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No. 861

It all started in a cold night, it seemed as if i was looking myself and him talking from above, then suddently i was looking in a closer way.
I dont remember about what we were talking or doing but we were sitting playing and suddently it was more vivid.
We were doing a game to see who will endure coldness for more time while looking straight to the other one's eye.
In that moment i cheated; putting my hands in his neck then his face, he trembled and i won.

Out of the blue, there with us, a girl appeared also playing, and i won again.
While this game with now multiple people and <him>, while my mother watching.
I notice that maybe im just thinking too much and worry about something, im kinda nervous and keeping spinning in a matter. But certainly i dont know in which.
I realized how stunning he looks, that night feels particularly special, and i knew it for a while now.


-"Hey, lets play the last one and then you can go to sleep!" -i said. And without a second intention i continued -I can accompany to your room.

I naively Suggested that, in seconds my mom was looking at me completely on blank! as if i was a pervert. But actually i just wanted to keep talking to <him>, because in that moment it was all so endearing that i wanted just some more minutes to enjoy his company.
When we finished the game, i stand up and we started to walk, very slow and kinda calm.
I notice that actually we are in a very nice garden, a grass labyrinth, and then i can almost feel the scent in the air; is soft and fresh. It feels Like…violets or little blueish color flowers.
I can remember that there were little rooms with night lights full of cristal walls / windows, So all seemed so calm and comfy.
I was in a very good mood and feeling happy.
Then i fell to the floor, very loudly and hard.
<he> smiled and laughed VERY noisy. In that moment i could completely felt how a melted pounding heart would feel.
His eyes were almost closed while the most beautifull laught was playing like if it was your favorite song on the radio. in that moment i just realized i was wearing a dress and a hat.
We kept talking very casual and he mentioned that he wanted to get a haircut, i just said he would look great but i liked the leght he currently had, better.

Then i said;
"lets watch the sky, together"
"have you seen the leonides rain?"

I vividly remember that part of the dream, they were purpleish with red, very brightly. Never in my whole life have ever heard the term leonides, or knew what they were. But in that dream, they were the best thing i have ever witness.
As if a rain of shooting stars approached us. It was marvelous.
After my question, He smiled brightly and nodded in agreement.
after the walk we had i felt a melancholy hitting me very hard, we almost reached our destiny so maybe i was feeling blue, we approached a little tea table on the night garden, we grabbed a sit and i mumbled.

"i wanted to feel special with the belief that only i would be able to see them, so asking you to watch them with me…"

i tought that was the way to start something, but never knew what was about to said.
After that final mumble, we got up and he took my hat. And i felt happy that we saw that together.

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