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aspirations and head movies
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No. 89

Post a description of the last dream you had and interpret the dream of the poster above you. I'll start, I went to a movie theater to see aliens vs predator but the room they were playing the movie in wasnt a room but instead a swamp.


I think that you haven't been properly giving sacrifice to Shrek, your lord and savior. This is clearly a power play, showing you that he's boss of all domains.

Last night I dreamt that I went to Peter Piper Pizza with my family (Who I don't live with anymore) and got head from some girl who went to my high school who works there.

I also won a lot of tickets and exchanged them all for army men





I hadn't considered that. I may make a shrekrifice later today.
It sounds like you regret not fugging that gril, that may not be possible now so I would just advise going to the store and buying some army men to please your subconscious.


I admit that I haven't really thought of her until the dream, but as it is with any sex in a dream, I can't stop thinking about her now :(

M-maybe I will message her?

Maybe I'll burn some army men with a magnifying glass to get over her


Let go of your childhood.


Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me.
No hope, no harm. Just another false alarm.


:/ who were they? are you looking for love in real life?


no, but I recently broke up with my girlfriend, whom I cared for quite a bit.


Different person, but I sadly know the feeling well. 2 and half year relationship ended this summer before college started. I started having crush-y dreams of things like first kisses and all with a girl from work, a girl from college, and girls who exist only in my head. Odd feeling, it's really a false hope feeling when I wake up. I feel for a couple seconds like I really did accomplish something then I realize I am where I was before.


i'm sorry anon ;_;

how long ago was it? were you with her for a very long time?


Only a couple months, but we were extremely compatible and she made me feel like I could be a better person :(

With all that said it's pretty obvious what my own dream signifies. This dream has recurred 3 times in the past week btw.


Could someone interpret >>162 and >>163 for me? I don't want to copy/paste the whole thing over.


File: 1443477618564.jpg (8.82 KB, 207x243, download.jpg)

Did he look like this man?


Has anyone ever actually seen this man in their dreams?

What if he's really sexually adept and can greatly please us in our dreams but we try to avoid him


He had more hair and smaller eyebrows. I don't remember what his nose looked like, though.

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