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Do you guys ever get dreams that are a continuation or a retelling of some dream you've had in the past?
I swear this has happened to me at least three times already. Maybe it's just deja vu, because I feel like, fuck I've seen this before, when I wake up.


Yes, and some of my dreams also reuse environments. Just the other day I had a dream that took place in a mishmash of two other completely different dream environments. One was a small town and the other was a large hollow mansion with dozens of doors on one side that led into one large empty room.


Same for me. I sometimes have moments when I remember my dream environments while I'm awake and I know I have had multiple dreams there. I love it when that happens.


File: 1530941168577.jpg (186.79 KB, 850x1200, __hatoba_tsugu_hatoba_tsug….jpg)

A lot of my dreams take place in a strange version of my hometown where everything is either crumbling into the sea or dry and dusty. It's really bizarre but over the last three or so years i keep coming back to it and sometimes explore new parts of it in my dreams.


that's some silent hill level spookiness


File: 1530989151039.jpg (143.94 KB, 850x1178, __hatoba_tsugu_hatoba_tsug….jpg)

Sometimes the dreams are nightmares and they're so bad that i intentional try to make myself forget them, but usually the dreams are just me and my friends trying to do normal stuff in the weird world around us and acting like everything is normal. Most of the buildings are in the same place they are in real life, but the landscape is different, so there are thrift-stores on stilts in the ocean, or gas-stations partially buried in sand. So sometimes I have to dig or swim to get where I'm trying to go in the dream!


File: 1531007897336.jpg (7.17 KB, 250x239, 1516441686437.jpg)


Ive had the same sort of dream, i can only remember having it about three times but its a slightly different version of my town where certain features are different such as stores, layout and terrain. Its also a sunnier if i remember correctly, and inhad more friends.


I don't dream much, but I do dream. When I was a child dreams were more usual, I think. Maybe I'm wrong. I usually dream about my town. I think the first dream I remember having involved me walking in a road next to my town's cemetery. Everything was full of mist, and people looked like like white cloudy figures.
I once dreamt about a gas station that was not there back then. A few months later it was. Other times I've dreamt about places in my town that do not exist. Once I saw a house that still doesn't exist, but in front of that house there was a playground with trees. The trees I saw them last week. They had not been there before either.
When I was a kid I would usually visit this room, it looked like a yard but the ground was made of something white, and it was surrounded by columns made of it as well. I was staring at people there from a corner surrounded by trees, by leaves. I have not returned there.


File: 1544635153912.jpg (221.27 KB, 1920x1080, metro.jpg)

i have these dreams sometimes which follow up on each other and every time i'm in this Rapture-like setting (from the Bioshock series), but a pre-revolution version where everything looks very fancy.
I am always in this very fancy hotel area with long staircases and fancy art-deco wall decorations in the lobby yet very cramped room. I can walk around normally but walk through the furniture. Every time I have dreams in this setting, I meet new people wandering around or have things explained to me about that world in the lounge or just find unexplainable things in other peoples hotel rooms.
Scary dreams in the setting bring me outside of the hotel area and into the Rapture metro system where everything isn't destroyed yet although very barren with the wallpaper hanging off the walls and such but no structural damage, just neglect and a lot of grey and colourlessness. People there seem scary and brooding and although they ignore me they still give off a negative and unwelcoming vibe, sometimes I feel like I'm being followed when out there.

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