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Dreamchan now has a Twitter!

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Greetings from Spacechan!
Nice chan btw dreams have always fascinated me


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A Karen post…
… A caring post

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Crushing on this girl at my job right now.

The sweet part is the warm feeling I get inside when talking to her and she'll touch my arm or if I'm standing somewhere she'll walk by and lightly scratch my back as she passes :)))

The bitter part is the fact that I'll never make her my cutie patootie sweetie pie and cuddle with and kiss her :(
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Love, not time, heals all wounds. Try to meditate out in nature and feel the cycle of life surrounding you. Even the grass loves life enough to grow, though it struggles the entire time.


I'm approaching my mid-thirties and haven't had a crush or anything like that since middle school.


It's not a bad thing, anon. Crushes, love, relationships and stuff like that aren't necessary, i'd even say that you're lucky that you've never encountered it again.


I haven't really had a crush on anyone in over 5 years now. I do pass by the occasional woman I'd like to have sex with. But I obviously never make a move because my social awkwardness would only get in the way. Besides once she knows I'm a beta with no car, job, or license. I also can't communicate with regular people anymore. It's so damn hard. Imageboards is about the best way for me to communicate with others. I've tried to get back into using social media but damn it's so awful. I shouldn't have to lower my standards with a bunch of "normals". I'm just trying to think of a proper way to communicate with others who I actually am able to somewhat relate to online.


Just ask her out anon. Just do it.

File: 1513882783073.png (92.02 KB, 512x512, christmas-gift-icon-2790.png)

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What are you anons hoping to give and receive this Christmas season?
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I asked for a new board game. I'll be happy with anythig I get


Is not Christmas anymore but, today is my birthday, I don't think anyone remembers it, but I would like to get a figurine.


Happy birthday :3 what figure anon?


That was fast, thanks Anon.
I would like to get a Saber figurine from Fate Stay Night, I'm thinking in buying myself, but… I don't want to spend my saves…


This is what good taste looks like

File: 1513138651016.jpeg (125.68 KB, 250x250, 47D383D3-FEA5-437C-859F-7….jpeg)

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Spinach & artichoke dip is the only thing artichokes are good for


I recognize that it's tasty, but I hate it because of this

>be 9

>dad has a new girlfriend
>friendly enough, but pretty snobbish especially about cooking
>"I make the best spinach/artichoke dip" she said
>she serves some to us.
>i thought it tasted off, mostly because it was uncomfortably lukewarm
>i throwup my guts out for the next day

I've never been able to enjoy it since


File: 1521004530452.jpg (120.56 KB, 720x960, 28661345_2080968298786288_….jpg)

pic unrelated


I oughtachoke you out for posting that! :3


that's pretty cute, thumbnail fooled me

File: 1517150978109.png (208.43 KB, 553x506, Screenshot_35.png)

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Probably didn't need to make a whole thread on this but some friends on /deeds/ wanted to hear this story.

My parents have been generally shitty, mostly towards me. I have a few mental illnesses (who doesn't lol) and they're constantly telling me I'm lying for attention, although I have a diagnoses. I've attempted suicide more than once and they don't fuckin care. My mom often drinks instead of being responsible, so I have to be a mother to my younger brothers. I'm usually the one cooking and cleaning nowadays. My dad sits around chewing nicotine and tobacco and controls every aspect of my mom's life, going as far as to track her phone. He is fucking gross (he walks around the goddamn house in his underwear jacking off) and beats my brothers and sometimes me. It's obviously not as bad as many other people's families, but it hurts nonetheless. I made an appointment with my school counselor and split everything. Hopefully something good happens.


Woah that's really rough shit man. I hope things start going for the better real soon.


fucking hell…
no one deserves such a life, I'm so sorry you had to endure this.
don't give up man, there are brighter days ahead for sure


Good luck, anon. I hope your life improves soon.

File: 1515561759540.jpg (67.26 KB, 700x420, c700x420.jpg)

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sushigirl.us is down, who else came from there?

also, let's talk about sushi

what do you like, have you made it recently, etc


I visit there once and a while and I've seen threads on other chans about it being down. I hope it comes back really soon.


That kind of advertising "the board is down" is dangerous.


I love sushi, it's probably my favourite food, but I don't know… how are you supposed to make it? It's not like you can go get raw fish at any supermarket you like. I especially like sashimi (not technically sushi but whatever). Salmon is the best!


I have to go far away for my sushi grade salmon. I live in hicksville

File: 1507441645438.jpg (159.21 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0003.jpg)

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Anime makes me feel good and I notice there is some Dreamanons who like anime too, I've seen their post on /deeds/.

This thread is about anime who makes us feel good or the nice feeling of finishing a good series.
You can use this thread to post the last anime you watched and do a quick review or tell us why or what you liked it,

Finishing a good series feel good so, share your good feelings and be nice.
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>fucked up anon

But watching incest anime makes me feel extremely good, it really touches me and makes me feel excited in every single way. One of the most satisfying anime series' I've ever watched is "Yosuga no Sora".


File: 1514417821993.png (770.08 KB, 1280x720, [PuyaSubs!] Oreimo S2 - 0….png)

>>inb4 fucked up anon
Nah, you're in good company, there is mixed opinions about this but I really enjoyed Ore no Imouto, I also have watched Kiss X Sis, and Oniichan dakedo but NBR does nothing to me.

What do you recommend?


Loved Oreimo and Kiss x Sis.

But like my post said about Yosuga no Sora, you'll enjoy it if you haven't seen it.
Also, I highly recommend Koi Kaze as well. It's a bit dated but trust me if you want realism that's the most realistic incest anime there is.


File: 1514572169315.jpg (181.59 KB, 600x652, 48328570_p11.jpg)

Tamako is very underrated among KyoAni shows, probably my favorite after Haruhi and one of my favorite SoL in general

it's nice that every SoL has a vibe, characters and motifs that appeal to different sorts of people, finding one that's special to you is a great feeling


Couldn't even imagine that I would stumble upon more than a year old post that would make me so happy because I am deeply in love with this wonderful anime since it's release and share your emotions. And I am happy because to see someone appreciating their beauty and purity is a very rare chance. Most of "fanbase" is not respectful to the girls to say the least.
Just thank you.

File: 1514099176930.jpg (35.42 KB, 585x385, im okay.jpg)

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I just came to know about this place yesterday and istg it's such a wholesome place man i wanna hug y'all
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File: 1514437122483.gif (42.2 KB, 500x500, cattailtv.gif)

If anything that's actually a good thing that people are splintering off to different chans. if everyone migrated to the same place it would overwhelm the chan and erase the culture. I'd prefer that a bunch of small chans get a few new posters rather than all go to the same place and suffocate it.


Been a way for about a week. Welcome aboard OP.


I agree. A bunch of refugees from 4chan of all places is not a good thing considering the state of that particular imageboard.


I'm still on /toy/, it's at least bearable, when /v/ doesn't seep in


Have you looked at the other boards besides /b/? Specifically /r9k/ and /pol/. They are absolutely horrible. Personally I don't want comfy boards like this getting flooded with a bunch of kids. I like the low posts per hour. It's kind of nice. Gives me time to do my own thing while coming here every other to every few days, not to mention the higher quality posts.

File: 1514189002507.jpg (170.05 KB, 1920x1080, birdxmas.jpg)

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Merry Christmas my good friends.

It's been a interesting year for all of us I'm sure. I'm thankful to be here with every one of you.

I hope you spend some quality time with ones you love, or even eat some tasty holiday food.

Now I must be off. I hear a banging on my roof, but there are already presents under my tree. :o


Thanks Duck.
I hope you had a Happy Christmas too.


I picture you wearing a top hat Duck


My gf got me some good figmas, and my mom got me tickets to see jerry seinfeld live

It was a cozy day all in all. Didn't want to make a new thread to talk about it :3


>It's been a interesting year for all of us I'm sure
Indeed it has admin. Happy to be here as well. A bit late but Merry Christmas to all and let's hope 2018 is a bit less… turbulent, while still being just as interesting. Thanks everyone.

File: 1488064045208.jpg (53.13 KB, 360x360, p_RU234724.jpg)

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Let's have an ongoing thread to talk about the things we cook up.

I'm about to head to the store, going to make some jalapeno mashed potatoes to go with a new york strip. Some asparagus too.

My favorite way to make mashed potatoes is to use evaporated milk instead of fresh milk, I love the distinct taste it gives it. Anyone else cooking tonight?
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I hope they were tasty.


neat! Are you a vegetarian or do you just like the taste of potato?


Bumping, what are y'all eating tomorrow?

Who smoked turkey here


Turkey was average, but there were scotch eggs that made the day


My mother made a big turkey. It was pretty good.

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