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No. 1794 [Reply]

>she’s learning how to fly planes and work on them
>smart as a whip
>strong, she’s a black belt in karate
>she’s handsome
>she’s the big spoon
>she loves me
>she’s coming over Saturday

inb4 cowonaviwus stay howme (we live in an area that’s okay)

I love her so much. I’m so lucky
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Be careful that you're not using each other, or if you are, make sure you can maintain the balancing act…love is an agreement with each other to sustainably pursue a jointly beneficial future together. Big spoon, I'm really jealous of…Best of luck, anon.


Interesting note, I actually dated her best friend, making things a little awkward between us. My and my ex used each other so we weren’t alone so I know what it is like, what it feels like and I know how to avoid it. We like each other I promise. I’m going to remember those words, I think you’re very wise for saying them: love is an agreement with each other to sustainably pursue a jointly beneficial future together. very wise, Anon.


:D I thought I was incorrigible and unlovable. Don’t give up home


Get your woman under wraps. Show her what she must be. Obtain enlightenment. Do what you must to right this wrong.


lol oh my god


Absolutely not, Anon.

File: 1548392017696.jpg (50.33 KB, 640x640, EE3i1wT_d.jpg)

No. 1353 [Reply]

This thread is just for the little good feelings that are worth mentioning but not big enough to warrant an entire dedicated thread.
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Couple possibilities:
1) He's filthy fucking rich.
2) She's the type to purposefully seek out unattractive males to magnify her own sense of worth, because her girlfriends and other folks will constantly tell her that she could do better.
3) She is an extremely wise and level-headed genius who also happens to wear tight-fitting clothing and use public displays of affection.

Seriously, there's no secret. Girls are people, they're just people who often get a pass on fixing their insanity when they're attractive. There's an old chinese saying, "An ugly woman is a blessing in the home." I bet you didn't look at some average looking 5/10 girl and notice something thoughtful about her dress or behavior and think, "That's really interesting - I wonder what she's thinking about." and don't get me wrong - I'm guilty of the same, it's just that what I've made sense of is that until I'm the type of person who is "better", I will not attract another person who is "better." Or at least that's what I tell myself in the hopes of pushing myself to start getting my act together, being almost 30.


File: 1586082955925.png (5.2 KB, 64x64, 424585609219407872.png)

Actually, I found a more convenient way to download them, but thank you!


4) He's a nice and funny guy who treats her well and they have a fulfilling relationship.

You realise women aren't leeches right? They don't need money or cover or anything. People just like each other.


>You realise women aren't leeches right?
I don't think you've met or know women. I guarantee you 90% of women don't simply "like" someone, there is always other intentions involved especially if the physical/social value of the person is much lower than theirs. Women will typically try to move up the social hierarchy through partners, while men will step down. I think it's a extremely low chance that people date down for "fulfillment", you'd have to be a really mature individual with high moral intentions to even see that as a value within the relationship to begin with. And even if, it's still strange from a naturalistic approach, since when would a female animal go out of her way to stick with a lower valued grown male? It's only when the stronger is out of sight, because else wise the reproduction survivability rate is lower.


Who hurt you man?

File: 1446923794196.jpg (171.47 KB, 1280x853, pumpkin-eater-31.jpg)

No. 303 [Reply]

Is there anything better than pumpkin pie and ice cream?

I just made two today, I couldn't wait

Holiday treats thread


File: 1587855682115.jpg (111.38 KB, 512x512, pie.jpg)

Pumpkin pie is pretty alright. I've never had it with ice cream, though. My favorite pie is sweet potato pie. It warms me up if I eat it hot, and when it's cold it gives me this feeling I can't explain… but it's good.


Did you make that? :)


No, I did not, but I wish!


You should try sometime! both pumpkin and sweet potato pie are relatively easy to make. if you use a fresh pumpkin it's a bit more time consuming


I think I’ll have to try it sometime.

File: 1567999338187.png (2.12 MB, 1500x999, konpaku_youmu_touhou_drawn….png)

No. 1519 [Reply]

Hey /gf/, I recently got a /gf/. She's pretty cute. She's tall and has short, bobbed hair with cute bangs. She's pretty sweet and, as much of a meme as it is, she's a bit tom boyish. Either way, I love her, /gf/, because she's my /gf/.
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File: 1571708570107.jpg (150.73 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20191021-214200….jpg)

I don think tripcodes nor saging exist on this board. I think you have us confused with 4chan, perhaps. Btw, this is the good feels board and is for nice posters only, thank you.


File: 1571716856045.jpg (82.04 KB, 564x564, 86a7967a3320001405b72d2602….jpg)

I think he means how you use "pics for aesthetics" in the subject/name field (never used those so don't know which is which)

2d still better than 3d


File: 1575946590622.jpg (189.59 KB, 1920x1080, 1575913570102.jpg)

My gf and I are still going on strong. We are really, really in love. So much so that it can be difficult to describe the feeling. I love that she still gives me a head rush. I'm kind of ecstatic as I'm writing this. I feel like a little kid kind of.


sage does work by the way, lol. now watch as this thread doesn't get bumped from my post


I forgot about this thread a little bit. Didn't notice if it was bumped or not, but it's not a big deal. We're still together btw

File: 1584179275145.png (218.34 KB, 3601x3601, Quarantine_1.png)

No. 1761 [Reply]

Soon the entire world's gonna be locked-down in order to tackle COVID-19. Better stay in the only place that MATTERS.



Best of luck everyone.

I was just looking through my old JUST folder and found the archived thread of the UnJUSTening. I forgot to celebrate TheChamCham's first year of freedom.

File: 1579872035730.jpg (56.19 KB, 720x623, 1475526224748262.jpg)

No. 1684 [Reply]

Broken friendships can be healed


I've rekindled a friendship with someone who had tormented me in my earlier years. Strange, everything has mellowed out and I don't feel any more animosity towards this former fiend.

File: 1444687738401.jpg (883.58 KB, 1944x2592, IMG_20151012_150403_596.jpg)

No. 230 [Reply]

Anyone here worship the sun?
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Saturn is tied to satanic and dark forces. The Hebrews and even earlier Semitic groups like the Akkadians worshiped Saturn as the celestial Satan.


What's your thoughts on the "Saturn Return"?


File: 1582595769564.jpg (653.77 KB, 3474x2307, AmericanEclipseHDR_Lefaude….jpg)


File: 1582595954804.jpg (2.26 MB, 2447x1441, News-Fig0_Polar-polygons.jpg)


File: 1582969197628.jpg (15.49 KB, 220x217, 220px-Sats.jpg)

This is a true story, in 2017 I started having a psychotic episode. The first "voice" I ever heard was when one day I got really high (weed) and stared directly at the sun for as long as I could.

That's when I heard it say, in my mind, "I will never lie and I will never swear (use curse words)", then it sounded like bees or aliens trying to talk to me and I freaked out.

Anyway, there's obviously much more to the story, but I just wanted to share this bit in this sun thread.

I talk about all sorts of strange stuff on my livestream, it's called Humble Bob Channels The Universe, on youtube and twitch. Check it out if you want, it's a chilled comedy vibe with me talking about shit like channeling and even doing some "channeling" (ie free association/stream of consciousness).

If you have any questions find me on there! I always interact with the audience.



File: 1580611160166.jpeg (307.19 KB, 531x710, Savior.jpeg)

No. 1699 [Reply]

This specific image of Jesus fills me with good feelings. The way this man was drawn is so pure…
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It's done the opposite for me. It makes me feel extremely uneasy even as a child. I've always thought it was "the devil" in disguise.


File: 1581781000917.jpg (107.08 KB, 456x599, main-qimg-5432c026cabf8226….jpg)

I always found ethopian jesus pretty comfy


coming from a middle eastern family, i like jesus to be depicted as someone with an orange glow around him - an orange background, ect.
blue jesus seemed too western. if this photo had an orange background it's be perfect


i mean, Jesus himself came from a middle eastern family


I think part of the idea is that while Jesus came from the middle east, it is the West which popularized the faith, for better or worse, and so his image is (appropriately, in my opinion) generally envisioned as western, but is specifically depicted as local nationality would dictate, so that it's a little easier for each culture to tie itself into the teachings. That said, it is definitely the Biblical ideas that inspired western civilization, but that's another conversation.

No. 1686 [Reply]

This one I know has a place in many of hour hearts
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I don't know why but this video has always been pretty comfy to me yet everyone gets creeped out by it.


yea thats unsettling for me


I feel this way about a lot of Memory Hole's stuff:



File: 1580487393940.jpeg (1.59 MB, 3000x3000, ced2f99c-2c36-47df-aaa5-8….jpeg)

No. 1692 [Reply]

Interesting stories thread?

>be me

>talking to cousin
>he mentions he's eating pudding
>tell him i want pudding but dont have any
>tells me to go get some
>realize i never really just go get things
>decide to get some pudding
>go outside
>its raining
>walk 30 minutes in the freezing rain
>can barely see
>get pudding
>walk home
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Spur decisions can be really nice but you still have to look at your current situation (such as walking through freezing rain lol)

>in japan for 3 weeks, have a ton of places to visit that I planned myself

>one place is a hiking trail
>on way to the end of the trail, i see another trail branching off through a stone tunnel
>decide i will finish my planned hike and then come back for this one (since the planned trail is a dead end anyway)
>right before the new trail's path starts, someone left a walking stick for someone else to use
>decide that i have to walk this trail now
>trail is pretty difficult, extremely thankful for the walking stick
>end up looking for and finding a second stick for my other arm
>getting exhausted, no water
>drink directly from a stream, resume hike
>suddenly hear shifting in the trees, unable to identify source but definitely an animal
>it moves so i see it, it was a wild mountain monkey
>slowly walk backwards since i have no idea how aggressive they can be
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I like your story OP.
At the moment I don't feel like sharing a past story. So I'll try to remember to post during my next experience.

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