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Happy New Year Dreamchan.

Tell me your good feeling of this 2015.
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File: 1452417837561.jpg (75.27 KB, 400x582, tumblr_n1izb7FQdM1skvspho1….jpg)

Yeah… Yeah, I.m a bit late.

Best wishes for this new year Anon.
Have a great year you too.
I love you Admin.
You're a lucky one
That's a good start.

(Sorry if my English is bad or weird)


File: 1452422753068.jpg (772.66 KB, 1532x1704, image.jpg)

I fucking love cinnamon. Hope you have a good year too friend.


anon who found the nerf guns, here.

I decided to donate them to a child's toys charity. I had my fun finding them, but a poorer kid than I am is gonna appreciate them a lot more.


Ya did good anon


kind of late but for a change i got to do a ton of traveling in 2015. It was a good year. Finally saw the east coast

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Who else is playing Fallout 4?
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I can't count the amount of times I threw a grenade to have it bounce off of Curie's head. I like the quest, easy way to get a lot of stuff if you have high charisma.


jesus christ the railway rifle is perfect


It keeps dropping me if I run. The game crashes


What platform are you on?


i got way tired of it after about 115 hours. i don't plan on touching it until dlc comes out. i couldn't get way too immersed in to the settlement building

File: 1451248099680.jpeg (34.53 KB, 409x409, image.jpeg)

No. 349 [Reply]

What is your comfiest video game?
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File: 1451489272712.jpg (93.25 KB, 752x567, image.jpg)


File: 1452657746815.jpeg (125.98 KB, 715x715, latest.jpeg)

I love this game…


holy hell i haven't thought about that game in forever. i want to drive to my dad's and go see if he still has the disc holed up somewhere


Its a nice game fam :^)


KSP is breedy comfy, i miss it ;_;

File: 1450415839056.jpg (9.33 KB, 262x192, images (1).jpg)

No. 344 [Reply]

Who is seeing it/has seen it?
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Were there ever more than two good Star Wars movies?


There is a descent copy of it on Vodly.to The movie is absolute dissapoint.


Opinion: Does anyone think this is an oscar worthy film? (Performance, not technical)


no not really.

It's a flick, and no longer world shaping like the first.


The film was what it was supposed to be, a bridge between two generations of star wars fans, setting it up for the next gen

File: 1448679282020.jpg (31.25 KB, 480x360, 1447623864169.jpg)

No. 331 [Reply]

Honestly I just had some excellent sex and I'm really chuffed about it

Who /fuck/ here?


Had sex last night, twice

Man I love those after sex endorphins I feel just great


I'd sage for off-topic but the board is slow anyway.

I remember sex, but I'm one of those types who can't be intimate without some kind of emotional connection, so what I remember every time I think about it is actually more of the fucked up manipulation that the sex I used to have turned out to be.


>thread about sex
>good feelings

seems fine to me

Yeah, I can understand that. The thing about sex is, you really have to just turn off your brain and enjoy it. Thinking is the biggest pleasure killer during intercourse

Feels good to not worry and just feel good. Something I've personally not felt in a long while

File: 1439783072928.jpg (225.4 KB, 1080x1080, 1246821414094.jpg)

No. 10 [Reply]

remember these shitty things?


File: 1439785136353.jpg (44.82 KB, 407x405, 219e743cdf820f9c9efb123c25….jpg)

Oh god, yes I do.
>all those mildly funny reaction macros that became impossible to like once they spread around the web so much that everyone started using them improperly


Foul bachelor frog fact, menstrual blood is actually an amazing lubricant, and if the girl's the type to be horny rather than in excrutiating pain during her period, bingo-bango.


>She said she wasn't ready to marry yet. Now she is ready.
>And marrying someone else.

Well, didn't really need to see that one today. Thanks, OP.


File: 1447290635015.jpg (9.04 KB, 251x251, 137375220831.jpg)

Advice dog is the most played out shit ever.
And it started the impact font trend.

File: 1444769287107.jpeg (41.26 KB, 300x300, ....jpeg)

No. 249 [Reply]

Hey guys,
So this has been happening for a few years now, I don't know what the fuck is going on.

Everyday while I'm alive, it's like I can't feel emotion. It doesn't really feel like depression, more like emotional detachment. When I'm supposed to feel sad- or if my family/friends are sad, happy, etc, i can't feel that way. I noticed this at my uncle's funeral. I've know my uncle my entire life, and the day he died, I felt nothing. I didn't cry, didn't feel sad, nothing.

And to this day, I can't believe that I never expressed my emotions for my him.
Now here I am today. I can hardly cry, feel happiness, excitement, etc.

Does anyone else feel this way? Can you guys help me out?
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How exactly do psychedelics fix depression? I've heard of people ending up on really bad trips and becoming paranoid.


I wouldn't say that it "fixes" depression. There is no such total cure. LSD and other psychedelics have been shown to change brain chemistry a bit. But the different perspectives they can offer during the trip may change how you see yourself/life etc


For me I'd say it was more of a "reset" button.
All the bad shit that happened in my life that led to that point was erased, forgiven. Like years of therapy. I just really had a blast and laughed my ass off for the first time in years. I literally laughed extremely hard for like 10 minutes, I was gasping for air and crying of joy.

Works differently for everybody but it's a great treatment.


when i did lsd, i just had this grand epiphany that nothing really matters, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun

things have been looking up since


Have you spent a lot of your life online?
I feel the same and I have spent probably 80% of my waking time sitting at my PC.
I honestly think the internet is so full of things to look at, things to read and watch, great things and horrible things together, that it can cause an emotional desensitization after a while.

I used to be horrified by some of the things I saw when I was 14, for example, that don't affect me at all anymore. Of course, maybe I'm wrong but it's hard to know.
It's not like this level of information availability has ever existed before our generation. It's all relatively new, even if it seems to us like it's been around forever.

File: 1447109754210.png (8.39 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot 2015-10-14 11.5….png)

No. 313 [Reply]

How can I learn to accept people's kindness and charity without becoming overwhelmed with self guilt?


I used to have this problem. What I started realizing was that by letting people do things for you, you are really doing for them.

People love to feel good, and helping others is one of the best ways to do that. They aren't extending a sinister helping hand, they just want to be closer, show a friend in need that they care, and be emotionally rewarded.

File: 1444512379299.jpg (2.87 MB, 3627x2720, Make-a-Hotel-Bed-Step-10.jpg)

No. 224 [Reply]

Is there anything that feels nicer than a hotel bed?
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How tall are you and what do you teach? :o


6'9", US History and World History


I think instead of apples the students are bringing you whole rotisserie chickens you are big

who is your least favorite student


Ben and Sol


Sol is the worst. Ben is a good dude, just give him a chance to warm up to you. If you let him know what his potential is, he'll apply himself more adequately in your class.

File: 1443929129876.jpg (151.15 KB, 332x400, Rct-box.jpg)

No. 208 [Reply]

For any vidya bros out there, has there ever been a game that has thrown you into a moment of pure bliss?

Pic related
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File: 1445757754860.png (343.3 KB, 600x466, Persona4_TitleScreen.png)


Same! The game in general gave me a feeling I haven't felt in a long time playing a game, I fucking loved it all the way through though haven't started on my second play through yet.


File: 1445911437729.jpg (89.11 KB, 640x480, armymen1_screenshot2.jpg)

Army men. I would play this with my dad on local connection. Some of my fondest gaming memories


had real good music too


The true ending was too good, now I wanna genocide run it to see the rest of the content but it's hard to even start because hurting people feels wrong in that game.

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