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Let's talk about all things programming and development!

Languages, Paradigms, Libraries/Packages, Tech Stacks, Editors, Code Help/Review, etc
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No, had to use apache with mod_wsgi. It was painful.


Yuck, I'm guessing for work? I remember using mod_wsgi per client spec to deploy a garbage app written on a "micro-framework" they had provided. Awful


Any Node.js folks here? What are you all building lately

I'm doing a proof of concept collaborative canvas (socket.io, react on the front end) it's certainly not a new idea, it's just been fun to make.


File: 1530612871035.jpg (254.6 KB, 1200x1793, fa0b86ef92c79da8f4369e0244….jpg)

>when your build system just works on all (properly configured) platforms


File: 1532016998663.gif (2.07 MB, 512x384, 7de154edc383ebf3d5c34c3216….gif)

>build system doesn't work because MSYS2 keeps fucking itself up and now pacman doesn't even fucking work anymore.
>rebooted into Linux to at least get some work done and Shkytpe starts being crackling on pulseaudio for god knows what reason, so I have to restart THAT shit 5 times a day.
>figure I'll build my project on Windows 10 in virtualbox where I still had MSYS2 installed and tested it earlier but for some reason it has slower disk I/O than dogshit through a funnel and compiling it takes 3 times what it should normally take, not to mention the piss-poor non-disk performance I get on that thing

If that wasn't bad enough, I'm worried about my processor cooler shutting off again because of a buggy BIOS and starting a house fire. Luckily, last time the board or cabling didn't catch fire and it just bluescreened on me before I realized what the fuck was going on.

How the fuck does ANYTHING WORK AT ALL?!
Why are people such fucking retards when it comes to coding?
Why the fuck aren't we on minix3 or plan9 or something?

Jesus fucking christ.

Oh yeah, I forgot, this is /gf/ and not /bf/.

File: 1529579529202.png (139.67 KB, 5568x3132, 3f1d8e9e71d96bba99b1ee21b2….png)

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>up all night

>smoked a joint with younger bro around midnight

>ate and played a little video games

>rode bike down my street around 2:00-3:00am

>jogged around 4:00am


>washed and put up dishes

>cooked some eggs

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File: 1530952198466.jpg (136.15 KB, 1024x1019, 1527037350171.jpg)

Weed makes me lose myself in my thoughts. It's pretty amazing to do every few months to see what I can come up with.

File: 1527636296545.png (842.46 KB, 1700x1700, kelly.png)

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Greetings from Mewch.net
You guys are pretty cool
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File: 1527643944292.png (221.17 KB, 409x409, snug kelly.png)



Uh, Hi.
What's Mech.net about? Looks like an Imageboard for 3DPD.


The image in the OP is the original logo for mewch. Its drawing of a 3DQT who browsed the site before and sort of a meme back on 4chan r9k. We like to beta orbit her ironically, mewch is just and imageboard with a smaller userbase and generally nice posters.


Yes, its comfy, but it likes j00s. Which is like asking to be comp'd.


The joo joke is a meme

File: 1527703577320.jpg (306.3 KB, 1920x1080, kiniromosaic-1521912999824….jpg)

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Greetings from Spacechan!
Nice chan btw dreams have always fascinated me


File: 1527704952164.jpg (125.08 KB, 1280x720, ef907465a13909171f0ff16f9f….jpg)

A Karen post…
… A caring post

File: 1525847383202.jpg (285.49 KB, 824x1200, 1473072132247.jpg)

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Write 1 sentence about a good feeling.
>Falling asleep to GameCenter CX


That's a sentence fragment.
>It feels goos to be rude to internet strangers

File: 1483303119294.jpg (13.81 KB, 480x336, 1483135931013.jpg)

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Moving the big convos off of /deeds/ lol
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My parents were fucked up too. I spent a lot of time in Al-Anon and Ala-Teen growing up. I'm not sure if they have those in your country, but it's basically a group of people who have addicts in their lives, who talk about how it affects them.

You would be surprised at how much common ground you will find yourself having with those total strangers. The most empathetic thing in the world, when you are ashamed or saddened about something, is to hear the words, "Me too." and you will find that and more in those groups.


i didn't want to clog deeds, i'm so sad i feel sick

anyone lurking?


I'm here, want to tell why are you sad? There is a thread on /bm/.



What did you do with grandma? :3


I went with her to the mall, that was the first time I had been there this year. Then we went to a restaurant to eat. Afterwards I spent a little time over there at the house and got dropped off at home before she went to church since I refuse to go. Nothing too spectacular but I guess getting out of the house was okay. I definitely don't do it much. My social anxiety kicked in a number of times but I managed to fight it for the most part. I had to walk outside of the mall twice and find a spot alone for about 10 minutes then went back inside.

File: 1521061926045.jpg (396.15 KB, 1000x667, a.jpg)

No. 1138 [Reply]

Crushing on this girl at my job right now.

The sweet part is the warm feeling I get inside when talking to her and she'll touch my arm or if I'm standing somewhere she'll walk by and lightly scratch my back as she passes :)))

The bitter part is the fact that I'll never make her my cutie patootie sweetie pie and cuddle with and kiss her :(
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Love, not time, heals all wounds. Try to meditate out in nature and feel the cycle of life surrounding you. Even the grass loves life enough to grow, though it struggles the entire time.


I'm approaching my mid-thirties and haven't had a crush or anything like that since middle school.


It's not a bad thing, anon. Crushes, love, relationships and stuff like that aren't necessary, i'd even say that you're lucky that you've never encountered it again.


I haven't really had a crush on anyone in over 5 years now. I do pass by the occasional woman I'd like to have sex with. But I obviously never make a move because my social awkwardness would only get in the way. Besides once she knows I'm a beta with no car, job, or license. I also can't communicate with regular people anymore. It's so damn hard. Imageboards is about the best way for me to communicate with others. I've tried to get back into using social media but damn it's so awful. I shouldn't have to lower my standards with a bunch of "normals". I'm just trying to think of a proper way to communicate with others who I actually am able to somewhat relate to online.


Just ask her out anon. Just do it.

File: 1513882783073.png (92.02 KB, 512x512, christmas-gift-icon-2790.png)

No. 993 [Reply]

What are you anons hoping to give and receive this Christmas season?
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I asked for a new board game. I'll be happy with anythig I get


Is not Christmas anymore but, today is my birthday, I don't think anyone remembers it, but I would like to get a figurine.


Happy birthday :3 what figure anon?


That was fast, thanks Anon.
I would like to get a Saber figurine from Fate Stay Night, I'm thinking in buying myself, but… I don't want to spend my saves…


This is what good taste looks like

File: 1513138651016.jpeg (125.68 KB, 250x250, 47D383D3-FEA5-437C-859F-7….jpeg)

No. 982 [Reply]

Spinach & artichoke dip is the only thing artichokes are good for


I recognize that it's tasty, but I hate it because of this

>be 9

>dad has a new girlfriend
>friendly enough, but pretty snobbish especially about cooking
>"I make the best spinach/artichoke dip" she said
>she serves some to us.
>i thought it tasted off, mostly because it was uncomfortably lukewarm
>i throwup my guts out for the next day

I've never been able to enjoy it since


File: 1521004530452.jpg (120.56 KB, 720x960, 28661345_2080968298786288_….jpg)

pic unrelated


I oughtachoke you out for posting that! :3


that's pretty cute, thumbnail fooled me

File: 1513098262103.png (161.45 KB, 530x526, bitcoin.png)

No. 980 [Reply]

Did you guys ever hold bitcoin or any other crypto?

I had 2 that I had sold off for like $13 in 2012. Really kicking myself now…

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probably, but not for awhile.

i wanted to buy some zcash last night


I wish I had bought when it was under 1 USD.


File: 1515597878129.jpg (47.93 KB, 1196x497, 0.JPG)

this is the real leetcoin boys


Bought .5 ETH and a Litecoin few months ago for fun, glad I did. Going to let it ride and not expect or hope for anything…


File: 1519705676530.png (397.23 KB, 1920x1080, 1431181948605-2.png)

When I started out I held litecoin and followed that for a while I researched it some more and engaging with twitter crypto community for a while I now have UBIQ (UBQ) and CryCash (CRC)

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