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Comfy things, pictures, feelings, greentexts…
Anything goes
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a cute! :^3


File: 1638374979881.gif (1.95 MB, 444x250, sleepykitty.gif)

kots are good


File: 1638508349133.jpeg (53.47 KB, 748x468, cute anime girl snowfall ….jpeg)


Peru looks pretty cool.


File: 1600091725183.jpg (67.47 KB, 700x559, rhthhtrhrj.jpg)

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Have you ever made a website, or any other technology related project? Tell us about your projects. Post your websites, games, idk, utilities, logos, etc.

Pic unrelated
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File: 1631190134777.png (358.24 KB, 892x765, the limits of my creativit….png)

i used to be a C#/ASP.NET web dev. i only ever made improvements to the way our clients' websites ran behind the scenes. all i ever make now is food, happy accidents, and co2

had done this for minecraft and wurm. probably the most personally rewarding thing i've done next to making people laugh

what program do you use for your monochrome art? i miss getting to interact with sites like this

this is pretty cool as well. i love dorf fort, couldnt care for outer wilds, and really dwell on the fact i never played thief lol. btw rounded borders are kinda overrated anon


I used to program a lot, but not that much anymore. got kinda burnt out of technology in general after lockdown and yadda yadda. I still run a personal site where I put things I like or write bizarre shit but I feel I shouldn't post it here for anonymity's sake


>>2146 man the art in ur website it's insane, I love it. Did u do any other in the meantime?


File: 1661300987354.jpg (6.44 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

I'm not making original anything per se. But I am thinking of building a PC soon so I can run a VR headset. Costco actually sells some affordable gaming PCs with fairly little markup (they can bulk buy the parts cheaper than an individual can), but I still want to try building one anyway. AMD is releasing a new CPU that needs a new AMD-5 socket next month, and I think that would be the best route to go since I could most likely upgrade the CPU for about 5 years unlike Intel which will force you to buy a new mother board in a year.

If I did get a better computer + GPU I could also tinker with 3D modeling, which hasn't been an option on my ancient pre-built.


Humble Bundle had a good sale on old RPG maker software and assets this year. I ignored it though because they're about to switch to the Unity engine and incorporate more 3D soon.

File: 1633104695082.jpg (62.6 KB, 750x1000, 1630460023378.jpg)

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Posts about books you're reading or finished and talk about what you think, so far. Ask other anons of a book is good and they might reply
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Currently reading 2666 by Bolano. Love it so far.

I've read a bit of Simone Weil. I don't like her, but I'm Christian and I haven't found a better Christian philosopher, except maybe Blondel


I am reading Steal Like An Artist. Trying to find ways to cultivate and harness creativity and use it in a productive manor



Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz is good. I finished it a week ago and filled a few pages in a notebook with ideas from it. It's about changing your self image and is more scientific with no woowoo like in most self help books.


i remember reading through some of this book and finding it really intriguing.. never finished it though. does it give more concrete steps to try or is the book just elaborating along the same basic theme?

File: 1513098262103.png (161.45 KB, 530x526, bitcoin.png)

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Did you guys ever hold bitcoin or any other crypto?

I had 2 that I had sold off for like $13 in 2012. Really kicking myself now…

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wish i was smart enough to understand it


Same, I'm trying to learn about it. My main problem is that I want to earn it online somehow then work on trading back and forth to increase my portfolio instead of dumping real money in it. Plus I'm a NEET, so I have no money to invest nor the hardware to mine it.



create a fantom-tomb pair on spookyswap.finance

farm on grim.finance



File: 1637628510483.png (1.22 MB, 1920x1080, SAITAMAv2.png)

Yea. This is my favorite right now. Pic related.


File: 1652783762699.png (108.07 KB, 1156x815, fung.png)

initially bought around 2018. kept in the green ever since. same with ETH, though i don't think i bought into that until 2020. now i'm partially staking most of my ETH, kind of been cucked by the way it works atm, can't pull out until ETH is updated or if i settle for a less-than-fair trade value, which docks about 13% of what i initially put in…
oh well, crossing my fingers, so far i have only benefited from having a low-time preference and just generally having faith in the technology

File: 1635776130668.png (261.17 KB, 750x357, E59CD26B-650A-4931-A62A-2F….png)

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spent half the night playing a game with a friend and realized how much fun video games can be when they're not competitive and make you angry all the time


What game did you play?

File: 1596468605726.png (653.66 KB, 1022x948, BF420A48-14A1-45F5-8706-72….png)

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dreamchan is the internet checkpoint of all imageboards. there will never be another one as wonderful as this one.
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>>2161 regular bullshit nintendo copyright claims, not too complicated


>>2165 WAIT nevermind i thought you said how it got taken down not when it got taken down. tiny brain.

i think it got taken down about two or three months ago. around when they started posting again. a lot of their videos disappeared because of nintendo but i think you can find reuploads


God that sucks. Hopefully someone can restore it.


What's an internet checkpoint?



File: 1628775593940.jpg (87.53 KB, 370x300, image0.jpg)

No. 2151 [Reply]

what is your favorite place to travel and why? what place(s) would you like to visit someday?


(anon replying to my own comment to start here, hi everyone)
i haven't traveled to many places outside of the states, but i absolutely love places like a plaza close to the beach attached to some condos in Florida, or this tiny village in Upstate NY where most of my aunts and uncles live. this may be of pure nostalgia, but i still like to go to these places whenever i get the chance.

in terms of wanting to go to other places, i would love to travel outside of the states. there are a lot of places i find interesting. i always love pulling up Streetview and traversing these landscapes and cities in places like France and Japan and Norway, usually while listening to music.

for me, listening to music while in Streetview has sort of the same cadence as listening to music on a road trip or a plane trip. i'm not really sure why, but it has an energy i don't know how to describe.

that's about all i have to say.


File: 1629193548200.jpg (67.73 KB, 683x900, catrain.jpg)

My favourite place to travel for the time being is Greece due to its history, geography and climate. And mhhh, food!
If I had all the time in the world and an appropriate budget I would love to take the classic Trans-Siberian Railway from Europe to Russia to China. It takes several days to travel to the final destination Beijing, but for me it would be a big plus because I had the chance to see many different fascinating locations. And mhhh, food!


i'd like to go back to visit philly, i especially miss the 4 hour bus ride. the city itself is cool enough. i'd really like to see the mesas in new mexico, arizona, and visit some of the northern colder states, maine, minnesota, even ohio because i have a morbid fascination with post-industrial decay

File: 1623096688738.jpeg (87.62 KB, 736x669, 85D81A76-90F5-49DC-9563-7….jpeg)

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she checks in on me bros and asks me if I’m doing okay or need to take a nap or anything. She was really worried that I didn’t have a first aid kit in my apartment so she made me get one

im so very warm inside


File: 1623100899272.gif (28.39 KB, 173x20, yeehaw.gif)



do you literally feel warm inside? do you have synesthesia? asking because i've never been in a relationship.

File: 1624571356542.jpg (326.48 KB, 1001x1000, 1620889124766.jpg)

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i love it when cute cartoon girls love eachother


File: 1624724180504.jpg (155.24 KB, 700x885, 1544417636068.jpg)

Friends 4ever. :'^]

File: 1569433375850.gif (2.02 MB, 374x498, tenor.gif)

No. 1537 [Reply]

Everyone!!! I did it!! I'm not gonna be a NEET anymore !
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Trades are usually safer than academic jobs.
Who knows what kinda tech products future humanity has! But you can be sure toilets will stay the same.

Flawless design


I'd feel that it's a safer bet but less rewarding than taking on an academic job. I read an article in the New York Times recently discussing the glut of STEM focused majors and the initially high wages coming out of college but the stagnation afterwards due to newer grads pushing the field forward and relegating the people back to a more managerial position or otherwise forcing them to adapt, thanks to the extremely rapid development of every field nowadays.


File: 1617429501252.png (11.18 KB, 298x120, 2020-12-18 04_21_45-oaf1 ~….png)




Good for you


File: 1620171668806.jpg (7.58 KB, 247x204, index.jpg)

THAT IS FUCKING AMAZING, CONGRATS!! WERE ALL SO PROUD OF YOU!! dont listen to any downers in the thread and congratulate urself!

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