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No. 1990 [Reply]

let's say (((hypothetically))) I have the money

should I buy 4chan?

if i were to, I would make a lot of changes.

>ban porn

>delete a bunch of boards (mlp, some anime boards, some video game boards)
>change the layout of the site so it looks more modern
>make /x/ actually paranormal instead of weird satanic shit
>lower the age of entry to 16 since no porn
>lots of other minor shit i wont get into unless someone actually cares

what do we think lads
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I'm starting to wonder if you're being serious about buying 4chan


File: 1604425301445.jpeg (112.96 KB, 1000x563, steak.jpeg)

no need to wonder dude, i am really serious about this


no need to wonder. im serious


do it on the condition that anyone who browses reddit are autobanned for life.

Also delet /pol/


Did you get any reply from Hiroyuki?

File: 1525847383202.jpg (285.49 KB, 824x1200, 1473072132247.jpg)

No. 1175 [Reply]

Write 1 sentence about a good feeling.
>Falling asleep to GameCenter CX
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>Wiggling your toes.
Why my toes?


having a fully charged phone


Soaking in a hot tub of water while taking an hour to relax and not to worry about the outside world for a bit.


Having your scalp rubbed.


Unwrapping a package you ordered.

File: 1604262828936.png (47.46 KB, 386x370, microchan_greeting.png)

No. 2018 [Reply]

Hello. Please come check out my new, comfy imageboard. Thank you :)



File: 1604290461779.jpeg (46.82 KB, 564x682, schizo.jpeg)

boo hoo nigga u got 3 ppl to say hes too much


I don't care about advertising in principle but most of these ads stay up for years and often outlast what they advertise!


The UX could take some improvement.
What makes this chan worth browsing?

File: 1603956303626.png (938.56 KB, 802x720, Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at ….png)

No. 2009 [Reply]

I realize that through either restrictiveness related to the pandemic, or old age, we may not have the most enthusiasm for Halloween this year, but let's talk about it anyway! What are you favorite memories related to the holiday, or perhaps something you're formulating for this year?


File: 1603983337675.jpg (422.92 KB, 1600x1493, checkemHD.jpg)

I'm gonna go as patrick bateman. raincoat, suit, blood, axe, the whole shebang. probably gonna put out an empty bown and a paper that says "please take one! :)" to get the kids off my back


I've been born in country that doesn't usually celebrate Halloween.
But then I moved to country that celebrates Halloween. But I didn't know this. I was shocked when I heard kids knocking in my door (like in all american films), and I pretended that nobody is at home because I had no sweets…
This is probably is one of the most embarrassing things I've ever experienced in my life I think…


aw, dont feel bad. plenty of people dont give out candy


Yes, but real problem is that back in my country I was kinda sorta hating on immigrants for being not like us. And now I'm that immigrant.


This is the best Halloween movie.

File: 1560059818373.jpg (544.69 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20190609_014226.jpg)

No. 1461 [Reply]

Remind all shall be ok
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tomorrow as a figure of speech, haha.
on a totally unrelated note, that got me thinking about that one song, yknow, tomorrow is almost yesterday i think it was called?


Donatello… it's been a while hasn't it?


I have not seen you in 5 years, because I haven't been to 4chan in 5 years.



ugly cunt

File: 1603872547521.png (3.97 KB, 46x30, Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at ….png)

No. 2003 [Reply]

It is important, even in the bleakest of situations, to protect yourself and stay safe. The most valuable advice I have to impart to you; Don't Get Captured. Everyone will make it through and in the end we will be rewarded with riches beyond the wildest dreams of all kings.


File: 1603953320711.jpeg (55.76 KB, 500x809, caaaa.jpeg)

what the fuckkk… duck schizo?

File: 1591558858610.jpg (79.88 KB, 1100x628, tea.jpg)

No. 1869 [Reply]

How do I into tea?
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I actually tried to make Chefir a few times. All I felt was a strong caffeine rush, nothing special.
The second time I did it I smoked weed with my friends and I just felt like I had more energy and was less sleepy than I usually would have.


File: 1598031339228.png (489.42 KB, 600x448, 1594888179677.png)

Read a book about it and visit your local tea cafe given that it's somewhat decent.


Start with Ceylon Earl Grey. I steep a fresh pot every evening so that by morning it's strong enough that I can pour one part brew 10 parts water for the perfect cup, and it lasts all day.


I pretty much only drink sweet tea. Thinking about expanding and trying more. But I'm not sure how I'd really like hot tea. I've tried some in the past and not exactly sure what they were but I didn't like them.


go to a store, pick up small packs of a bunch of different teas. you'll like them all. after a few days of drinking youll learn which ones you like most, how much water to use, ect

File: 1471033062425.gif (416.41 KB, 689x602, 1467013394292.gif)

No. 578 [Reply]

Comfy things, pictures, feelings, greentexts…
Anything goes
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File: 1595693431112.jpg (63.5 KB, 478x640, a9042eb830831943d33029c94b….jpg)

Even when I do have to go out, hearing the rain tapping on my umbrella is 10/10 comfy. Then walking into work or a café where the smell of coffee hits me and peeling off all my wet clothes is so satisfying and rewarding. Seeing that condensation on the window and watching people come and go, bracing themselves for the storm outside. Watching the rain fall and telling myself I'll wait "five more minutes" before I do it myself again and again…


File: 1595693650396.jpg (71.24 KB, 564x765, 95657f53a5b7efa05a002a6f6c….jpg)

I much prefer rainy weather to sunny weather. I also much prefer winter clothes like fluffy socks and chunky knit jumpers. I always get excited to light the first fire in autumn. I like those short days when you can turn on the comfy lighting a little earlier. I have fairy lights, a salt lamp and lots of candles.


File: 1600664181724.jpg (61.93 KB, 750x559, original.jpg)


File: 1600683727786.jpg (152.11 KB, 800x1067, 1600552762209.jpg)


File: 1601557650682.jpg (693.18 KB, 1920x1080, 20190711175321_1.jpg)

Playin comfy RPGS, watching slow paced slice of life anime, listening to music, posting on net and trying different tea.

No. 1967 [Reply]

Someone help

I yelled fuck you at my brother and my dad beat me up and kicked me out of the house

I took my computer and it is setting down

I have 2 minutes left

I dont know where else to go

i am on the roof of my building. i climbed to the satelite dish but thats it

i cant get my charger, ill get yelled at again

what do i do
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Kick out brother and dad out of the house? Be dominant.



I don't know how to respond to this. Is it bait? I would hope things got resolved by now, it's been a few days. As long as you're under your dad's roof there's nothing you can really do. Assuming you're old enough, I'd just get my shit and leave for good. Don't be afraid to defend yourself against your father.


OP here.

Update - im good now. I unfortunately did not set a password so i cannot delete this cringe post. Otherwise, all is well (more or less)




>my dad beat me up and kicked me out of the house
Sue `domestic violence.'

File: 1600091725183.jpg (67.47 KB, 700x559, rhthhtrhrj.jpg)

No. 1970 [Reply]

Have you ever made a website, or any other technology related project? Tell us about your projects. Post your websites, games, idk, utilities, logos, etc.

Pic unrelated


File: 1600103814289.png (532.54 KB, 797x3340, ur df.png)

I have. I've done a lot of work with this stuff in the past, too much to really list. My most recent ventures, though, have been in setting up a neocities page and making css for some boards on other sites. Beyond that, I'm pretty new to the whole coding thing and a lot of my shit is bulky and probably could be simplified if I weren't too dumb to figure out how to center things on the bottom of the page.


File: 1600106746091.png (408.91 KB, 1061x1076, rpg maker.PNG)

I'm not very tech savvy but I'm working in some RPG Maker demo just for the lolz.


File: 1600338133365.jpg (38.44 KB, 640x534, 1599676503618.jpg)

I want to make a personal website to upload my creative stuff but learning html and css can be tricky. Well it's not even the learning part but having to find the right instructions to make my website visually appealing. I didn't knew how hard it is to make a good css until I started my project. Now I'm blocked because it can get really frustrating. But I want to keep trying and then maybe I will have my website up before the end of 2020.


HTML is easy and pretty straight forward.
CSS is pain.

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