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How come our minds can make super complex dreams sometimes that are like movies and have plots and are interesting but when you try to make up a story consciously it sucks or you can't think of anything?


For some reason i cant imagine images in my head, which also prevents me from having any dreams.


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it's the opposite for me. i have a super vivid imagination and daydream a lot, but when it comes to normal dreams i can never remember them.


Dreams are just an experience of the subconscious. They unfold completely organically, there is no arch, no story to be written, it's just things happening as they occur to you. Writing stories requires a working understanding of a bunch of different things most people can't be bothered to care about.


Reality cannot distract you when you're asleep.


if you actually watched a dream whilst you were sober, it would be an incoherent mess. Your brain just sort of accepts it at the time


I think when we consciously try to come up with a story, we tend to stick too closely to tropes and conventions, so it ends up feeling boring. Dreams don't care about rules or logic. They have no filter. That's what makes them such a great source of creativity.

This is probably true. The real magic happens just after you wake up, when your half-lucid mind tries to make sense of the dream. That's the one moment when we are able to mediate between raw sensory impressions and structured, conceptual thought.

Most of my good ideas have emerged from that state of mind.

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