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No. 894

It's always this type of dream that sticks with me.

I'm in a ghost town, but I recognize it as my home town. There's a railroad nearby, and it's the most vivid object in the dream. It's dusty, not much life, everything is made out of tin. People come out during the day but hide inside at night when the monsters (akin to a Closer in Silent Hill 3). It's always foggy at night. Sometimes me and a group of friends will go out exploring since I have no shelter at night. Always narrowly avoid being mauled by these creatures. Always ends with a trustworthy person admitting their a serial killer.

What's up with this?


Meant to say when the monsters come out. Sorry for the bad grammar.

Also this group of friends is nobody I know IRL. Just random people.


Also before anyone else does it: they're*

Please don't be mean, my hands are cold. :(

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