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No. 101

Is there anything really better than good bbq?


I had some pulled pork last night that made me cream my pants

Something about bbq really fills your soul

Chinese food will always have it for me though. They've got egg rolls and crab rangoons too


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>really fills your soul

That would be the bacteria in your belly sending happy feelings to you; your instinctive happiness at being well fed; your small intestine sending the "that's enough" signal; your sodium levels restoring to normal; your liver not having to break down body fat; and possible association with previous happy memories since unhealthy foods are often eaten as part of a celebration.

Each of these affects brain chemistry in a different way, and the total effect is very good for your mood. You're welcome.


You're the kind of guy who would ruin his own acid trip

T-thanks for the info anon


Not really OP.

Some good bbq with the fam brings great feels


>ruin his own acid trip

The entire point of psychedelic trips is self analysis; a good example of which can be seen here >>>/dr/22


I don't know, any time i've ever done acid i just whirl my arms around, basking in the newfound meaninglessness of life.

It's great fun


>Is there anything really better than good bbq?

Great BBQ is.

Checkmate, OP.


Gotta second this
Also the praise that goes to the bbq master

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