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No. 1175 [Reply]

Write 1 sentence about a good feeling.
>Falling asleep to GameCenter CX


That's a sentence fragment.
>It feels goos to be rude to internet strangers


oh, I love these, I too watch GGCX before going to sleep.

comfy times.


Being in a window seat of an intercity bus and suddenly seeing the sea or mountain view expand in front of you


Drinking a cup of warm freshly brewed coffee while watching the gentle breeze of Fall blow the leaves out of the backyard trees.


Wiggling your toes.

File: 1471033062425.gif (416.41 KB, 689x602, 1467013394292.gif)

No. 578 [Reply]

Comfy things, pictures, feelings, greentexts…
Anything goes
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File: 1595693175055.jpg (99.68 KB, 564x704, cf7ca5eebb9e7c34c18d01870c….jpg)

Knowing that I don't have to be anywhere, that I can just sit inside where it's all warm with a blanket and some hot drinks feels so good. Maybe put on a film. Music sounds so much better with the soothing, constant sound of rain to accompany it.


File: 1595693431112.jpg (63.5 KB, 478x640, a9042eb830831943d33029c94b….jpg)

Even when I do have to go out, hearing the rain tapping on my umbrella is 10/10 comfy. Then walking into work or a café where the smell of coffee hits me and peeling off all my wet clothes is so satisfying and rewarding. Seeing that condensation on the window and watching people come and go, bracing themselves for the storm outside. Watching the rain fall and telling myself I'll wait "five more minutes" before I do it myself again and again…


File: 1595693650396.jpg (71.24 KB, 564x765, 95657f53a5b7efa05a002a6f6c….jpg)

I much prefer rainy weather to sunny weather. I also much prefer winter clothes like fluffy socks and chunky knit jumpers. I always get excited to light the first fire in autumn. I like those short days when you can turn on the comfy lighting a little earlier. I have fairy lights, a salt lamp and lots of candles.


File: 1600664181724.jpg (61.93 KB, 750x559, original.jpg)


File: 1600683727786.jpg (152.11 KB, 800x1067, 1600552762209.jpg)

File: 1591558858610.jpg (79.88 KB, 1100x628, tea.jpg)

No. 1869 [Reply]

How do I into tea?
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And I thought using several bags of chamomile all at once was hardcore.


I actually tried to make Chefir a few times. All I felt was a strong caffeine rush, nothing special.
The second time I did it I smoked weed with my friends and I just felt like I had more energy and was less sleepy than I usually would have.


File: 1598031339228.png (489.42 KB, 600x448, 1594888179677.png)

Read a book about it and visit your local tea cafe given that it's somewhat decent.


Start with Ceylon Earl Grey. I steep a fresh pot every evening so that by morning it's strong enough that I can pour one part brew 10 parts water for the perfect cup, and it lasts all day.


I pretty much only drink sweet tea. Thinking about expanding and trying more. But I'm not sure how I'd really like hot tea. I've tried some in the past and not exactly sure what they were but I didn't like them.

No. 1967 [Reply]

Someone help

I yelled fuck you at my brother and my dad beat me up and kicked me out of the house

I took my computer and it is setting down

I have 2 minutes left

I dont know where else to go

i am on the roof of my building. i climbed to the satelite dish but thats it

i cant get my charger, ill get yelled at again

what do i do
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Kick out brother and dad out of the house? Be dominant.



I don't know how to respond to this. Is it bait? I would hope things got resolved by now, it's been a few days. As long as you're under your dad's roof there's nothing you can really do. Assuming you're old enough, I'd just get my shit and leave for good. Don't be afraid to defend yourself against your father.


OP here.

Update - im good now. I unfortunately did not set a password so i cannot delete this cringe post. Otherwise, all is well (more or less)




>my dad beat me up and kicked me out of the house
Sue `domestic violence.'

File: 1600091725183.jpg (67.47 KB, 700x559, rhthhtrhrj.jpg)

No. 1970 [Reply]

Have you ever made a website, or any other technology related project? Tell us about your projects. Post your websites, games, idk, utilities, logos, etc.

Pic unrelated


File: 1600103814289.png (532.54 KB, 797x3340, ur df.png)

I have. I've done a lot of work with this stuff in the past, too much to really list. My most recent ventures, though, have been in setting up a neocities page and making css for some boards on other sites. Beyond that, I'm pretty new to the whole coding thing and a lot of my shit is bulky and probably could be simplified if I weren't too dumb to figure out how to center things on the bottom of the page.


File: 1600106746091.png (408.91 KB, 1061x1076, rpg maker.PNG)

I'm not very tech savvy but I'm working in some RPG Maker demo just for the lolz.


File: 1600338133365.jpg (38.44 KB, 640x534, 1599676503618.jpg)

I want to make a personal website to upload my creative stuff but learning html and css can be tricky. Well it's not even the learning part but having to find the right instructions to make my website visually appealing. I didn't knew how hard it is to make a good css until I started my project. Now I'm blocked because it can get really frustrating. But I want to keep trying and then maybe I will have my website up before the end of 2020.


HTML is easy and pretty straight forward.
CSS is pain.

File: 1596468605726.png (653.66 KB, 1022x948, BF420A48-14A1-45F5-8706-72….png)

No. 1952 [Reply]

dreamchan is the internet checkpoint of all imageboards. there will never be another one as wonderful as this one.


File: 1598638474594.webm (3.72 MB, 1595700353383.webm)

Indeed, this a really nice place. I wish it could last forever.



I think it'll last a long time tbh. Even if it's a slower board, it's the only one I've found that's both accepting and safe.

File: 1593987942192.jpeg (26 KB, 750x561, C029327A-7127-4058-9E50-F….jpeg)

No. 1916 [Reply]

Anyone else get the goodfeels from rooms like these? Also please share some if you have any!
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File: 1596468917415.jpeg (37.27 KB, 551x720, 98855F39-9523-4D21-B877-6….jpeg)

i've been here in my dreams.


File: 1596468943505.jpeg (146.82 KB, 960x1280, 7C304B08-CBF5-48A7-B53C-7….jpeg)


8 p.m. on a Wednesday evening in July. The sun's heat has barely started to dissipate. There's a pattern of spanish through thick concrete walls outside. A dog barks, a car backfires. The houses are low against the darkness outside. Your mom comes out of the waiting room, takes your hand, and you walk together into the twilight. You're finally eight again.


File: 1596813080404.jpg (2.57 MB, 4640x3480, IMG_20181026_145009.jpg)

There was a building like that at my college, that came to have a lot of significance to me. They tore it down the semester I finally graduated, to make a 'greenway' so that residential students could walk around campus without having to see the city streets, but I was able to explore it a good bit and take photos in that period before demolition where everyone had taken what they needed from it and there was just the weird slanted-floored building, the sound of old machinery serving the abandoned rooms, and the remnants that wanted or was able to come for from seventy years of labor and the communities people built around the edges.


File: 1597464506068.jpeg (289.94 KB, 1024x683, 6ACB9712-2F23-4B6A-BF6E-B….jpeg)

Hello again liminal space friends! I hope you're all doing well. :)

File: 1560059818373.jpg (544.69 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20190609_014226.jpg)

No. 1461 [Reply]

Remind all shall be ok
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What will you face tomorrow?


tomorrow as a figure of speech, haha.
on a totally unrelated note, that got me thinking about that one song, yknow, tomorrow is almost yesterday i think it was called?


Donatello… it's been a while hasn't it?


I have not seen you in 5 years, because I haven't been to 4chan in 5 years.


File: 1592425444938.jpeg (658.51 KB, 2448x3264, DB3D9A2D-1B83-4C45-9D80-1….jpeg)

No. 1879 [Reply]

Any artwork or drawing to share?


looks good


File: 1595274478177.jpg (335.34 KB, 969x969, cover.jpg)

Conceptual sleeve design.

File: 1464837863591.jpg (22.14 KB, 381x396, 1416626671178.jpg)

No. 556 [Reply]

Let's talk about summer shit folks.

Do you have a pool? What do you do to keep cool? Is it even hot where you live? Dry heat master race.

I haven't had any watermelon yet, anyone have a good one?
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File: 1464973859401.jpg (26.76 KB, 720x480, Serial Experiments Lain - ….jpg)

Techbeard here, I keep my window wide open (with blinds keeping the sunlight out obv) and I drink a cold beverage, usually monster.
I must admit it's tough to a social recluse in the summer.


Do you go with the classic green or a flavor?


It's already ridiculously hot where I am. I'm just waiting for the summer to fly by so it can be autumn.


I’ve really had an amazing summer. I do outdoors work a lot so I’m healthy and tan, listen to educational podcasts, have friends and girlfriend who love me and want to see me. I’m going to college in August. I’m scared but excited


File: 1593269525037.jpg (2.23 MB, 2560x1440, palms.jpg)

Summer is where I am the healthiest. I love being outside in the sun working in my garden, going hiking in the woods, etc. It's the season where I feel the least depressed and I always have energy and feel happy. I would move somewhere hot/tropical but I would miss the other seasons.

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