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No. 87

Subject says it all!

I had a strange one recently, though most of my dreams aren't at all based in common reality, this one stood out not only because it felt like I was in a situation that could happen (in non-dream standards, mind you), but I was also me at an age of I think around 12-13. It also featured my little sister, around the age of 7 or 8 (her current age).

Basically what happens is that our mother who I can only assume is the last surviving of her family dies, and we were left to go live with our older adoptive sister. This is all assumed, as in this is kind of the context I was feeling while in the dream, why things were happening, why I was there. Our older adoptive sister was an anthropomorphic possum though she didn't dress the same way I believe it was based on the main character from a webcomic called 'habits' or 'clementine' as some call it on vice because she was basically homeless. We walked around a downtown area of a medium sized city as she would drink alcohol and flip off cars that passed us by, edging us on to do so with her. I would, but my little sister wouldn't. Then she bought us slushies, poured alcohol into mine and I got drunk with her while my little sister just drank a normal slushy, after that I woke up.

I liked it, felt like I was having fun in the dream in the innocent way a kid at that age would despite the shitty situation.


This made me smile OP.

The whole premise of it is absurd of course, but I can see this being a heartwarming adventure in dreamland, where you have no perception of what is likely real

Most of my dreams are ludicrous in premise but I have yet to be taken care of by an alcoholic furry sister


OP again

last night I had a dream where I was walking through a department store kind of like walmart, where nothing but different mechanical keyboards were being sold. I became increasingly annoyed because none of them were the old IBM Model M's, and that is what I wanted. The ones that looked them upon first glance always turned out to be cheap chinese knock-offs. I played with a couple thinking maybe I should just settle with another, then woke up.


Had a shorter dream last night.

Involved this weird industrial culinary academy or something though I don't think I was there to learn how to cook, maybe I worked there I dunno. I was walking around outside smoking when I see an asian friend of mine from high school waving at me from his dorm room window, which happened to be right by the kitchen/cafeteria. I went inside to find his dorm, and woke up!


I like this thread. I have a bunch of dreams on my phone and my computer but I worry that they'll be difficult to understand because I write them down as soon as I wake up, making them kind of dreamy (lol) but not in a good way.


File: 1443284196905.png (51.81 KB, 640x400, Untitled.png)


>the clitoris becomes like a fucking elephant trunk

Damn in my all years of rule 34 i dont think i have come across a wonder like that

It sounds like you are seeing the future not dreaming


Oh, dude, I have, it's an entire fetish.
Mind, I can't actually /link/ you any on this board, but.


Well, what is such a thing called so a gentleman like myself can view these images?

What a time to be alive


No dreams that I can remember from last night, hopefully I will have more luck tomorrow morning!


I recently saw that straight outta compton movie

i had a dream that i was in nwa and hung out and performed with them.

it was really cool, it was super long.

i had the perception of being really tall, like 8 feet tall. No one seemed to notice though


Last night, I had my first nightmare in a long time.

I was a journalist who ended up as a conscript of sorts with a terrorist force. I'd been sent with a scout party to watch a small city that the group wanted. I was still documenting my experience, of course, but I brought along a scoped Mosin-Nagant I'd looted for my own protection.

We were in the desert for a while, sitting on rags and watching the city for any activity. Suddenly, I spotted a man leaving the city through my scope. He was carrying a lot of equipment, and as he turned and went behind a sand dune, we started to hear him sing about how much he loved his girlfriend. "He knows what he is doing," one of my acquaintances muttered grimly. I watched him through that scope for a while, his stuff poking over the dune. The others readied their weapons next to me.

After a short while, I aimed where I knew he would come out. Sure enough, he emerged there, but he left his things behind. As he walked towards us, a smile on his face, my group fired one shot each at him. I quickly followed suit – what else could I do? My shot hit him in the shoulder, and the others were various body shots. He twitched in the gunfire, but he laughed it off. "Silly," he called out to us while I rechambered, "my girlfriend doesn't live there!" I felt as though some other force guided my crosshair to his head, and I pulled the trigger.


His bright smile widened, his eyes bulged and split slightly, and a red hole appeared between them. He fell to the ground dead. All I could feel was guilt. Rechambering once more, it occurred to me that the man's girlfriend was in his head.

I woke up soon after, still feeling guilty about the shooting. It was all so vivid. I was afraid for a while that the man I killed was going to appear around the next corner I walked around, smiling and laughing at me. I was so scared of seeing him again that I wouldn't let myself fall back asleep.


File: 1443400198866.jpg (24.87 KB, 414x206, image.jpg)

I had a dream that I was somewhere in Europe with a girl that I only remember by some kind of hat she had on. It wasn't modern Europe but sort of a mix of Victorian England and 1930's France. I couldn't hear any sound other than my own thoughts and I seemed to be really focused on the hat. Nothing exciting happened in the dream either, it was pretty comfy.


well, I know I dreamed and I even remembered it this morning, but I had to get up immediately and go eat then go to class because of how late I woke up, and now I don't remember a single detail!


Couldn't remember what I dreamed during the night, but after the morning classes today I had a real bad fever and decided to take a nap, and what a nap it was! The dream was very VERY vivid, and was also very long for the short amount of time I was asleep (only about an hour).


So, it starts off with me coming into the dorms after my morning classes, and taking a nap, and when I wake up there is this giant projection screen TV in the room playing an episode of spongebob that was real unnerving though not unlike a lot of the newer episodes. This spongebob was just a giant sponge creature where the legs consisted of segmented parts of sponge kind of allowing it to crawl into the screen with his normal giant smile, causing the other characters to be freaked out and run while he chased them off screen laughing. I turn off the TV because this was freaking me out as well, and get up to leave when I noticed that this is not my dorm room! Then the actual person who lives in there walked in, and I said I'll only be a moment I gotta grab my things, I do and go back to my dorm which when walked into resembled an apartment where my mom and grandfather and little sister were sitting around watching a show on a smaller tv. I sit down to watch, and once again am unnerved by what is on though this time it is a show I've never seen before. It shows this black man jumping off of a crane, and catching himself on a bridge by biting the edge, and remaining perfectly flush with the ground of the bridge. He then bends his body upwards and swings it into the support structure of the bridge with immense force, destroying it and causing the bridge to topple onto him. He gets up unscathed from the rubble, as different copies of himself also do so and begin walking towards a city, I turn off the tv, turn to give my family a look of 'what the fuck was that?' and wake up.


File: 1443671158166.jpg (17.05 KB, 490x326, 1412625207811.jpg)

So I was planning on staying up late tonight (I have been checking out at like 8pm on weeknights), but I layed down for a minute and had the strangest lucid dream

It was me, in a peter piper pizza, but it was not me, because I was around 7 years old. i was standing by the soda fountain. All the hoses were connecting to one drink that had a label that said "Suicide"

I went to walk over to my mom and my (now very young) little sisters at that table then i snapped back in to reality and now i've had a headache for the past half hour


Had a very intense dream last night!

I was at a friend's house that I've been wanting to see for a good while, and it was like a zoo! There were so many people, almost too many, not just my friend's family but his extended family, his friends, what seemed like maybe their extended family, it was crazy but it was also a happy atmosphere. My friend and his friends said that they were going to go do something and wanted me to just hang out at the house, so I do that and watch some show on the TV that I've never seen before. I think it was an animation or something regarding talking cats but other than that basic information I don't remember what it looked like or what even happened. My friend and his friends basically came back with instruments in their hand and sat down behind me to watch the show, then everyone there started going back into other rooms to go to bed, but there was no room for me there so my friend took me out back to this barn looking place, and this is where it starts to get very weird. For one, I was a little offended that all those fucking people were able to go back to some room and sleep while I had to go back to the fucking barn, but that wasn't a main concern for me, what concerned me was that once I was in the barn all the windows had a sort of white light coming through them in the middle of the night. My friend started getting aggravated with me asking me why I was even here and I was a bit confused about that, then he points his fingers at me, and his two index fingers extended out from his hand and went into my rib cage, which pulled me real close to his face. He started yelling at me about doing things for myself and making my own friends and other gay shit like that which didn't end up scaring me so much as just offending me even more, so I hawkedd a nasty loogie into my mouth and spat that shit all over his face, causing him to drop me. After that I knocked his teeth into his throat with my left fist (even though I am right handed) which caused him to de-materialize. Then I woke up!


As a side note I went back to sleep and had a dream which was just as long but I don't remember any of it save for a scene where I was crawling through this park at night hunting for these big lizards, staying still so that they would come out from underneath the trees.


Had a few this time around, though I only remember two of them.

The first dream involved a few of my friends and I on this barge kind of ship when it was storming, but we were standing on the edge by the railing of the ship (it wasn't very safe), but we were having a ton of fun. A fatter friend of mine was giving it a little too much force, causing the ship to almost capsize so we started giving him shit for it (and for his weight), and continued doing the same thing we were doing before, rocking back and forth on the edge of the ship. After a minute or so more of this the ship finally did capsize, well more than that it actually spun quite a few times before finally landing in the water upside down. Then the dream cuts to only one of the friends that were there being with me at this tropical shoreline with super clear, shallow water and this waterway that lead inland in between these two small cliff faces (only about 40 feet high). We stood on the rocky shore for a moment before hearing some people come, and rather than go to them for help we dove into the water way and swam underneath for a while. Soon after doing that my vision zooms out from the first person view of my sight in the dream, and then I'm watching everything happen from the screen of a laptop. This is where things fall apart, I start to see a bunch of fat people on tubes riding down the water way, then the screen changes to some weird pornographic stuff with people wearing masks made from the same material as the tubes, which caused me to turn it off. Then I'm actually in the same place of the pornography and because these people are weirding me out too much I start kicking at them (I am not naked myself) then I wake up.

The second dream involved hanging out with my grandmother who doesn't speak any english though in the dream she did just fine, we were at this market walking around, then we were at her house and she was trying to get this gamecube 'hacked' with a younger friend of hers by trying out different video games as exploits for it which was strange because she's fucking old and doesn't play video games, and she was acting all elitist about shit so I just got annoyed, walked out to this outside gazebo area that overlooks this pretty valley that had temples n shit where a computer was set up, took my pants off and started browsing the web, then I woke up.



File: 1443922823444.png (282.11 KB, 440x458, 1409945235044.png)

I had an honest-to-god Bane dream. I'm not just shitposting here, I mean it.

It didn't start as a Bane dream. I was in my room holding a little tablet. It was playing the original Mobile Suit Gundam. The very first episode where Zeon is attacking the colony where Amuro lives. Somehow, I was there too. I saw the air rushing out through the hole punched in the colony by Zeon forces. It scared the Hell out of me. The perspective flipped between me rushing to escape to White Base and watching the events unfold on the tablet. I could see the RX-78 and Zakus running around from both perspectives. I put the tablet down and Christian Bale, or at least someone who looked like him, was in my room. He was terminator-like cyborg. His left arm was bloody and damaged. It appeared on of the hydraulic piston was malfunctioning. He was talking to someone I couldn't see. He insulted this unseen man for not knowing how to fix his arm. Of course, I was the one to fix it, namely by shoving the piston back into alignment with the rest of the arm. I left my room and I was in a wooden submarine propelled by oars. All the men pushing the oars looked people i used to know dressed as Bane. I even recognized a couple voices. One of them was just an acquaintance. Another was someone who used to pick on me as a kid but became a friend by high school. I head them saying something along the lines of "Go for it!" and as I walked down the decks of the ship, I too became a big guy. I was muscular and had Bane's outfit on, save for one thing: The mask. I picked up a quarter, put it in my pocket, and the mask appeared in my hand. On the lowest deck of the ship lay Bill Wilson. He was lying with his up in the air. I put on the mask, sauntered over, and woke up with an erection.


> became a friend by high school
uh, you don't get to bring friends


I have often had dreams about older relatives or people I know acting out of place and young.

I recently had a dream that all of the sites we managed at work were down, and my elderly neighbor who never owned a computer was front and center bringing the sites back up. He was looking at my code and calling it shit.


Do you feel in charge?


Two dreams last night!

The first involved me walking around this abandoned building being followed by this ghost qt in what looked like an old fashioned night gown. Eventually I hear some armed men come through the front door of the building from wherever I am at, and start trying to book it out of there with the ghost, and eventually I come to a dead end because I panicked and ended up getting lost. The armed men see me and I get shot (though I don't feel it) and I fall to the floor, where the ghost qt holds me and tells me causing a sense of warmth/calm to wash over. She whispers to say that I am sorry, I do so, and she turns into this giant beast then goes to wipe out the armed men who were after me, then I woke up!

The second was kind of annoying. I was at some house trying to get access to youtube because I found a video with the old user name of a friend of mine who I've not seen/talked to in a long time and have been trying to contact again for a while now, but every time I'll try to access the video something would fuck up causing me to have to restart the laptop, even when I tried to use my phone to do this it would fuck up and crash, and eventually I gave up.

liked the first, second can go in the trash


>and woke up with an erection.
Was getting hard part of your plan?


Last night was weird, it was because my dream was the same premise as the night before. I was working at some general concessions stand at a major league baseball game with my friend. We were the only two people working. My friend had to serve the food and I had to ward off enemy fans who were trying to destroy the stand. The females of the bunch kept trying to rip my balls off. The entire stadium was decorated in AppleBee's sponsorship. I don't know what it means, I don't follow baseball at all.


Last summer was one of the most stressful of my life so far. I would frequently have really fucked up dreams. Here are the two I remember the most.

I was in a living room I'd never seen before. It was like some old grandma house. I looked down and was holding a baby by its throat. I didn't let go… I just kept squeezing and squeezing. I felt the spine snap from the force and is head went farther to the side than it should have… it instantly became lifeless and heavy. I felt like I had to get rid of it but couldn't let go. The more and more I tried the worse I felt. I was a monster. And I knew it.


The second was that I was raping my ex. She was screaming and crying. I kept fucking her the whole time. I would shove my hand in her mouth to get her to be quiet. I fucked her so hard she couldn't scream anymore.

I'm not normaly violent or even a sexualy deprived person. That summer tho really fucked with my head. I would wake up crying not remembering why and covered in sweat. That shit was fucked up.


Had a weird one last night! Dreamed that I was visiting someone abroad and that their room and family was all fucked up, they were living in this house-sized apartment in the middle of this very industrialized city, either way my friend's room was super messy, not super dirty mind you then again I didn't look to hard to see if it was I just saw that there was shit everywhere. His family were giga-dicks, kept fucking down talking me and making me more and more pissed off to be there. I eventually decided that enough was enough and left to a hotel with the plan to stay there instead of my friend's dirty house.


I dreamed some girl was being punished by like her mom made her stand out side her door holding her slut panties up for everyone to see

there was a bunch of other weird shit. i wish i remembered it more, some maze of rooms i had to go through too.

my girlfriend bought some kind of bimbo makeup too then we sat in the car and ate ribs at the gas station car park.


Post some examples and link that sauce.


Last night I had a dream where my redneck friend across the street got absolutely shitfaced drunk and tried to break into my house and kill me with a rusty butter knife.
So that was a thing.


File: 1445113291941.jpg (109.95 KB, 480x480, cubulus.jpg)

This dream was pretty crazy and quite hard to explain.

I am in my garden and I see and feel an explosion from a neighbouring house. There's a large mushroom cloud and I feel the shock wave.

Then, my point of view morphs (I can only explain it with the analogy of someone moulding clay) so that, instead of being in a garden, I have just watched the explosion on TV. One minute I was there, the next I had actually never been there and was merely watching it on the news. Weird.

The news coverage wasn't really discussing the explosion, but was playing the 911 call from a little girl who lived in the house that exploded. She said: 'There's a foyre, uh, or is it a feer, or…' She couldn't pronounce the word 'fire' and the person taking the call couldn't understand her. The emergency service person starts to get bored while the girl is still pronouncing 'fire' weirdly., and so he starts swearing incoherently, sort of like a rap. He's saying things like 'bitch nigga fuck yo' to himself while the little girl is somehow still not getting through to him.

The news, after broadcasting the call, talks about how much of an outrage it is that a 911 responder would swear like that when a little girl was on the other end. Then the dream ended.


File: 1445538319452.gif (110.82 KB, 460x360, my sides.gif)

>'bitch nigga fuck yo'
That's good stuff


Back with another dream!

This one was kind of weird and I don't remember a whole lot of it, but it was definitely a cool dream though it wasn't necessarily a good 'happy' dream.

I don't remember how or why I was at this old house (I know there was shit happening before this) but I was breaking in, and when I was inside I sneaked into the living room where the TV was on and about 3 kids were in sleeping bags watching TV. I looked at the cable box sitting on top of the TV and saw what I was there for, a basketball with a key sticking out of it (I had recently lost my key-ring in my own house, so maybe there is a connection?). The kids didn't really care about me being there and didn't make a sound as I grabbed the key/basketball and I made my way to the back door where I heard the owner of the house come storming down from the top floor. I yelled back inside 'got your ball nigga!' and flew up and away from the backyard.

Now I am flying down this long road, and eventually I find myself flying over the road now surrounded by forest on either side. From the forest I could see houses within surrounded by the trees, kind of like some neighborhood where the trees took over but did not touch the houses. Some of them had lights on, some of them were more sinister looking but that didn't matter because I didn't fuck with the houses. I flew on some more, until I came to this train track where a train was chugging along pretty fast on, and flew up to the side of the train. From there I started to make my way along the side of it until I came to the front of the train, the control room. It was kind of futuristic for a train that still had black smoke bellowing from a miniature smokestack, but whatever. I sat down and immediately turned the train off the track but it did not stop or topple over, instead it continued as a tank going through the woods and smashing through the houses, sometimes revealing monsters/large men with masks inside that I would smash with the train as I railed through the houses.

I guess doing this was illegal, so a cop car started chasing me and actually caught up, but it posed no threat as I just turned into it and smashed it like the real evil-doers. From there something else happened (I think I finally crashed the train but I don't exactly remember at the time of writing this post) and I woke up.


Another one though I forget most save for some key points: I had this USB stick the government gave me to keep safe which contained a super advanced AI that existed in this matrix or nanobots that looked like a 'grey-goo' kept in one end of the USB stick. I remember bringing it home and using it on the computer, and being able to communicate with it through IRC. I recall me and the AI got along very well and we basically became friends, save for when it started to rain outside and somehow I managed to drain the AI into a puddle which streamed into a storm drain…

I must have woke up and fell back to sleep because I had another dream that was very similar but had to do with losing a pet squirrel (though I've never had a pet squirrel) because I don't know I just had to take it somewhere and let it go. Didn't wake up sad about that though I felt worse in the dream about losing the AI.


I just dreamed about going on a school trip with teachers when we all ran into a group of jewel thieves/smugglers and somehow ruined their plan. So they kidnapped us and were forcing us to help them finish the job while we wanted to escape. They weren't my old teachers but instead my coworkers.


File: 1446801010523.png (460.89 KB, 1261x729, 1438050552519.png)

Last night I dreamed I had to go to jail for not paying taxes. The weirdest and most Freudian thing about the dream however, is that my jail cell was a concrete version of my bedroom. I'm not entirely sure where to go with this, but I just really felt the need to tell someone this.


How much of a mindfuck would that be if the state went to the lengths to make a concrete layout of your room just so you could be tortured extra in jail

Any dream I've had about jail the situation has always been lax. We were allowed to leave, cook whatever etc


I'm going to have to start recording my dreams at details. I have a question is anyone ever the opposite gender in dreams? I have dreams where I'm nonchalanty a girl and I don't even realize until I wake up.


I think I had a dream where I remember alot more than usual.
I was traveling with the Creatures in some sort of deserted local store area in a desert that had a large playground usually found in fastfood restaurants. One of them, I think kootra, meantioned how they should make it larger through charity. The next part I remember was me looking at the playground on it's side and mentioning that someone that we're looking for could be in there. A big nigger bitch slapped me for suggesting that even though I could clearly see some kids within the play ground, I even saw my little brother at the bottom of it with shoes still on his feet. For some reason I decided I should enter with shoes too.
Next part may have included the park on the edge, there was a big net and a big trampoline with people playing on them. I tried to move the trampoline but I managed to push it alot more then I was meaning to. The people were pissed (I think one of them were a girl?) and I pushed it back, but I overshot again and pushed it under the park (which was on a raised platform. They got pissed again so I pushed it back where people didn't complained about it anymore. 1/?


At some point I entered into a building and I couldn't help think it was related to undertale for some reason, maybe it was the purple walls?. I remember leaving the basement and entering what I assumed to be the starting area/nottoriel's room? It looked well furnished with expensive furniture and it had a door with a rug infront of it in the far side of the room.
For some reason Toriel was insisting that I get the sword, but I didn't listen. I opened a door and found Isaac from BOI with his head separated from his body. I just shrugged it off as some 2deep4u lore and went on my way.
I looked outside to see a big storm infront of what looked to be a sea though I couldn't see much. Beth and Summer from rick and morty appear to be trying to escape the place, Beth was trying to teach Summer how to run on water by throwing a specifically made cloth because of the heat that was generated by the cloth or something. She seemed unsure of herself so Summer pulled out a god damn laptop and tried to find out herself, which Beth said might've been a good idea. For some reason I started making the cloth myself, I guess I was trying to escape the now prison of the now sea?
Beth urged Summer to hurry up and I jumped into the water to reach the little island infront of us. It had a palm tree and not much else. Then the police came and Summer still hadn't decided what to do, I tried to call out to her and she went into the water but instead of getting onto the island she swam under the water back and disappeared. For some reason I assumed that she actually went under the little island due to having one of the tombs from Morrowind just under the water surface. Everyone was shocked at what just happened, so I used the opportunity to escape. I ran first onto the water then threw the cloth, amazingly I was practically walking on the water. Turns out the sea was just a mere lake and I reached one of the edges of it. A guy managed to follow me so I went over a fence and into some sort of storage place, then over another fence. Over that fence was very dark compared to the rest of the prison, it has a body of water that might've actually connected to the sea. For some reason I thought of Disney when I looked over it, then Howard the Duck.


3/3 The guy was hot on my trail, so I went over the wall and into the dark landscape. I went along the wall while the dude was hot on my trail and gained a few allies. I thought about acting like a dead guy out here, but then they found an actual dead body and didn't acted surprised. I still continued until a reached an end. I went over the wall again to see a car with a rather rich lady inside of it and a party of men. I went through the men to find yet another dead end. The guys who were looking for me were hot on my trail, so I went into the car.
The car wasn't that spacious, though elegantly designed. The lady reconized me as her dead husband and urged me to spend some time with her. I said I couldn't but I would be able to do so later and asked her if she can take care of the guys who are looking for me. She accepted my request and sent out her own guards to stop the guys.
I went back to the storage island since that was the path to freedom and saw a guy pulling on a girl who was being dragged away by a guard near the little island. Another guard saw me and tried to explain how to escape the prison with hand signals. I looked at the barbed fence to freedom and back to him. He replied with a simple "go through it" handgester and shrugged his shoulders. I did and only managed to get my shirt caught and a thread in my teeth, the thread I had to break in order to continue.
There was another barbed fence that had a large gap in it and one of the guys I used to go to school with who I assumed was also in this jail too on the other side of it, which seemed to be a normal street. I went through the fence and met up with him. We entered an overgrown building and I asked him a question regarding the escapes we did.
And thats when I woke up, one of the few times I actually remembered the dream in decent detail.


Everything is a dream dumbass


Except the containment pods, those are real


Had a dream I was a construction worker, but in this world construction workers fought with other construction companies to tear down their work to be the best construction company. Also my brother was there and I fought with him.


File: 1449718228890.jpg (44.86 KB, 389x504, 1425098196118.jpg)

>Come from a car race
>be teeth collector and another teeth collector takes me to his job to see his collection
>It was a factory of some sort
>In the dream I was aware it was a simulation or a video game
>be amazed at the virtual teeth and real teeth on the collection
>the teeth stick to my hand
>me and the guy leave, take a look around while we walk
>see giant pig with two heads, one over the other, when the pig seats the lower head pushes its face against the ground
>there were smaller two headed pigs with short black fur
>giant hairless rats without snout
>normal horses but they were scared of the pigs
>The guy was talking with some one else about the plot of the simulation/video game about a reveil on how all of this was horrible
>Tease black pigs with the teeth on my hand expecting them to brak and destroy machinery
Dunno what awoke me but I think it was something disgusting and strong because I awoke shaken just after a hour of falling asleep


>teeth collector


Exactly what it says, in the dream I collected teeth and I remember holding the other guy's collection in my hand. it was a fistfull of teeth, like the tooth fairy's nightly round of collecting teeth.


I have dreams where my teeth fall out a lot


Dreamed my mom came into my room to wake me up. She hadn't really. Kind of a boring dream.


That used to happen to me a lot. Then she would actually wake me up and I would get serious déjà vu


my mom never woke me up ;_;

I have been woken up by my cat pissing on my leg though


Had a dream where I was in some kind of death match. Killed a bunch of people with a weird halberd with a circular blade and my last fight was against two guys. Got one of them and the other guy was attacking me with his fists. Somehow the fight moved to my house and I didn't want to kill him anymore. Part of my reasoning was moral and the other part was that I didn't have anywhere to put the body. Kind of a twisted dream for someone like me who isn't violent at all.



I have never had any dreams where I've harmed anyone before. Been shot a bunch though

I used to grow up wetting the bed. I'd get shot in my dreams, feel the blood everywhere. Wake up all wet.


Last game show.


I have an online friend and I have dreams involving them on occasion. No one else I know gets in my dreams anymore, but them.


Do you dream about talking to them online or what? How do those dreams go


I was showing people around my city, except it was getting bombed at the time.


Belgian eh?


I just got up from a nap and I dreamed that Johnny Depp was pissed he wasn't in either of the Jungle Book movies so he made his own Jungle Book movie and I watched it. It wasn't a faithful adaptation at all, it was basically Pirates of the Caribbean with Jungle Animals and one Anime Black guy was in the movie too.


Hopefully you are not a prophet


Dreamed my father took me to a Japanese style webcomic themed restaurant and tried to sell me on his door to door business idea. The noisy teenagers nearby bothered us.


>hanging out with my waifu in the kitchen
>we become aroused
>too eager to have sex to go up to bedroom
>take her to the stairs to the basement and lay her down
>hurriedly take off our clothes
>about to lose virginity
>mom busts in and sees us both naked
>mom gives an incredibly half-assed "congratulations"
>tell her to fuck off
>she tells us we'd better not take long because she has laundry to do
>my erection disappears
That's the first time I've had a lewd dream of her. It may well be the last time I ever have a lewd dream of her.


File: 1462292843169.jpg (162.55 KB, 674x913, 1459749548903.jpg)

That's was a nice dream.

I have to do to dream about my waifu? Even if they are not lewd dreams would be cute.


You mean how do you do it? I've never had a lewd waifu dream. It's a very nice experience I recommend trying to picture whatever it is while going to sleep.


As funny as it is looking back, I can understand why I was pissed at the time.


File: 1462658320116.jpg (1.9 MB, 3530x2648, image.jpg)

I had a dream a few nights ago. Wasn't sure if id share it but here goes. I've posted on other boards here but surprisingly not this one even though I'm very obsessed with dreams. Anyway, here goes…

In this dream I was younger. Maybe around 14. I was entering a very large house. When you walked in the front door you looked ahead and it was just a really wide hallway and on the left and right going down were doors leading into different rooms. There was also an upper balcony on both sides that had doors too. I looked to my immediate left and saw a very narrow, carpeted stairway going up. So I decided to go up and I was surprised to see that there was a girl's room up there. It was an average sized bedroom but I got the general vibe before I even saw her in there that she was the neglected member of the family or something. It looked like she definitely spent a lot of time in that room. So anyway, we got to talking and after a while we were both laughing and just enjoying each other's company a ton. But then I remembered what I came there for. She looked a little sad but then mentioned this place she loved to go to all the time. Apparently there was an abandoned mall on this side of town with a secret upper area that had a skylight in it. She said she'd go up there, lay down and look at the stars through thr large glass ceiling. We exchanged phone numbers and I told her i could come by after I finished up at the house. Before she left she looked at me and said 8 o clock. I agreed and she left the house, speeding off on her bike.
So I went back downstairs and walked down the house a ways until I reached this large media center room. all the men in there welcomed me in. So we started working on all sorts of thIngs. Movie clips, graphics, all sorts of stuff. Computers all over. After a while, I try to make an excuse that I have to go but they put me on another assignment. And they keep pushing me onto different tasks. Sometime later i get a call on my phone. It's the girl and she sounds sad. It's 9 o clock. I feel pretty bad and instead of trying to make an excuse I just kind of leave and they dont notice.
I go out the front door of the house, get on my bike that id taken there, and—two flat tires. I'm in someone's driveway and I'm so pissed off. Then The dream ended.


File: 1463447448953.jpg (48.14 KB, 1366x768, 12238243_966759696736599_5….jpg)

A few nights ago I dreamt I was going with two friends (one of which I don't know IRL yet) and my boyfriend to see Jontron and FilthyFrank speak in a square. After a while, however, we got bored and went for a stroll. I got lost and I ended up at a small store where a man was recording a candid camera-type show.
One of my friends shows up and takes me outside, then gives me a Pepsi. I smile and jokingly tell my boyfriend: "Looks like you have competition!" which made him angry. So he gets up, gives me a kiss and leaves.
Then my friend takes me home on a white car from the early 90s, and turns the radio too loud. But the signal was lousy so I tell him to change the station.
I don't know what to make of this.


sounds like you need to get out more


File: 1465988307867.jpg (210 KB, 900x600, It was bigger than this.ph….jpg)

I had a dream that I was back in High School going to a fictional local hangout that was a skyscraper mall. This mall had a staircase that went all the way down it and people would rollerskate down the staircase somehow, top to bottom, then ride elevators back up to start over. There were a number of cliquish girls that started picking on me.

Fortunately Chris Pratt showed up in heelies and he told me not to care about what those girls making fun of me and told them that bullying was wrong. Then he and I did some sick tricks down to the bottom where he had a surprise set up for me. It was a massive drumset. Then Chris Pratt played me a 15 minute long drum solo and told me he was my friend.

8| that's when I woke up.


I rarely dream. Or well, I rarely remember my dreams.
Should I start a dream dairy?
What are good ways of remembering dreams more often?
My dreams tend to be very pleasant, when I remember them.


Dream diaries are the best way to remember your dreams.

You have to train yourself to remember your dreams. The first thing you do when you wake up is remember your dreams and then write down everything and anything you remember.

After some time what you remember will be more detailed and longer. Also you have better chance of controlling your dream, being aware inside of it.


I had a dream last night that I was the returning incarnation of Jesus Christ.

I appeared in some non descript suburb's cul de sac. Everyone was fascinated with me. I ended up smoking weed and eating a neighborhood girl out.

I think I did poorly at being jesus.

I went from smoking weed everyday to not smoking at all about 2 months ago. Smoking is peppered in to most of my dreams.


I recorded this in my dream journal this morning:

I'm playing Minecraft, some sort of Super Nintendo version. There's two versions, one that's "modern" and one that's "original". The mdoern version has higher resolution textures (they just look like normal Minecraft) and an important bug fix. These versions of Minecraft are based on exploration - you "save" by visiting villages and you're supposed to build your base in one of them. Mario warns me every time I boot one version about its particular flaws. After dying to a glitch in classic, I go for modern. Many Equivalent Exchange items are available, and are essential to gameplay somehow. This Minecraft fuses with reality, and I end up playing with a bunch of people. I meet a group of young urban explorers headed around town every night, or at least the equivalent of night, as the world is locked into eternal darkness. While all this happens, there's a "recreation" of the time aliens came to earth and ruined everything. People are advised not to talk to the re-enactors around town, because they're acting hostile aliens, There is also the chance that they are actually the aliens. Anyway, I meet the group of urban explorers while they're out and about – there's a lot of stuff to explore after the aliens left. They seem like innocent, fun-loving college students, so I join up with them. We all go around together for a while, searching a few buildings. Then, as the night is winding down, someone suggests that they make meth inside one of the abandoned buildings. (1/2)



I don't want to do this, but everyone else is very eager to begin. The group leader admits this is a very common practice, and she won't hold it against me if I decide I don't want to join them. So I leave the group, struggle on my own for a little while, then return to the group. They welcome me back and we get to exploring again. We revisit the building we were in the night before, and someone immediately brings up meth-making to the group again. Almost everyone agrees they should do it again. I still don't want to, even though I could make plenty of money out of it. I talk about it with another group member who doesn't seem involved. I bring up the risk of detection and odor. She replies that you can just throw away the clothes and items you used, but warns against burning them. She says that they're basically toxic, and the fire puts you at risk of detection. I'm fairly sure I wasn't hanging out with these people any longer by then. As I leave the group again, I notice that two people are having sex in the house. Disgusted by the lot of them, I strike out and go it alone. I wake up after a little while of wandering.


This is a really good dream (Nice trips)

How long have you been keeping a journal?


There was a schoolbus full of girls and one crossdressing boy going to what was apparently some LGBT summer camp. I was on an assignment to find the tranny boy but by the time we had arrived I stopped caring and set about making use of the camp's physical training facilities. All the girls were piddlefucking around while I ran around the track at superhuman speed. The topography of the campgrounds seemed strangely familiar. The hills resembled those outside some kind of zoo I had seen in an earlier dream. While I was still running, Jasper from Steven Universe (with some attributes of Sakura from Danganronpa) appeared and was up to no good. I continued to run at ludicrous speeds until I reached a point all too familiar in my dreams. Suddenly I could not run and even the slightest twitch of my limbs was a sluggish motion which took considerable effort. I was not deterred by this setback. I pressed on further and found I was now running even faster than before. I ran a circle around the entire world until I ran back to the camp, passing an exhausted Jasper. A surreal series of images which felt like flashbacks followed. Some figure was in a pirson cell with rather ornate bars having some kind of floral design. A hand reached through the bars, and morphed into a tentacle, before morphing back into a hand. Suddenly the image of Jasper's gem appeared, and it split into two identical copies of itself like a cell undergoing mitosis. Jasper had now been split into a good half (who looked a bit like Kaylee Frye) and an evil half (who looked kinda like Haman Karn). After a timeskip, evil Jasper learned that she was pregnant and at the behest of good Jasper I was sent on an intergalactic mission to find and retrieve evil Jasper. Of course, just when the plot really got interesting, I woke up.


I've been keeping it since last year, but my entries into it have been sporadic over that time period. It's not unusual for me to take well over an hour to record a dream, and I vividly recall them every night.


Last night, I dreamed that I was in a hotel with a girl I used to crush on in high school. She was a cute-as-fuck good little Christian. I'm over her now, but I still remember her smile clear as day. Anyway, we seemed to be sharing a room purely by coincidence, bu we weren't romantically interested in each other. Once I met her, I started seeking her advice on Christianity. I asked her about holy water, prayers, and some other stuff. At one point some chads that neither of us liked were trying to execute some weird plan that apparently would have "swooned" her and left me with serious physical injury, so I had to put a stop to that. Despite this, she seemed amused yet annoyed by my questions, and eventually asked me to just look stuff up on the internet.



Trust me whatever sex she would have given you would not have been worth the wait.


I'm well aware of that. She wasn't interested in me at all, and I don't think that we would have had good chemistry. In the dream, I just really wanted to be a good Christian.


Whenever I died in this dream, I would wake back up in my car. Eventually, I got a hand from some universal power, who sent me a small flying robot to protect me and keep track of me. I kept doing reckless things that would alter the course of history, partly because I could, partly because I had a disagreement with what was going on. Finally, I died and I found myself on a floating island. The robot told me that they were putting a barrier around me for my own protection and that I'm too reckless. I read a fantasy book about someone who broke through a barrier, but that needed a large crowd to succeed, and I'd have trouble getting one because I was a little bit of a dick to people.


I had a dream where I found some kind of odd hotel or building of some sort. The building was odd, since the only way to the rooms was by a round about way of traveling through various service tunnels, hallways, stairs and doors. When going through these halls, I felt like I was at risk of being caught by something dangerous, which the building had some kind of thing going on where bad stuff happened to people. The building wasn't abandoned per say, but was filled with people in rooms where they could find a room. It didn't looked too messy, and actually looked like normal rooms, aside from being in some kind of fucking tunnel that is. I remember getting to the very end of the hotel, which led me to the very top of it. It was an enclosed area, surrounded by buildings with windows that you had to enter through a door from a staircase carved from the ground. I remember one of the doors belonged to females only, and another room that was some kind of club.
I also recall the hotel being surrounded by some kind of city, with towering skyscrapers. Also had something to do with a school at some point?


File: 1475437733736.jpg (53.4 KB, 550x413, manhattan-nyc-an-affinia.jpg)

My dream started with me finding myself in a blue, lush apartment that vaguely resembled something out of the 90's. The guy who own the sizable apartment seemed to be a teenager who was bald and had a bully aesthetic to him, but he was pretty cool. I explored the place, and I recall looking through the door and saying to myself "I already know what that place has" and proceeded to climb down through his window, which led out to a grey city. I climbed down to nearly the very bottom, just above the ground floor. I went in through the window and I thought to myself that I didn't knew what this place contained. Skip to some time ahead and I realized I had "game powers", where I can save and reset where ever I want to. I used this power to sneak into a loli's room and raped her. She woke up and despite me trying to silence her, people managed to find out and I had to load a previous save to escape. The save put me in a room where I could hear people talking about someone going through a tough time. I went out, and I remember there being a title card of the Bald bro and a older girl who had two shades of orange in her hair. I recall her being naked and jumping into somekind of cloth container like a cat and how it exposed her ass and back, while calling for help due to being stuck. I appeared in that scene and proceeded to tackle her, but instead of being upset or something, she actually went along with it and seemed to enjoyed herself.


File: 1479302942835.jpg (84.15 KB, 750x750, knife_block.jpg)

I had a dream last night, I was in my dark kitchen, terrified, trying to find something to defend myself with from I don't remember what. I took a knife from the knife block, but it was bent like a kukri, but at an almost 90 degree angle. It frustrated me because I just wanted a straight knife, so I took another and another but they were all bent the same way.
That's really all I can remember, I know I was afraid of something at the other end of my house but I don't remember what. Pretty weird.


That's pretty whack lol. I love the vividness of the lavish, deep blue room, the grey city and the bully.


File: 1481832238544.jpg (30.96 KB, 480x480, 13249767_1221556224529498_….jpg)

This morning I had a dream in which I was David Attenborough and I was researching animal mating rituals.

I had this secret love elixir I would use on animals to find out how they mated. So I found a rare hammerhead shark in a pool and made it drink the stuff and just held onto it while sitting in a huge pool

suddenly it grew an enormous dick and started rushing for the surface, breaching again and again except entirely vertical, like a bob on a fishing line.

Suddenly the shark's eyes flash and literally start glowing like flashlights, and it makes its way over to another hammerhead shark and just starts fucking it like there's no tomorrow.

This goes on for about 3 or 4 minutes, to the point where I had time to realize I must have been dreaming such an absurd situation that just isn't stopping or slowing down.

Then I woke up and I've had shark sex in my head all day




I wonder if David Attenborough had any strange dreams that night.


I had a dream in which we were going on a trip to see some distant relatives, none of which exist in real life. My dreams tend to skip around a lot, and shortly after going into the house, I was cuddling and holding hands with a girl who was supposed to be my cousin. It felt so real, then I woke up.

This is my first post here, I just needed to tell someone because it kind of bothered me. I'm going through a period of bad depression right now and it was weird.


Yeah, I get that, my dreams are kind of random and scattered too.

Welcome man, anything you want to talk about? Any reason for the depression or do you just feel generally down. Depression dreams suck cox


I'm drunk right now so sorry if anything seems stupid but I'm depressed because basically I'm a loser. I had a girlfriend for a week then I fucked it up. I thought I had a chance with another girl but it turned out that all the times we went out to dinner and shit were just as friends because he had a boyfriend who she just broke up with, and because I'm her best friend (like every girl I like) she came crying to me. I asked her if she was dating the guy and she said no, but she wasn't using me even if it sounds like it. There's more but I can't think of the right words right now. I just kind of suck at everything.

This girl was the first girl I ever held hands with and I absolutely loved it. I helped a girl up who fell while we were drinking earlier tonight but she let go after she got up, I just wanted to feel that feeling again.

As for the dream distant incest, no idea where that came from, I just knew that the girl in my dream was my cousin and she was cuddling with me. I keep saying that I just want to be alone for the rest of my life but I want what I'm too stupid to have.


I had a dream about my ex in which her and a friend moved into my childhood home with me, and I hated it. I was constantly telling her to leave. At one point they were going somewhere, and I told her never to come back then ran into a pine forest that looked like an old Christmas tree farm that didn't exist in real life.. There was a fence so I turned around and grass that was mowed and a shed. When I got back to the house she kissed me and I woke up.


so last night I dreamed I was apart of a Simpsons special where it was revealed that milhouse was an alien and I had to help him find his family


I've mostly been having action dreams lately: dreams that are fun to have, but probably not fun for people to read about or listen to me talk about.


I had a dream in which I was strangling my mom and she was trying to break my neck. My neck felt very uncomfortable.


I bought a chocolate bar that I thought was hallucinogenic from a convenience store by the highway which was owned by a Freemason (not only did I simply know that the owner was a Freemason, as one often simply knows things in dreams, but the square and compass was on the side). The store clerk (not the same guy as the Freemason) took a bite out of the chocolate bar before he gave it to me, and the bar didn't work.


File: 1492696610659.jpg (173.77 KB, 827x1280, 0aca4c6f344069a652f475063d….jpg)

Since today is 4/20 I will tell you guys my dream.
I had a dream about Hitler, somebody resurrect him, and brought him to do an speech, I was there and nobody want to listen him, He was talking about NatSoc and Jew lies but people got offended and left. I stayed, and I talked to him, He told about his family and how they were persecuted after the war. (Hitler didn't have family, I think)
Until this point the dream has coherence, so I'll leave it there. Hope nobody gets offended or something. I'm not /pol/ I swear it.


I had a dream Edward Snowden was in a dance competition.


I recently had a dream that I was back in school, and I thought I was being hilarious, and people were laughing. But I knew that they were laughing at me, not with me. Just like real life.


File: 1493176336311.jpg (291.53 KB, 774x1032, tower-008.jpg)

Today I had a strange dream about some kind of magic tower, the tower could transport you to a some kind of video game but you had to have certain requirements as certain images, really spoopy images, and other really specific things. People made party (6 members), to get these requirements and get to the top of the tower, just to get into this game.
To enter to this game everybody has to do a ritual holding hands and everyone had to have those requirements.
At first the game seemed like a DOOM clon, but extremely unfair, enemies there hurt you in a physical way, but if you loose you wouldn't die in real word (if you were wondering). Later on the game seemed more 3D (like real 3D) and character were cute girls, like Touhous, enemies become cuter too, but still extremely unfair.

I was trying to get theses requirements to be able to enter, with a friend. The last thing I can remember is that after having them all, I stopped being me. Now I were a girl (I'm straight, I'm swear), and I was in party ready to play it, We held hands and everything began.


>Be in a bubble bath with John or ReviewBrah from TheReportOfTheWeek.
>He is positioned to where he his sitting on my left thigh, his body is turned towards mine.
>He is telling me his concerns about his show, specifically about his loss of income.
>I remind him that it will get better for him as he is a hard worker.
>We discuss other topics as well such as new fast food items.
>He becomes passionate about an upcoming burger from Wendy's.
>He stops mid sentence and begins urinating on my right thigh and stomach.
>I don't stop him as he has to concentrate on his flow.
>He picks up right where he stopped off and I begin rinse the shampoo out of his hair.
>I start to comb his hair back to where his part is on the opposite side of his head where he normally does.
>This makes him furrow his brow, you could tell he didn't like it.
>I start referring to him as "Lecturer", and it puts a smile on his face, and allows me to continue combing his hair.
>He begins doze off as he is very relaxed.
>He slips off my thigh and his penis brushes up against mine.
>He gets startled and notices his penis and my penis are not erect, but the blood was flowing rapidly.
>His eyes drearily gaze into mine and we both start to close in on each other's lips.
>Our shortwave radio has a new episode of The Voice of the Report of the Week.
>This distracts us and we don't kiss.

This is the point where I wake up.


Do you often have gay wet dreams?


Last night or the night before, I had a dream a tiger was letting me lay down next to him. It was so warm and wonderful, him kinda cuddling me. Then he put his claws through my neck.


File: 1499033491705.jpg (121.43 KB, 1920x1080, Jin.jpg)

The other day I dreamt I was a Samurai. It was nice.


I was with my old schoolfriends in a room filled with musical instruments. Our task was to compose a song in a day. As we were wont to do in the real-life music lessons, we just pissed about the whole time and achieved nothing. Our music teacher was TheAmazingAtheist but something like 8ft tall; he came into the room and found out that we had been idle. He towered menacingly over all of us and told us off in a terrifying high-pitched screech. The end.


Are you this guy >>723?
Do you often dream with ecelebs?


Fortunately not. I think I'd be really worried for my sanity if ROTW showed up in my dreams. I dream about my schoolmates much more often, as was the case in >>762


Posting my journal entry from last night. I really need to /loomis/ so I can draw some of the neat stuff I see.

There was an evil spirit named Jack (Jack Straw? Jack-in-the-Box?) and a witch who's name I don't know. They traveled in what looked like a covered wagon on the outside and a circus wagon on this inside. When I was inside of it, I remember there being candy and jewelry displayed on the walls as they would be in a store. They used there magic to make the objects on the walls come alive. The necklaces and bracelets reached out like tentacles. Them wrapping around my arms and legs to trap me. Many different bright colored boxes and bags of candies swarmed over my body. They formed into a encasing cocoon. I escaped either though physic bending dream powers or "perspective swapping. Swapping is where I transfer from one person's perspective to another's. I am often like a disembodied camera that can float and fly between different actors. I don't remember much about Jack. I get vague impressions of a scarecrow and a wooden puppet. He definitely wore a hat. The witch at first appeared as a young girl in here teens. She was blonde haired, blue eyed, with pale skin. She had I strikes me as an aggressive build. Thick and athletic. I grabbed her when she was far away from the wagon. There was a sense that if she was separate from Jack their powers were weaker. I had a young pre-teen girl with magical powers on my side. She was like a good witch to the older girl's bad witch. She was platinum blonde, blue eyes, skin so pale it glowed a soft white. As she stood before the entrance to the wagon, the bad witch I held restrained in my arms let out a soul wretching scream. A stream of technicolor plasma burst from her forehead, arching behind the good witch. The body I held went limp. Behind the young witch and large ugly figure towered over her. Standing taller than the wagon, the giant hump of her hunch back above her foward perched head. Her neck swallowed by a hanging sack of fat. Only from her hand to the elbows managed to protrude from her swollen body. Black fabric draped over her entire body from her hump to down over her feet. A dark, semi-transparent liquid leaked from her mouth, running down her chin. The two witches stood off before each other. I came up beside them taking in the bad witch's new appearance before waking.


I read a Pokemon doujinshi manga about a women suffering from increasing depersonalization until she eventually had nothing left. I don't remember if there was even anything about it related to Pokemon, I just knew it was Pokemon. Waking up was frustrating because I felt like I had lost something.


Great thread to share my latest dream.
I just woke up from it.
So, first, I was walking through my old neighborhood, when I noticed that one of the houses I never paid much attention to was actually a little rest area, like you might see in a park. It had one door into the bathrooms, then two doorways lead to both the female and male areas, with a shared sink area. So, I went into the male area and waited in a stall for a while. Eventually, even though it was something like two at night, some middle-aged man came in. I waited for him to leave, and went to the women's bathroom. I knew I intended to rape a woman. I waited, and a middle-aged woman came in. She knew I was in there, and awkwardly finished up and left. Afterwards, eventually, a pretty woman I seemed to know came in. She sat down in the stall next to me, and engaged me in casual conversation about why I was in the woman's bathroom. She seemed to know me. Eventually, I got up, out of my stall, opened her stall door, and started kissing her. We made out for the rest of the dream. No sex, just kissing and groping. Apparently, completely consensual.
It felt amazing. I was sad to wake up.


There's a girl that I like, and I keep dreaming that she has texted me something dramatic, and then I shoot awake, grab my phone, and only once has a text been waiting for me, after maybe a half-dozen instances of this.

In the dreams - if you could even call them that - sometimes it's a good thing she's saying, like, "Can I see you today?" sometimes it's a bad thing, "This isn't working out." either way, it really keeps me on my toes.

We're both a little damaged, but I think we have a shot if we both take some time to improve ourselves independently. We've both agreed a relationship right now would burn itself out very quickly.


i wrote this down maybe 15 minutes after waking up. i was asleep for about 2 hours, but got interrupted at some point. i'm pretty sure this occurred after i had been briefly woken up. the only other thing is that i was listening to giles corey as i fell asleep/throughout my slumber.
at baseball game or movie or something with family
only one at the seats because i don't want others to take them
they're the red cushion seats with round backs that are typical of cinemas, but they were on grass with a stage in front (i think i remember reserving the seats with my father, but i'm not sure where he went)
other people are saving their seats by putting their water bottles on them
next thing i remember the lights were dim and it was full. my neighbours were next to my family and getting ready to leave, even though nothing had started yet
i asked what happened, the wife says nothing in a dejected and soft voice while looking down
time passes, now i am on a wooden board floating in a small pool in a long rectangular room with several other setups like this, all with other naked boys stuck on them
something flies around the room, like a little ufo, monitoring us
a man comes in and starts yelling about something and whipping some of us
he says something about thomas jefferson and i mention his slaves and imply that he treated them poorly
images of cuts from getting whipped and being forced to bathe in hot wax fill my head
he gets really mad at me speaking out, i get up and sprint for the door
[post too long]


i am hiding in an enlarged version of my living room and eventually sneak out to my garage
at this point i have somehow acquired the ability to become invisible and gotten a handgun (a very bulky p2000)
my mom comes out, fully equipped like she was about to raid some stuff with the swat team. she was also fatter than she is in real life, i believe
she rummages through more guns before going to a truck with a big gun mounted in the back, i can hear her cursing me this whole time
she leaves an mp7 and some other smg on the ground in our garage
i slowly shuffle towards the end of the garage, not wanting to make noise
[i don't actually remember shooting her, and the truck is gone by the end of the dream. as far as i know she never left the gatling gun thing in the back of the it, though]
a younger guy, like in his 20s, who looked just like satou from nhk with a bit of the husband from my neighbour's family mixed in came rushing out right at me (despite my invisibility) with a baseball bat, very visibly enraged
i shoot him, gore all in front of my face
finally, my grandma comes speeding into my driveway driving a champagne-coloured car that, earlier that day irl, i overheard in a parking lot a couple arguing over why the father should have picked "them" (probably kids) up early
i walk over to the driver's side door of her car, still with the p2000, right as it is finishing pulling in
she is on the phone, a nokia, and dressed in one of those weird furry scarves with an equally furry tan coat that ultra rich people are stereotyped as wearing (the whole thing reminded me of aunt agnes from annabelle's wish, which was my favorite movie growing up)
before she even hung up i shot her in the head and woke up


I just woke up from this dream an hour ago and I'll share it with you. Apologies for my bad english.

I dreamt of a huge giant made out of stone. He moved endlessly forward. In his soul was our entire universe.
There are three scholars responsible for the survival of the giant and they can't die but they can get crazy.
Two of them already are. They're in custody in some weird yellow-golden place. The place had no walls, only a neon colored floor and one floor above the two crazy scholars was a secretary inside an old TV who cared for them.. The TV was hanging on a huge chain but you couldn't see the ceiling.

I met the third one when I was going home. He was lounging in my driveaway and he talked as if we were well acquainted. He wanted me to read the draft of his new book and I said sure. I read it apparently (I can't remember the reading part of the dream. It seems like it just cut straight to when I read it) and I went out the scholar who waited for my opinion. I gave him some criticism (it sounded like a well planned review for a book or a movie on youtube, backed up with evidence etc.) and he didn't take it well.

Next I saw him in the room with the secretary but his head was replaced by a huge tuba with cartoon eyes.
He said he wanted to talk to Mr. Trombone. The secretary said Mr Trombone is currently unavailable.
Mr Trombone was apparently one of the other two scholars and he wanted to talk to Mr. Tuba.
Mr. Tuba was now unavailable too.
And that was apparently the signal for the end. The secretary inside the TV stretched and grew bigger and left the TV. She was huge and pulled the chain the TV was hanging on which caused the giant to break apart. The only thing left was a blue shining orb which must have been the giants soul.

Well, that was weird.


File: 1504727404489.png (152.3 KB, 731x583, ffb9e9a4fa044d052535956973….png)

Interesting dream.

I had a weird dream too, I was some kind of hero, like a Power Ranger, Me and other 6 guys (or 12 I can't be sure), were some kind of Hero team like the Power Rangers, except each one of us represented one of the 12 apostle, and I represented Jesus, strange right?.
In the other hand the bad guys were some kind of monster, but some with women appearance, each one represented one of the capital sins, here is were the plot get a bit weird.

For some reason (I think it was for fighting in public) we were sent to a jail, with Lust (one of the bad guys, a girl actually), They free us the next day. We worked for some kind of agency, and we had a boss, anyway, after they free us, we got a new boss.

The Plot Twist is my favourite part, so we got a new boss, The boss was a friend of us, and his assistant too, so again we start chasing the bad guys, the Seven Capital Sins, And here begins the conspiracy: It turns out that our boss was manipulating us, he has some kind of agreement with Devils (aka The bad guys aka, The seven capital sins), and his Assistant was the boyfriend of lust, so they were manipulating us in order to keep away from the bad guys, so we wouldn't able to capture them.

The end.



>I dreamt of a huge giant made out of stone. He moved endlessly forward. In his soul was our entire universe.

>There are three scholars responsible for the survival of the giant and they can't die but they can get crazy.
Seems like a legitimately good basis for some sort of story.


me and my gf recently broke up. I can't stop having dreams about her, every night for the past few weeks she's in them it's killing me. How do I make this stop? Please


Just woke up.

So, all I remember is that my mother's dog had been taken by someone, who was holding it in her house, and she couldn't get it back, so I sighed as if I did this everyday, and stomped over to their house with a hammer. Broke the window on their door, stuck my arm in and unlocked it, and walked in. There were three women, a middle-aged one sitting with the dog on her lap, an old one in the corner, and a cute young one by the wall. I marched up the the one with the dog, told her to give me the dog or I'd hurt her, and got tackled by the young one. She was weak and light, so I pushed her up against the wall. The rest of the dream is just sex with the young woman.
I don't know why so many of my dreams are now sexual. It's weird.


Last night was a weird one

I wasn't necessarily a baby, but I was stranded with a group of babies across town and we had to slowly walk our way back to the house we were lost from

Then for some reason during it, we stopped at a convenience store and were buying more beer than I could carry

Wish I could remember more but I woke up awhile ago


I'm so sorry anon. I think passing time may be the only answer :/ how long were you together?


that's the weird thing, it wasn't even that long just under a year. But she was pretty much the first female that has ever shown any interest in me so it meant a lot to me. It's funny, I've spent so long training myself to remember my dreams and now I'm trying to unlearn it. I'm sure it will get better with time, thank you for your concern.


File: 1506172460157.jpg (43.99 KB, 311x462, spooky_stairs.jpg)

Was having a long and strange dream, but I never gained lucidity beyond that so most of it was lost to my memory when waking. Felt some intense fear from the two things I do remember somewhat from the dream. Thi perhaps also played a part in making remembering the rest of it difficult.

Anyways, the first thing worth mentioning the appearance of the "Wraith" dream character. This is an adult woman in her late 20's, early 30's with an grey to pale ghostlike appearance and dark holes where her eyes should be. There was a ghost woman who transformed into the Wraith briefly before turning back. This grabbed my attention. I was staring hard at the ghost woman after she did this. This is notable since when I'm feeling uneasy about a spooky character I usually want to ignore them. I had been ignoring her presence up until that point. As I was staring at her, it was almost as if she trying to ignore me now! After awhile she gave in and looked back into my eyes. It was an intense moment, but I didn't look away. I think the intensity of the emotional content is what woke me soon after.

The other thing was this boy pushing a giant wooden cross up some stairs. It wasn't even the main narrative occurring in the dream - some minor side plot. It was just so dramatic. It made me think it could work as the basis of a horror story. What a journaled was a rough outline of how it would go based on what happened in the dream. Wrote it right after waking, so excuse how poor the writing is.

>continued next post


File: 1506172662334.jpg (20.09 KB, 852x480, dark_cross.jpg)


>>Faceless, ash grey, shirtless, teen-aged boy would push a large wooden cross up a flight of stairs. The stairs are like those found in an old farm house. The loud thud of the heavy wooden cross slamming down onto each rising step. You often wouldn't see the boy moving the cross. You'd see the boy standing near the bottom of the stairs. The cross a third to half way up on its side leaning against the wall. The loud banging of carrying the cross one step at a time would annoy people. They would tell themselves that the ghost was harmless. They grow angry with the cross as it makes its way up the stairs, so they shove it back down. The cross falling to its flat face slides down the stairs, thunk'ing and shh'ing as it goes. Sometimes the boy would be standing near the bottom. The sliding cross would reach him and he'd disappear as they collide. The boy and his cross had become more frequent. His pace up the stairs seemed to be increasing. Once night, the man living there pushed the cross down stairs with the boy standing near the bottom. As the cross came down and met him, a loud smack rang out. The sound of the boy's palm slapping down onto the cross and catching it. Stun, shock and fear permeated throughout the house. The boy began shoving the cross up the stairs at a fearsome pace. Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Sometimes two steps at a time! Thu-Thunk! What will happen when he reaches the top?


File: 1507068277904.jpg (174.44 KB, 640x640, 1504674863753.jpg)

last night was a weird one. I don't remember much but I'll try and relay what few events I remember.
>in some sort of futuristic city/space station
>get on turbo lift with cute grill
>doors close
>she starts making out with me
>I think she was a little older than me, had long hair, I felt like I was really attracted to her not just because she was cute but like she was someone I'd known for a long time
>get to top of lift, somehow know it's a museum
>bunch of other people there, they're my friends in this world
>"hey anon, wanna play the bee game?"
>what's that?
>"you pick which one has the bee on it, then you go to peru for the honey!"
>I see laid out in front a load of antique ceramics, chinese style with intricate drawings, from the collection of the museum we're in
>you have to find the one with a drawing of a bee
>this makes perfect sense to me, where else are you gonna go to get the honey? Peru of course
>girl finds the bee
>I'm in the mountains of peru now
>guy dressed in full black samurai armor explains something to me I don't remember what, hands me bow and arrows.
>Realise I've been in a video game this whole time, like an rpg and I had just finished the final mission
>now get to live the rest of my life in this open world hunting simulator as an archer class
>think to myself that this is a really comfy lifestyle


Fun dream.


So a couple weeks ago this girl I liked (as a friend) at my job quit. Last night I dreampt about work and she was there but not as a worker. Today I walk in and guess who I see? That same girl of course, it was nice to see her again for sure I really liked her and I wish we coulda talked longer but she had to go. I dont even remember why she was there in the first place.


File: 1509270376680.jpg (111.15 KB, 742x742, beardoggo.jpg)

That's really sad, I've been in the same situation except she's away at school now instead. It gets really lonely at work without someone like her to talk to, I might be going crazy


File: 1510108497588.jpg (83.99 KB, 460x664, 1509758844267.jpg)

I was on a Zelda fan-game, and I came across with a secret door (the narrator told me) and it became first person, it was clearly made with the Doom Engine, at this point the narrator stops talking, but he was talking about some 'Idotppening'02' (A hoax some guy did about Zelda AltP, which is not true I just dream it), so I crossed this secret door and it became a FPS, and I noticed I had a quest, apparently my quest was to kill some bosses, and I remember I was talking to my brother too.
I have a dagger now, and I can use magic, I have just one spell. (Fireball or something), now the game it's more like Hexen.
The first boss was a Werewolf I was going to kill him with my magic but I ran out of mana, I only did 5 of damage, so I tricked him and back-stabbed.
Second boss was an skeleton, very aggressive, I tried to sneak and back-stab him, but he noticed me, he was fast and had a dagger too, I used height as an advantage and won.
Last boss I remember was a Baby, strangely enough he was on my old home, he had a baby appearance, but man voice, and he was very aggressive, I beat him, and then I tried to destroy his head with the wall (it was an achievement), I broke him almost every bone and leaved.
And I found my sister, she was cutting cheese, and woke up.


I had a horrible dream, from which I remember only one image which still makes me quiver a little. A group of people were forcing a girl to lick an electrified railway line. She had an intense look of distress on her face, but I didn't see her electrocuted or anything.

I sometimes try to trace the images in my dreams to things I've seen before. In this case, my best guess is a documentary I watched a few months ago, in which footage was shown of a Middle Eastern tribe's initiation ritual of licking a piece of metal left in the fire for a long time.


I had a dream about socialising. It was nice, and weird: I don't remember ever having a dream where I wake up feeling so happy.


File: 1515142214140.jpg (238.71 KB, 1191x670, Shen_long_by_superagua-d5q….jpg)

My dream was so anime I gotta share it. I'll also explain the setting the way I think it works (it was never explicity told but usually in dreams you know immediately what's going on)
I apologize for my rushed writing, I just woke up.

I was a shounen protagonist and lived with my mother in a japanese temple (not my real life mother but some anime woman inside my dream)
Basically everyone in this world had a spirit/god/demon and the most powerful rule the land. There's nothing like "This being is the most powerful and therefore god", no, it was very dynamic and it changed over the centuries. Some rulers very oppressive, others peaceful and just.
At first all gods start small and they only become stronger by training with their partners. Their partners eventually pass away and the gods are only able to train with them (so they stay at their powerlevel and can't improve) The gods are also immortal but when they free themselves from the bond with their partner, they get weak again. The bond stays even after the human died because the god may not be able to let go. And so it happened that the current ruler is a dragon god who is still unable to deal with the loss of his partner after centuries. Also he wants to prevent the world being taken over by an old enemy he defeated with his partner a hundred years ago.

Now here's what I dreamt: I was still in training to get stronger. No god had chosen to become my partner yet. I was really frustrated and gave up really quickly. The only ability I mastered was teleportation (which was apparantly rare)
I was training that with my teacher. He picks a card and keeps it. I have to teleport it to myself, look at it and say what card it is without him noticing. I try that and I somehow didn't get the card but his contract with a god and as it turns out, it was the evil guy the dragon defeated.
That evil god trained in secret at the temple, hiding as a teacher. Now that it's discovered, the evil guy and his god go up against the dragon and defeat him. The dragon then comes to me and tells me it's my fault but we can still fix it. He lets go of his old bond and becomes my partner. He tells me that I need to kill myself near the evil god in order to release enough power to defeat him.
And that's it.


Does anyone else find it hard to have dreams falling asleep while still high from smoking weed?


Using marijuana absolutely inhibits dreaming.

I used to be a pothead back when, the week or so after I stopped smoking resulted in the most vivid dreams I've ever seen


File: 1515627269768.gif (464.53 KB, 240x180, 1513477101131.gif)

i've had some of the best (most .. intriguing?) dreams from DPH and DXM (never at the same time!). I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't have their shit together, though.


I took some DXM and passed out for 26 hours straight. Everything was blank. No dreams.


I know for sure I dream vividly while dosed on it, but one of the unfortunate side effects of DXM is short-term amnesia. Even if you had the best dream of your life, you'd hardly remember any details if anything at all


File: 1515783890318.jpg (201.09 KB, 723x1062, cad1d7d43d1e2209c59062550f….jpg)

Yakui a cute


File: 1515784766485.png (87.56 KB, 326x550, ALdh0uA.png)

h-how do i dream of her more?


File: 1515840415457.jpg (315.45 KB, 480x640, __yakui_futaba_channel_and….jpg)

Put her into your unconscious somehow, I'd guess.


So a real fever dream?


I killed a person in my dream, I couldn't handle that feeling on my dream and wanted to wake up, Thanks God it was a dream.


I stabbed someone in a dream once
I remember thinking he deserved it but as soon as I did it I felt really sick


yakui is evil. she gave me cough syrup addiction


I had a dream last night that I was in my house and it was filled to the brim with beasts. I had a metal/wood bar about the size of a baseball bat to fight them with but there were so many beasts I couldn't move, couldn't even raise my arms to strike at them. When I say my house was filled to the brim I mean it, there was not a square inch of open space. All the beasts were standing shoulder to shoulder and I was in my room cramped in next to them. The beasts had black hair all over their bodies and yellow eyes, they were mostly humanoid but were of different shapes and sizes and all were taller than me. They weren't attacking me but I was trying to kill them but since I couldn't move so I just stood there squirming angrily for a bit then I woke up.
Fun dream 6.5/10


it sounds like you might have some demons to exorcise, anon


I spent all day playing yume nikki in order to induce yume nikki dreams. I know I was successful, but I don't actually remember what happened in the dream, just very vague images.


How can he exorcise if he can't move? :/\)


File: 1517986884569.jpg (81.38 KB, 720x720, 688ee1b0eb3a99c8dff20018ed….jpg)

It took me a couple of hours to get the joke.


I had another dream a couple nights ago that I was a soldier for this US agency that exterminated beasts like the ones in this dream.
This time I was in a hotel, on the 5th floor, hunting any beasts that may be there- and boy was I in for it this time.
This beast wasn't like the others, it looked like giant maggot but had a head like a human fetus and about 2 feet in length and probably 6 inches in diameter. It was just birthed by a human and so its greyish/pinkish body was covered in blood. I remember seeing it's birth somehow, and within seconds of entering the world it started killing, it would jump into it's prey's body and just destroyed them from the inside almost instantly.

So I was standing in a hallway on the 5th floor, the scene cut to a view of it being birthed and then it killing everyone in that room, then I was back to my view in the hallway, it smashed through the wall and I quickly realized this was no ordinary beast, somehow I knew it was invulnerable to my weapons (I had some kind of handgun), so I started running. I ran so franticly and for so long it felt like hours. It was chasing me the entire time. Eventually I ended up Syria running through some ragtag rebel base, I was running and screaming trying to warn everyone. It was still chasing me and killing everyone in its path. I finally lost it when I came to a river towards the end of the base and jumped in a small rowboat with two other men in it.

We calmly drifted down the river for what felt like a very long time. After a bit we were in the Amazon jungle. One of the men kept trying to speak to me in a language I couldn't understand.

Then the scene cut a sort of press conference being given by the head of the agency I worked for, she was a blond white woman with thick black rimmed glasses in a very professional manner stating that she would be sending a large task force of agents to the hotel to get the situation under control.


>>897 (continued)
Then I woke up.

Like 15 minutes later I went back to sleep and now I was back in the hotel with a team of people, again we were on the 5th floor. We had to get down through the stairwell but we were blocked in by civilians for some reason, I don't remember much of this dream unfortunately. I do remember hearing bits and peaces of radio chatter stating that president trump has declared martial law and the whole area is under quarantine, and there were fears of the whole area just being nuked.

These dreams are interesting for me for two reasons,
Firstly, I've never had two separate dreams have continuity between them like this before so I thought that was cool.
Secondly, seeing the beast born was interesting because that very day my sister gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I wonder if this means something? or just a coincidence.


File: 1519647323307.png (155.07 KB, 374x287, me1.PNG)

I had a dream (or nightmare) that I was talking to this girl that I'm chasing. In response to something I said, she went "yeah, you should show that to my boyfriend!" I kind of wanted to die right there on the spot. I've never been so relieved to realize that a dream was only a dream.


It seemed to take place during WWII, though there was no indication of war. I was a boxer in line to challenge or train. I got up to a mirror and saw wanted poster with what looked like Alan Turing's face on it instead of my own head. I got a call in the dream from a cell phone and the caller said "Aye yo fuck you, Mr. Miyagi" in some kind of New York/ Boston accent. Woke up after that.


File: 1519705161348.jpg (113.85 KB, 2200x1238, 5134df17bb0f66933efa62ce1c….jpg)

I had this dream the other day where I transformed into a artist that I like and I played at a huge venue full of people and even after messing up and forgetting the words it felt so good and I remember this one part I was walking out from doing the show and walking through doors I held the door open for a lady and she said, I didn't think people were respectful and and thank you. I just said your welcome and thank you and we walked away.


ESL anon here.I
Had stranger dream today. I had dreamed about a music of an imaginary VN. I think the name of the "music" was "no winter TV meddle xxx". ()
XXX is the name of VN I can't remember. No winter would be the name Doujin circle (I don't how I know that was the original song). The name of the song is TV medley.
The song was a constantly "trim" how look mark the time and someone playing that kind of whistle makes a fun sound (but was played in a strange way make sound really great).
I was watching this version of this music of VN in website looks like a kind blog with a link to a YouTube video.
I try to search this song on YouTube this morning, but I don't find anything.
Also, now everytime I try think about that music I get small headache.


Just woke up around 15 minutes ago.
I had a dream experience that's really making my chest hurt and bursting with all sorts of mixed emotions. As far back in the dream as I can start remembering I'm sitting in a room playing my Super Nintendo. I'm playing a couple of games then I put in some weird version of Mario Kart that isn't real. All of a sudden I'm transported into an A/V room at a high school and some girl is playing. She's no one I know but she resembles a mix of two girls I crushed hard on throughout school. They were taller than me, so I obviously was never given a slight chance in the least. I'm almost certain I'm supposed to be younger right around here as well but not a teenager. I'm more like 20 years old instead. We played the game for a little while then she started coming onto me. We eventually have very sensual sex but only for what seemed to be around 15-20 minutes. She claimed to be my girlfriend. But soon as we go out into this lounge area. By the way none of these visuals of the school were actually in my school growing up. She tells me she forgot something and would be right back. Then here comes this guy, again he's only resembling a mix of people I went to school with, and he starts talking to me. He tries to be my friend and keeps asking me about the girl. I never even got to know her name in this dream. His name however ended up coming up, it was "Mark". She starts making her way back, he starts trying to playfully mess with her, and even starts to grab her and grind up against her butt as well as just being extremely inappropriate with her. I'm getting really angry and upset. She then leaves again and as she's just out of my view. I pick up this big heavy hard wooden chair and somehow manage to smash "Mark" in the face with it. I then start grabbing everything around me and start trying to kill him with everything.


Cont. 2/3
As he's covered in blood and is obviously beaten, here comes back the girl. I'm immediately shunned away by her and she forgets all about me to care for him. I knew what was going to happen from here on out. Then suddenly I start to realize I almost just killed him and I was emotionally messed up at the moment. I was going through a lot of mental problems in this dream as well and thinking about my life outside of the dream around this time period of my age. Which is why I'm pretty sure I was 20 years old in it. A lot of problems I was having with myself was similar to what I was going through around that time. Anyways back to the dream. I decided that I seriously needed some help since I almost killed this guy, so I make my way towards the school's counselors office.


Cont. 3/3
She was the same school counselor I had in real life. We sat down and started talking. I started trying to explain, but the problems I was explaining to her were the problems I have in real life right now on top of what had just happened to me in the school. So it somewhat didn't even make sense. Not soon after I started to tell her about me beating "Mark" really badly. She came over to start to give me a hug, I could see down her shirt at her cleavage. She noticed me looking and proceeded to give me the hug. Only to afterwards show me her boobs. This is where things started to really affect me. She started to slowly back up from me as she was going to cover herself back up. Something came over me and I just reached for them to feel them. I then get really nervous about what I did and tell her I'm sorry that I just couldn't help myself. She then proceeded to take off her panties in from me saying "This is what you want, isn't it?". I literally only got to have sex with her for maybe two minutes. Then there was a knock on the door as well as people outside trying to assume what was happening by talking about it which I could hear. She at first ignored it and let me continue. Then told me to go ahead and get up that we could continue later. I then was sitting back out in the lobby and you had a bunch of other students and staff basically eyeballing her. It was making me feel very uncomfortable. I pretty much sat in this chair feeling self-pity once again. Not knowing what direction to take. It was a very surreal dream. I probably didn't convey the experience well enough in these two posts. But they were definitely very realistic to me.


I had a strange dream earlier.

I found some sort of orange egg sitting in a ice box, and when I took it out it started growing into something. It then 'hatched' into a really tiny baby, and everybody thought it was my son. I rolled with it and was like "yeah this is my son! I am a dad now" and when people were asking who the mother was I kept trying to ignore the question. I was nervous as hell at first because he was the size of a nascar toy so I kept him from falling off my bed. He also grew up quickly and could also turn into a dog, which freaked me out at first.

There was also this girl with long black hair who I was interested in. We had met at my "baby shower" party even though I already had my baby (?) and other girls were trying to get into my pants (something about being a single dad in that universe that makes women horny as hell for you). Then I finally got alone with that girl and we kept trying to have sex but we kept getting interrupted at the party. She was really trying to get me off but people kept walking into the bathroom. Eventually we just gave up because the bathroom got filled with people, and the dream ended.


After reading this I feel like I'm now going to have a similar dream. Also, that is a very strange but interesting dream. I completely was able to envision the dream while I was reading it. Let me tell you, it would make a good animation short. I wish I had the skills to make animations based off of people's dreams listed here.


File: 1529041931272.jpg (152.84 KB, 360x480, 4ed1c0c31433b0bd0a614c81ff….jpg)

I had a dream this morning about shipping out for the military. I was back with my jrotc group and all I was getting were dirty looks for not being in basic yet. We were getting ready for a run and I remember my cc telling us that we're going to "drive on through" as we were running through a gate near my home.


File: 1529413820665.jpg (114.44 KB, 550x640, 48f5c0acd49db0a3c20a042086….jpg)

I was watching Lost, and Jack and the others were launching an assault on some other group on another island, which they reached by submarine. They entered a facility similar to a level from the new Doom or Doom 3, and at this point it turned into an FPS that I was playing. I had a tacticool M4 and shot many enemies, and then realized that the room I was in was actually a game store, with the lights turned off. Someone or something told me I shouldn't steal anything, but I figured that since I had already killed a bunch of people I may as well rob them too. It seems that even in a dream my moral compass is never wrong.

I wanted a PS4 (which I'm also looking to get in real life), but I couldn't find one. There were also other items of interest like a Sega Saturn and some controllers, but I kept focusing on the PS4. The store at some point became lit and an employee appeared. I asked her about a PS4, but it seems like they were out of stock. I also became aware that I would have to wake up and leave for work soon, but I could keep whatever I was carrying. In the end for some reason I didn't take anything, and as time ran out I woke up. The time limit in the dream seemed to correspond to when I would wake up to the alarm.


File: 1529844463121.png (421.6 KB, 570x720, keep-dreaming.png)

I never dream or "just never remember" my dreams if you wanna be that kinda guy. I just pass out and I remember the last thing I was doing right before my memory shut off.

I have chronic visual snow and a couple days ago I had some closed-eye hallucinations about bugs until I fell asleep. I can also consistently see "form constant" after a couple minutes after I lay down and close my eyes. Also, sometimes I get a great 'zen' vibe when I feel good. Anyone else get this shit?


File: 1534647863606.jpg (88.19 KB, 770x472, kungfu.jpg)

Been a little while since I posted here!

Had an interesting and cool dream recently. I can't remember all the little details, but I got caught up in a cartel turf war and had to fight a bunch of guys. I'm not a fighter at all, but in the dream I was breaking chairs and beating up dudes with the legs. It was like a serious Jackie Chan movie and I loved it.


I dreamed I was leading people away from a monster but they all didn't want to follow me and kept getting killed. I wasn't a good leader.


File: 1536294056472.gif (6.98 KB, 150x150, 367bc6dbb47491f7940df5f34b….gif)

I had a dream about a Ghost party.
Part 1/2.
I was in the School, college, I'm not really sure, I was with a friend, and there were some girls, so we were trying to act cool, and it worked, they called us to have launch with them.
"Oh Anon you're so Kakoii (TL Note: Cool), why don't both of you come to our party this night in X's houses"
The party was at night, so we came to the direction, it was really dark and far from the school/college, when we finally arrived, there was a suspicious person, I hid behind an old truck, I don't remember what happens to my partner, so finally I arrived, now the house looks like the nexus from Yume Nikki or something similar, I enter, and there was the party, everybody is having fun, I go to the second floor and just now I start to realize it, this is my house, in the second floor I find an old classmate, (from real life), he was drinking with a girl I think, I think he's the one who told me this is a Ghost Party, the girl with him was a ghost, and most of the people here are ghost too, things get a bit confusing after this point, there was a MILF ghost who was guiding me, the doors in this place are really small, so I had to drag me just to be able to enter to another room. There some ghosts I can see and other I can't, those ones posses objects, and get very upset when they're used, the MILF ghost was guiding me, so I don't make those ghosts angry, I was getting desperate, I needed to use the bathroom, but Ghosts won't let me, they won't let me go outside too.


File: 1536296060130.jpg (177.46 KB, 1920x1080, 527c8e2b08f9fc1079f599d8bf….jpg)

Part 2/2.
I finally found a bathroom, and now I'm exploring the house (my house) the MILF was talking to me all this time, telling me things about the ghost, etc, in the rooftop there was an strange object, I think it was a plushie, anyway, I found an exit, from outside everything was normal at first, I start walking and encounter random stuff, aside for that everything looks just normal.

The ending: Close to my house there was a company building, I go up to the stairs, there was a small puddle of water, nobody can see it, but there was a Ghost in there, looks like he was agonizing, the people who worked here helped people to drive away the ghosts from their houses, I find a lady, I told her my problem and she takes me to last floor, here I encounter a young woman, the president of the company, I told her my problem, and she recognizes me, she remembers my mother, I came here with her 8 years ago, I remember it too, she gives me some amulets and tell me she'll help.
then I wake up.


File: 1536428599363.jpg (88.87 KB, 907x509, now-5971957e-eede-4584-a34….jpg)

last night I was this robot camel jockey and I was at a big party (strangely like the city in the OP pic now that I'm looking at it) and I was going up to people and the camel was brushing them in the face with its nose and mouth


After work I typically watch a couple episodes of some anime, and then go to bed. Well, lately I've been watching School Days, and I'm a few episodes in, and the subject of kissing is starting to be made a big deal within the show. It's set in high school, as 90% of anime are.

So there's a girl I had a big crush on at work, and I've been getting over her lately, but anyway, last night I had a dream that I was at some odd blend of a high school and a workplace similar to mine. A male coworker who I like but don't get to talk to that much had bought a small airplane with a polished bare metal chassis that had gotten rusty and pitted over the years, but the plane was supposed to be fully functional. (I had dinner at a restaurant that was vintage aviation themed a couple of days ago) So I'm out on a grassy knoll where the plane is parked, talking with him about it and enjoying the warm sun and cool breeze outside of this school/work place, when Victoria walks up (the girl I like[d]).



We all talk for a minute, but I'm feeling awkward and uncomfortable around her as usual, and so I get up to leave (she already has a boyfriend IRL so I never wanted to actually pursue) and she gets up, too. She doesn't follow me, but says loudly enough for me to hear that she's going to "spin around like a propeller" and I look back to see her starting to twirl.

She twirls over to my direction, laughing as her hair (which she ALWAYS has bunched up in a short folded-ponytail sort of arrangement) unfurls itself, and she crashes into me. My stomach and chest tighten as I try to avoid inadvertently molesting her as we fall, and I end up with my back in the grass, and her now-loose hair sheltering our views of each other's faces as we came to a rest. Her eyes are smiling down at me, and she brings her big toothy smile to my lips. The guttural reaction you get when you're kissing someone you love started in my stomach, which freed it from its clenching defense, and it swelled up like a wave to smooth the knot in my chest, freeing my head to experience what was happening, and I began to kiss back. Sensing this, twice more she kissed me with that smile on her face, before I wove both of my hands into the smooth hair behind her ears, and pulled her face back, closer to mine. This time, I kissed her, and it wasn't the kind of kiss that said, "You're mine", it was the kind that said, "I love you." Then I woke up.

I thought about it for a minute, and realized it's been 6 or 7 years since I really kissed a girl (one obnoxious fat girl kissed me out of the blue a couple years ago, but I really don't count that, and wish I didn't remember it just now.)


I've never had someone to dream about like that


File: 1536868121472.png (7.24 KB, 266x220, 234608c9192f1b7d8f9fd3e379….png)

Being in love is pretty wonderful, but also pretty frustrating and distracting. I wish I was okay with being alone.


I woke up four times last night in my own bedroom to confirm that something online in a dream was true, and each time the info remained consistent and true, and each time I knew I had dreamt the last one and had to confirm it in real life. Then I woke up to confirm it was true and it wasn't. Feeling trolled.


i had a dream recently that i had a girlfriend. we were in a sort of mental hospital that were individual floating rooms on some sort of sea. i remember talking to her about eyes and she said she had "full eyes" where as most people have half or quarter eyes. eventually we washed ashore and there were a bunch of pink and blue glittery shirts hanging and a bunch of pink and blue glittery guitars. the next thing i remember was being on a ferris wheel and getting separated. she handed me a box, we held hands, then i woke up.

there's some pretty apparent symbolism, and the dream felt very profound/important as i woke up.


File: 1538489068969.jpg (55.35 KB, 500x737, abandoned-building.jpg)

Had an interesting dream last night.

I was an urban explorer with a few friends (I was also a girl, but more on that later), and we did cross-country tours of abandoned buildings. In practice it felt more like Scooby Doo hijinx but whatever.

We went to this really tall office building out in the country. They only kept some lights on for the first few floors, and the rest were totally dark. Me and the urbex friends checked out the first couple floors thinking it would be cool to see some monsters or something. After checking the first couple, the other girl in the group (who sort of resembled Velma) wanted to go check out one of the last floors with lights on by herself for some reason, and Fred and Shaggy wanted to go all the way to the top.

Fred and Shaggy decided to go exploring at the very top floor, which was completely dark. I wanted to go back to ground floor, but for some reason the elevator got stuck on a middle and when it opened I could feel this super dread from how dark the whole floor was. Luckily nothing happened besides my anxiety and I went back to the ground floor. I met with Velma who had no issues coming back down by herself.

Then we went to a hospital? where Fred and Shaggy got seriously hurt from the office building and were covered in casts. Apparently when they tried to go back down they took a mining lift(?) that was there. It accelerated too fast going down and miraculously didn't die, so there's that.

Also had a short interlude where we were going to a beach party and I thought we were going to have swimsuits. I decided to take the opportunity to wash my car while I had my swimsuit on, but when I showed up to the beach party everybody had suits on and I looked really out of place.


>when even your dreams have fan-service interludes


Just had a nightmare nap, dont want to include the specifics but it included my supervisor from my old job.


A small part of a dream I had, I was given tea by an older extended relative. She asked
>do you like tea?
I said yes, so she gave me tea, and I tried it, and it was salty and sweet.
>I put salt and lavender in my tea, I like it that way!
>``Yeah, that's why it tastes like garbage.''


Usually my dreams aren't influenced by the things I've read or seen before sleep. But this one, unusually was. The majority of this dream was animated, as I remember anime hair and anime eyes very specifically. That was influenced by me re-watching the Daicon animations. The concept of tension with semi-organic robots used as slaves or servants was definitely inspired by me checking some stuff on Blade Runner.

I remember being in a forested area with a river. Some people were upset with this guy, for unclear reasons. Later, I was informed the person had transformed into a monkey in order to evade this upsetness against him. It turns out people were upset with him teaching the local animals how to catch and eat shrimp from the river, which was changing the local ecology. There was some plotless portion of me just feeling wet and in the river and seeing what he was showing animals, which was to pull the tails off of shrimp, and stuff. Later, someone asked me if I could kill the monkey, and I said "sure!"
But, I had other plans. I instead looked for an airgun that could fire metal pellets, in a place reminiscent of Home Depot. I found one, and the pellets were in a chain like a chain gun, though the chain looked like a bicycle chain. I remember my mother telling me I'd have to oil the chain, and I had to apply mineral oil on it with my fingers, and my fingers were oily for a while after.
I came out into the forest again and tried aiming for the monkey, but he was too fast, and I wandered over to the same side of the river he was on. Eventually he passed by me and said "Hey, you were going to shoot me!" And I told him my plan, "Yeah, only to shoot you on the ass so you'd notice me and I could tell you people are annoyed with you." Then we went our ways.
I later remember being told that that person originally was a fish. A local biologist had turned a fish into a human, then given him the ability to turn into a monkey at will.
There was a plotless part of the dream where he passed by as a human, but with his entire upper body above his legs turned into a desktop computer. A really ugly gaming desktop, too. I remember being scared and falling back, but he laughed, or something. It didn't seem to have any effect on any of the dream occurring afterward, though, as he was never implied to be part-robotic in any way other than this.


After some exposition which I've forgotten, I remember being in space, about to land on the moon. There was this moonbase that was used by scientists to explore using intelligent robots as servants, but a decade ago (or some similar period of time) every scientist mysteriously died, either committing suicide or killing each other. I was sent as part of the first investigation crew, as this was all kept hushed up and untouched for that decade.
We entered into the base, which had more rooms underground than above ground, and were immediately welcomed by someone human-looking. A woman with red hair, who was extremely cheerful and excited in her welcoming of us. It felt kinda like being welcomed into a theme park somewhat too enthusiastically. She had the appearance as if nothing was wrong and everything was fine, totally ignoring, or pretending to ignore, that we were the first humans there in years.
Most of this scientific station was well-maintained, with things looking clean, taken care of, presumably by the robots (the dream actually leaves vague how robotic or how organic they are, while at least indicating they look organic on the outside) all these years. Me, and pretty generic investigators with me explore. Later I somehow gain the knowledge that some bacteria (or virus) influenced the final actions of the scientists, after infecting them. Anyone and every investigator who had entered the space station was infected now too, though without any symptoms yet. This heavy tension was in the air: was this novel bacteria strain caused by the servants? It felt related to them in some way.


In any case, we seemed to be in the recreation portion of the habitat. We walked into an area simulating a pine forest of the pacific northwest, one of the less wet parts of it, at least. Next to a cabin, a woman (servant) with glasses and very dark blonde hair was ahead of us. She had been somewhat ahead of us, usually barely in sight, the whole way. She was clearing the vents of the space station, which had filled with dust in the previous years: we were the first humans to breathe air on the station in quite a while. She was doing so by controlling more obvious robots as if controlling parts of her own body, though, wirelessly. Some robots were abstract, some robots were animal-shaped: I remember one looking abstractly like an armadillo. And she used those to push the dust to areas where we'd be less likely to breathe it in, trying to predict where we'd go next, so she could clean those areas before we got there.
I remember then the same person who could transform into a monkey was there with me: he must've been part of the investigation crew. We were at some paved area in the biome room, and I saw he had a skateboard, so I asked him to teach me how to skate, which he attempted to do, but I didn't succeed in learning. Sometime then, I realised there was an affinity between him and the servants. I thought, "Oh god, was the process the biologist used with him similar to any processes used to create the servants?" This was the first event to explicitly link both halves of the dream together.


I made my way to a videocall room, which was perhaps somewhat holographic and 3D (the dream was still animated though). I called the biologist, who was apparently in orbit around the moon at that time. In talking to her, I noticed she looked exactly like the red-headed servant from before. She then noticed, too, to her great alarm. We both noticed that the servants all either looked extremely generic or very specific. Extremely specific, as if exactly like certain humans. She said she was coming right over to land, to which I said, "No! Don't land!" because I didn't wish for more people to get infected by this bacteria of unknown effect.
I'm reminded now, that no remains of any scientists were found during the investigation. Only some of their items and notes, and very few, at that.
I remember making my way out of the videocall room to a room close to where she would land her spacecraft, worrying.
She came up from a ramp to my side and beneath me, surprising me, but she had prepared. She was in a small but thick and heavy mech: small in that her arms were in its arms, her legs in the mech's legs. There was a clear dome in which I could see her face and some of her shoulders. She was using this airtight mech to not come in contact with the bacteria.
Soon, a yellow, toony, stretchy, anime cat, very similar to the one in this video
came out, approaching her, saying, "Natasha, Natasha!" in an excited way. I felt surprised and scared. The biologist gave it a huge-ass punch in the face, and it quickly waddled away, out of sight.
The last thing I remember in this dream was being shown an aerial view of the station, which was shaped like a backwards L, or the J-shape in Tetris. I was at the top of the J, labeled Site A, recreation area. I was told, if there was any hope to find more data on what happened, it'd be at Site B, at the opposite side of the J. Site B was labeled robots.txt as it was where we hoped to find an important document the scientists worked on, and that was their main research lab.
I remember I now feared traversing the interior of the station, so we were trying to figure out how to travel on the outside of the station from Site A to Site B.
Then the dream ends.




>small but thick and heavy mech


Hell of a dream, anon. Very dream-like. Good one. I hope I have a dream sometime soon, too. Maybe not today though, because I just watched a pretty scary horror movie.


I had a dream that I was alone with in my house with one of my mum's milf friends (who doesn't exist irl). I don't remember the details but she comented seeing on my dick through my sweatpants, and then we fucked and it was incredibly hot casual sex (yes even in my dream I used a condom). I want to continue that dream but in real life because I don't have sex.


I was cleaning this classroom, trying to make a good job of it. A guy who was my friend during middle school kept showing up here and there telling he was about to participate on a very demanding race and I encouraged him to do his best. There's some money lying around the room so I gather all of it in a box. The blackboard is fairly dirty and someone comes around and suggests we use bleach on it. He takes the blackboard away to soak in bleach and when he comes back, the entire surfice of the thing has changed into this rags texture and is falling all over the place. I complain it took hours to do this and it turned out awful, that we should just cleaned normally with a wet cloth.


I wish I could remember my dreams in their entirety. I used to write them down and it helped a lot, I really need to start doing that again.

Part of my dream from last night was that I was back in school again and someone brought a gerbil to class. I think it was black and red. At one point, someone opened the classroom door and the gerbil ran out. I was really worried for the gerbil, so I helped to search for it. I found it under a table and I had to crawl under to reach it. I caught it but the little thing was so scared that its heart was racing. I knew I did the right thing but I also felt bad about giving it a fright.


I think a dream I had this Saturday was the first time I recognized I was in a dream. I was standing in my sister's old room, looking out the window and seeing slums as far as the horizon. There was a lot of really fast moving fog that kept obscuring things, but in the distance, maybe two or three miles off in the fog, there were some large buildings and very thin towers of something that stretched out to the clouds. It was strange because I distinctly remember turning and seeing a female classmate standing inside the room, with the top half of her face not matching the color of the bottom. Again, I feel like I realized I was in a dream, but I didn't think it was strange that she was both deformed and present in the room.


I had a phone conversation with my mother that ended when my battery died and then went into town, which had changed to a busy beach town at night in summer. I was shopping and flânering and trying to avoid running into someone I knew.
I got woken up by someone calling me (wrong number) and it surprised me because I was expecting the battery to be dead from the dream.


Same anon here. I had a dream yesterday that was just a car ad with narration over it. The narrator seemed to disagree with the footage being presented and openly mocked both the driver and the director of the ad. I had no presence in the dream at all, just following a car in cinematic shots like you would see in normal advertisements.


File: 1545350496569.jpg (269.26 KB, 1024x1004, 1544635352367.jpg)

I dreamt I was lying on a bunk bed on my right side, and someone woke me up and pulled me upright. I could not make out their face as they were seemingly a shadowy figure.
They then took my hand, pulled it up, and injected about 9 needles coming from one circular flat base into my inner elbow or however it is called and I could feel the stinging.
After that stinging was done, they grabbed my (long irl) hair and held my head in place while performing a transorbital lobotomy on me and right after threw me back down.
The scariest part for me was that I awoke in the same position I was woken up like in inside my dream, and so I lay there irl for about an hour waiting for someone to pick me up again which did not happen irl

Actually, lately I've been having many of these dreams where I wake up and it feels like my dream is still going so I try hiding or making sure I'm not still dreaming

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