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This is a general thread to post your dreams for interpretation by fellow anons.


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Lately, in quarantine, I've been posting a lot of memes to my Snapchat story. Not to make people laugh, but to make people think I'm funny. I know that's pretty sad but quite honestly I don't have the best public image and humor is the only thing I've really got going for me personally.

The memes are pretty surreal, (webm. related). Some people don't get them. Mostly it just backfires and people think I'm weird.

(Man, it's amazing what I can bring myself to say when I'm anonymous.)

Anyway, the dream I had consisted of me in an old classroom with a bunch of my former classmates, except we were all grown up. It was like we were all there against our will.

I made a bad joke and someone (who was usually quiet) said, "You're not funny, stop making jokes."

The interesting part is that I responded, "Thanks for bringing that up, actually. I know I;m not very funny at all… Honestly, I should just stop trying to be funny and stick with not doing anything."

For the rest of the dream I refrained from making jokes and stayed quiet, almost like the only redeeming part of my personality was gone.

What does it mean? Do I subconsciously know I don't deserve to be called funny? Do I feel annoying for posting memes that most people don't like?

Please feel free to just go ham with your interpretations, I'm open to any and all suggestions.


I was in a truck next to a driver, he was hitchhiking me to somewhere. At one point through the city other trucks deceived him into making it a race. He goes pedal to the metal and crashes against someone else's car. He then runs away. He stops in a part of the city where a local day is being celebrated. I get mad at him for crashing that car, but not before I try some tacos that the locals made. I come across some old friends of mine and I just see that my house is next to me. We joke about how we can add manure to everything by just touching it. The sun felt as if it was setting, the sky was golden and the grass was green green, it always feels like that in most of my dreams

But before that I was in some polish office asking about citizenship. They told me I should have no issues if I'm born from poles, I tell them that's the matter. The room was old, most furniture was of old fragile wood that would break if pressured enough.


I just had the most vivid dream i think ive ever had, i remember falling and falling through different rooms that im familiar with. The feeling was so real i could feel the wind and that roller coaster gut feeling when you are falling too fast. Then i remember a childhood memory with my mom then i tried to wake up and go get a beer. I have that feeling of waking up and i realize im standing right at the fridge so i knew something was wrong, if i really woke up i would be in my bed so i look to the side and i see a good friend of mine. Then i really woke up. Crazy shit , my heart is still beating.


I am not an expert in dream interpretation, in fact this is my first time doing this, however the meaning of this dream seems quite literal to me, you just hate the way you're behaving. You yourself said:
>I know that's pretty sad
And for some reason I too, whenever faced with something I dislike in my dreams, either fight it or admit/accept it. I don't know if it's just coincidence or something common. Whether you learn to love yourself or change yourself is not up to me, it's up to you, but if you want my opinion I would humbly recommend the latter.


What do you guys think it's the meaning of these dreams where you aren't yourself but somebody that might or might not even exists, and in most case you have memories from that person.


I only believe in dream interpretation to a degree, I think there is a natural chaos to the thought process that manifests in very strange, seemingly nonsensical dreams. I think maybe as an empathic person you may put yourself well in the shoes of other people in your daily thought, and some representation of that may appear in a dream.

For example, the night before very tough interviews, I'll have stressful dreams about missing deadlines in high school, usually about fucking up a test. I don't think about high school day to day but in the context of how I'm feeling it makes sense.

Also, I'll have a good day and have a dream about being cooked alive, rolled in panko bread crumbs and seasoning, who knows

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