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No. 957

Only knowing the truest form of love and intimacy inside my dreams makes waking a constant heartbreaking experience.

I don't love anyone except the people I find in my dreams. All too soon it ends. I've cried about it sometimes.

Anyone else relate?


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Sometimes i get dreams like these. The last one I had was maybe over 6 months ago or so. They aren't common for me though.

The last one actually made me tear up a bit because of how close to it was to being a long lost childhood friend. We talked about our childhoods and the things we saw then. Shows, books, schools… Apart from a few differences, it's like she had an almost identical experience compared to mine.

I remember going our separate ways before the dream ended because I had to go to class in my dream, but I forgot to ask her info. As I turned around, she left, and the dream stopped. It was difficult to digest even for a dream. For now I kind of hope finding someone like her.


I've had one of these this year. It was completely dark and surreal at the same time. Imagine finding someone in your life or even those long-lost friendships you had that could've worked out. Sometimes it makes me sick thinking about it. I do miss some of the people I walked out on in my life. Maybe things would've turned out differently if I had done something else. But all in all, I can't escape from my reality. I know what left.


File: 1608502148677.jpg (807.87 KB, 1600x1080, ch113.jpg)

I'm literally the same. Every month or two I have a dream where there's this enigmatic girl, everytime it's a different person, but they're all enigmatic, and i'm never communicating directly with them. Usually, I'm not even *in* the dream, strictly speaking. But the dreams affect me so much that I feel like shit the moment I wake up, and spend the rest of the month under its influence, so to speak, every night praying that I might see the same dream again or one that is similar….

Not even depressed or anything, but dreams feel way more real to my actual life…..


File: 1609960701566.gif (1.74 MB, 308x279, 29873498067.gif)

Pure, unconditional love does not and cannot exist in the physical world. Humans are incapable of expressing it. That we are able to know it in any way, even if only in dreams, is a blessing from the divine that none of us deserve. It does hurts terribly to be apart from it, but I try to be thankful that it's only a temporary separation. Even when I'm stuck deep in the mire of physical reality and can't feel anything but decay, it's still there, and when I'm done with this place I will rejoin it.


I'll be right there with you friend. I can't wait to feel that unconditional, shining love that awaits us all after our vessels are abandoned.

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