deploy.


I agree, were you using gunicorn or something?


No, had to use apache with mod_wsgi. It was painful.


Yuck, I'm guessing for work? I remember using mod_wsgi per client spec to deploy a garbage app written on a "micro-framework" they had provided. Awful


Any Node.js folks here? What are you all building lately

I'm doing a proof of concept collaborative canvas (socket.io, react on the front end) it's certainly not a new idea, it's just been fun to make.


File: 1530612871035.jpg (254.6 KB, 1200x1793, fa0b86ef92c79da8f4369e0244….jpg)

>when your build system just works on all (properly configured) platforms


File: 1532016998663.gif (2.07 MB, 512x384, 7de154edc383ebf3d5c34c3216….gif)

>build system doesn't work because MSYS2 keeps fucking itself up and now pacman doesn't even fucking work anymore.
>rebooted into Linux to at least get some work done and Shkytpe starts being crackling on pulseaudio for god knows what reason, so I have to restart THAT shit 5 times a day.
>figure I'll build my project on Windows 10 in virtualbox where I still had MSYS2 installed and tested it earlier but for some reason it has slower disk I/O than dogshit through a funnel and compiling it takes 3 times what it should normally take, not to mention the piss-poor non-disk performance I get on that thing

If that wasn't bad enough, I'm worried about my processor cooler shutting off again because of a buggy BIOS and starting a house fire. Luckily, last time the board or cabling didn't catch fire and it just bluescreened on me before I realized what the fuck was going on.

How the fuck does ANYTHING WORK AT ALL?!
Why are people such fucking retards when it comes to coding?
Why the fuck aren't we on minix3 or plan9 or something?

Jesus fucking christ.

Oh yeah, I forgot, this is /gf/ and not /bf/.

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