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File: 1443459163517.jpg (11.26 KB, 225x225, 1420336852485.jpg)

No. 190 [Reply]

>tfw maybe, just maybe you will be alive for the official announcement of extra terrestrial life

I hope they find alien fish in that water


Don't get your hopes up. If anything, it'll be bacteria.


well if it ever happens, even if nothing to do with this announcement, i am excited to see intelligent life would look like.

Think, we only have human ideas of what aliens would look like, (and I guess some 'witness' accounts) it will blow our minds when we see it

The humanoid form abandoned, replaced with one limb

File: 1443404208307.png (203.69 KB, 587x341, fred_rogers.png)

No. 183 [Reply]

File: 1442270918639.jpg (980.15 KB, 1520x2688, DSC0023.jpg)

No. 97 [Reply]

Warm socks feels


That's not you is it anon?

For me the best feeling is taking off socks after a long day

>the cool hair that hits just in between your toes


File: 1442342844239.png (55.61 KB, 210x212, 1437457505593.png)

Nothing is fucking worse than putting on a fresh pair of socks and accidentally stepping on a wet surface in your house



Then you have to come to the decision of either keeping on the socks and taking it like a man, or having to put on new socks


that isn't a girl


File: 1443196742568.jpg (662.88 KB, 1536x2048, DSC5004.jpg)

Never said I was.

File: 1442888889025.jpg (19.92 KB, 281x381, 1336654942.96263485.jpg)

No. 126 [Reply]

How many days should you go without fapping to maximize the pleasure after finally building up?

I like holding off for two days if I'm trying to fap frequently, around a week if I'm trying to get that really satisfying feeling.


It is one week before you start seeing any difference at all.

Science backs this up.




my senior year of high school i didn't jack off for an entire semester (pact with friends)

when i got off the first day of summer it was better than i remember my first time being

10/10 wouldnt do again

File: 1442937266283.png (829.21 KB, 1593x827, dave_cameron.png)

No. 135 [Reply]

sucked my own dick, feels good tbh


Pics or it didn't happen


be careful of your back


How many ribs did you have to remove?

File: 1442920885756.png (12.51 KB, 240x178, 1442876375066.png)

No. 131 [Reply]

How do I feel good?
All I ever do is school and laze around during the 3 hours I have left of the day before I go to bed.


Well, what kinds of things do you like doing?


Start programming. You get to sit on your ass and build cool things to share with friends online.

Or smoke weed when you get home


sacrifice your life for the good of what you believe in

File: 1442889712992.jpg (23.61 KB, 352x352, alligator with shades.jpg)

No. 127 [Reply]

>wake up in the afternoon
>don't have to do anything
>don't do anything


how long have you been doing that? 2 days without doing anything kills me

much respect though how do you support that?


It's like that everyday, the life of a semi-NEET. I try to avoid imageboards entirely though because they drain my will to live. That and fapping.

File: 1441379339995.jpg (31.94 KB, 515x512, hot.jpg)

No. 61 [Reply]

That feel when Todd Howard's about to drop GOTY in 10 weeks.
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hey man there's no shame in it

I'll have my pip boy, lunchbox, bobblehead and platinum chip 5ever


I'm honestly not sure how to feel about F4, but the truth is I'm going to play it eventually.


I'm crazy to play it.


File: 1442779678059.jpeg (85.32 KB, 1280x800, Readytodie.jpeg)

Fuck man. I'm a massive faggot for the fallout games but I'm currently not on windows.

I have to reinstall windows but I'm too fuckin lazy


>Collector's edition pre-ordered
>Fallout Monopoly pre-ordered

I save so much but when anything Fallout comes out my wallet opens like a gag reflex

File: 1442778628420.jpg (489.07 KB, 1162x850, 1435993394757.jpg)

No. 111 [Reply]

>tfw you expel kebab

damn that's a good feel tbh


i know that feel


Are you based Hungary OP?

File: 1439773964166.jpg (10.43 KB, 181x182, 0.jpg)

No. 6 [Reply]

sometimes i like to lay down in bed and just stick things up my ass
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have you tried putting things in your butt?

it really feels good.


I would get into anal play but I don't want to hide a silicone dick. Hell the few times I've tried with random objects ended in failure as well. Just not enough incentive.


Who would find it? People aren't actively going through stuff are they?


We know this OP


"No homo." Said God as he put a man's g-spot up his ass

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