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File: 1502779218622.jpg (13.96 KB, 256x345, 4f252a4c3d87e9223e69325002….jpg)

No. 756

That sad feeling when you woke up and realise it was just a dream.
What was it, Anon?


When I was a child, I had a small teddy bear, simply called 'Teddy'. One day I lost him, I think on the school playing-field. Some time afterwards, I had a dream that I had found Teddy; it felt as if I was smiling in my sleep because I was so glad. Upon awaking, I expected him to be by my side, and it confused me when he wasn't. Realising the truth wasn't easy on my child's mind.


I had been dream journaling for awhile to develop lucidity. I woke up in a dark room. I was still laying down with my eyes closed. My dog, Max came in to room full of energy. He sniffed and nuzzled my palm ot wake me. I felt the cold wet of his nose followed by a hot gust of breath from his mouth. He circled around and leaned against the bed I was laying on with his tail toward my head. I felt the softness of his soft, yellow lab fur as my hand ran along his back. It was just like he had down so many times before. I was enjoying every second of it. As soon as my dog came into the room, I realized I was dreaming and I knew this was special. Max had died over a year ago. We spent about 10 minutes together before I woke up. I lye in my bed crying. I felt so blessed and thankful for having such an experience.


File: 1503388282137.gif (37.07 KB, 188x286, c08ebb247e59e5a2288330edb9….gif)

I know that feel, some asshole poisoned my dog once, she had a very painful death, she agonised until her last breath. I already overcame that but sometimes I miss her, I used to dreams with her, but I that only made me feel sadder, she was such a nice and cute doggy.

Anyway, when I made this thread I had a dream with my sister (she isn't dead or something), In my dreams we were having a good time, we don't talk too much anymore so… it isn't the big deal but it really hit me. I had the same dream recently and yesterday too.


Wow, Anon. That's beautiful


File: 1503696151999.jpg (72.76 KB, 600x338, dreamsaw.jpg)

>I know that feel, some asshole poisoned my dog once, she had a very painful death
Man, I couldn't even begin to imagine how much something like that would fuck me up. That sadness and the anger. You sound way more emotionally stable than me though.
>we don't talk too much anymore so… it isn't the big deal but it really hit me
This reminded me of a dream I had where my father appeared. We had a falling out and I haven't talked to him in over a year and we may never talk again. Him being there and us talking was so contrary to what our relationship is now, that alone made me lucid. It stood with me because of how much off the wall shit we tend to just roll with in dreams without so much as a second thought. Meanwhile, just talking to dad is so startling I immediately become aware that it is a dream.


File: 1504300877226.jpg (8.71 KB, 302x225, ad68fcca15300a650c14ee8139….jpg)

I dreamt I got the highest grade on an admission test that I will take the next week, I couldn't believe it, I was so happy, I feel really sad when I woke up, I wanted it to be real.


File: 1504346085812.gif (387.65 KB, 435x326, d2fcde82d0e5b275450710267f….gif)

You can make it real, anon. Ganbatte!




File: 1504390046443.gif (703.8 KB, 320x240, 1427217552015-2.gif)

>anons next dream


If someone poisoned my dog I would murder them without hesitation. Scum. I hope whoever did that to you dies slowly and painfully.


I've had these two dreams with this shapeshifting girl.
In the first one some old lady sent me to kill a guy, I killed him then ran away as some block guys chased me. Eventually I outran then and sat down at a bus stop. The whole scenery was completely white, like an untextured video game, so the girl really contrasted with the background with her long black hair. She wore a white dress, her skin was slightly pale and she was a bit smaller than me. She sat down next to me and just stood there a while. Eventually some girls came walking and she said goodbye, kissed me in the cheek, got up and left with the two girls.
In the second I was in the ancient Egyptian sewer-like fantasy water park. I eventually saw her in the crowd shaped like a girl I knew. She came up to me and took me to a tube pool. She flashed me her breasts then went underwater, coming out in the form I knew her as. Eventually we were in a muddy road in the middle of a forest during rain. She walked out and I followed her, but I couldn't reach her.I noticed it was a dream so I spawned a car, drove up to her and left the car. She disappeared and I stole a car from a guy, she saw me and entered the car so we just had comfy driving for a while until I crashed the car in a bridge causing a chain reaction of crashes and explosions. After it ended she had what looked like a huge scar in her chest, but it wasn't bleeding, so we just kept kissing each other in the wreckage.
As dumb as the dreams were, the image of the girl stuck with me. Normally when I think of dating girls, even if I really love them, I don't trust them enough to even think of telling my feelings to her, but I felt like I really trusted and loved this girl.
Both of the dreams left me in a state of melancholy for about a dream each. I rather like melancholy, so it was kind of a "it hurts so good" type of situation. It still made me sad nonetheless.


File: 1506534079911.jpg (138.58 KB, 640x480, 71e877ca321abf299759261687….jpg)

Well… I almost got admitted.


I'm sorry :( what do you mean by almost?


I once had a survival dream. Not sure what I was surviving from, though. At the end some grill I like showed up and then I had comfy gf. Then I woke up :^(


sorry it had to end, friend

a lot of my dreams are 'survival' type. i'm always being pursued and the whole dream is spent evading them. it's stressful every time

it can be a person or people, sometimes it's aliens, one time it was crab things


File: 1507050850867.jpg (29.85 KB, 512x384, c2dfe89ce7de7ae03d36d0c82d….jpg)

Oh, Anon :(

I've been rejected for things I tried really hard at, too. Work, schools, and relationships. What I've learned is that whenever I try to force a match, it backfires. The way I look at it, if the bosses at a job or university don't think I'm a good fit for their company or school, then it probably means I wouldn't have a very good time while I'm there - even if I imagine that I would from the outside.

However illogical it might sound, keeping a little faith in the universe does grease the wheels of everyday life a little.


File: 1508086692349.png (766.65 KB, 1280x720, [PuyaSubs!] NEW GAME!! - 0….png)

I had a dream, somebody was doing a New Year party and I was there, my job was telling people to leave, (based on their tastes) but that doesn't matter, there was some girls there doing some kind of competition that I won't explain because it's ridiculous.
The party was almost over now and I decide to go outside, and there was this girl (Pic related, middle one), who also was in the competition, she was naked (as in pic related), we started to talk, and we ended hugging, she was hugging me hard, I was very happy at this point.
Sadly somebody was being loud on my house and I waked up.


cute, I wish I could have dreams about cute girls. I can't help but feel guilty for even just day dreaming about it sometimes


What a weird dream.


I had a dream like that this night. I dreamt I finally got a .22 LR rifle, my first firearm ever, and that I found it was legal to practice in your back yard as long as you did it safely. I was having fun practicing, so happy to have another hobby.
Then I woke up, and realised that would never, ever happen.


Why not anon? Is it your location or lack of funds? I would love to do something like that to but I don't have the yard for it.


File: 1509243797804.jpg (214.17 KB, 1000x1412, 1498051980531.jpg)

I was in a japanese high school classroom, class had just ended and everyone was going home. In this class was a friend I haven't seen for years, another friend and various girls from anime, the girls from yuyushiki, love live and Yui Hirasawa from k-on. I was very nervous because I think Yui is very cute, I said to her "I like your socks" and she smiled and said thank you. I felt really happy and left the classroom talking to my old friend. Then I remember being confused as to why we were all speaking english in a japanese school, and then why was Yui speaking english? Also I realized that complimenting someone's socks out of the blue is pretty weird, she probably thinks I'm a creep. Then I woke up. I wish I lived in that universe.
I think I've been watching too much anime…


Yui best


File: 1509293510202.jpg (82.85 KB, 266x360, d9a48c84d4d4667cd691dc72c2….jpg)

Who doesn't like Yui socks?


File: 1509315436814.jpg (213.73 KB, 1280x711, 811bbdbefb1b85c772928ab347….jpg)

No matter how many times I see this picture, someone starts to cut onions nearby.

>tfw you will never be rich in love


File: 1512510860094.png (132.98 KB, 956x1138, 396807314946d49134b8537cd4….png)

First part: I was sleeping and some friends I haven't talked in years knocked my door, they were really happy to see me, it felt nice.

The second part of the dream: One of the friends was doing some paintings and me and little girl were helping him, I think we were at my house, (but it didn't looked alike), it was raining really hard, there was roof leaks everywhere so it was really hard to make the paintings, and he had to make "Historical Accurate paintings" he couldn't stand paintings that weren't "historical accurate", He was doing a painting of The Virgin Mary but that's not the important part, there was this little girl, she was in love with me, I loved her too, she was so sweet and nice.

The last part: I was feeling really depressed, we still helping with the paintings, this time she looked even younger, and she was black and white this time.

I said her name and opened my arms.
She came, and I hugged her really hard.
She said with a sweet voice: "I do, I like 'historical accurate [paintings]"
I cried a bit and said: "I'm like a French translation, I may not been like [a painting], but I'm everything you're looking for"


I dreamt that I was a [spoiler]biologic[/spoiler] girl. I was really happy, my mind didn't even drift to masturbation or sex, I was just a girl version of me being slightly more effeminate.


I dreamt I was a biologic girl. Nothing special happened I was just a girl version of me doing regular things, just being more effeminate outwardly.


Every time I have dreamt that my mother was still alive or alive again in the past year.
EXCEPT that one time it was my little sister who died in the dream and my mother was still alive. That was a confusing feel when I woke up.


I can understand your feels.
My mom was shot and killed back earlier in the year and because the situation she was in I didn't get to see her a whole bunch except on the holidays or if she came over to my grandma's.

I've been dreaming that she's still alive just about all year. It's been extremely hard on me as it fucks with my head so damn bad. But it really got to me over Thanksgiving and especially the other day on Christmas.


I also had to continue to remind myself that she wasn't here all year long. As I literally picked up my phone to call her almost on a weekly basis for 7 months.


if you dont mind me asking, what was your mom like? were you guys close?


I didn't grow up living with my mom as she was young and wasn't settled down yet her and my dad wasn't even together and he didn't want to claim me so I ended up with my grandparents. Two years later she got a place just up the road right before my younger brother was born. So I was able to go up there and visit any time I wanted. Until we moved when I was 19. But I still got to see her quite often till around 2011 when she got in a relationship with this alcoholic that I couldn't stand. From there things just went downhill. They finally split up in 2012 though so I was able to spend some time with her again until things got worse in 2013 when she got into a new relationship with this trashy drug head that was younger than me. Which I ended up ultimately not okay with at all. I wouldn't go around as I just didn't want to be a part of that situation what-so-ever. I tried for the most part to ignore everything at first plus everyone else was giving her hell for it. I never liked yelling at my mom so I kept quiet for the most part but voiced that I did agree with everyone and she needed to get out of that situation. She ended up getting abused, I wanted to beat the fuck out of him. But felt like it wasn't worth going to prison over. Also she's an adult she could easily kick him out. I look back and go under an extreme guilt trip over not doing more about the situation or at least even being there for her. I at least tried to maintain some type of relationship by calling her on a regular basis. But I'd end up hanging up on her for the most part if I heard him in the background. As I did the very last time I talked to her. It eats me alive every day.


>>858 cont.
This little fucking piece of shit would bring over a bunch of his friends all of the time and I didn't even know until what happened that he was having another friend of his living there. And that they were having a drug operation in the home. Also, my sister was living there. Luckily she would always be at her dad's when things were bad as he lived up the road as well. Then there was also two more younger brothers that lived with their dad up the road. Me and my younger brother who's a couple years younger than I am (five of us if that's all confusing) didn't really have much to do with my mom in the last years because of her relationship with this young guy. He was even stationed over in Korea when all of this happened and moved out of state so he wasn't around anyways. But back to the drugs and crap that was going on, honestly most of the worst parts didn't even become knowledge to me until after the night once my siblings filled me in more. But they apparently stole some guys stuff and they came to break in to kill the boyfriend. My mom apparently heard the break in and went to check out then in my theory the piece of shit pushed my mom in front of the gunshot as it was clearly meant for him. As there was a second gunshot fired which went through the bedroom door which ended up hitting the breaker box and cutting the power. Which I think he ran back in there to hide. Next neither him or his friend helped my mom as she just laid there bleeding out claiming they didn't know what to do.


>>859 cont.
As I was grieving up at my siblings dad's house that piece of shit boyfriend shows up with something of hers to give as he was in the house taking most of her stuff to go pawn. It was ridiculous I boiled up and was ready to fight. I turned into the angriest I've ever been in my entire life. I started screaming at him, cussing him out, crying, telling him it was his fucking fault, and that I was going to kill him. I went to try to pull him out of the vehicle he was in then my uncle grabbed me and wouldn't let me go as his buddy in the truck apparently (didn't see myself) reached for his gun. As I was grabbed they sped off. The boyfriend last I heard moved out of state in no time after that day. I know it may sound horrible but I still am more angry that the fact he's out free and at him in general than the awful people who pulled the trigger. He put her in that situation, the whole situation took my mom away from me. And I just wish that there was something I could've done. I've blamed myself and still continue to over the fact that I didn't try to be there more for her and to be extremely verbal on getting her out of that situation or doing more to stop things myself.


>>860 cont.
My mom was very laid back and fun to be around. I could completely be myself around her growing up. I never had to have a filter around her. She got me into the types of movies, music, and really half of my personality is influenced from her.
She loved her movies and music big into 80s culture as that was her time as a teenager. Huge into hair metal and horror films. Even though I didn't live with her I was really close with her for the 21 years I really was around her till 2011 when she started sadly going downhill with poor choices and getting in bad situations. My grandma was a workaholic and was gone a lot so I was left home alone quite a bit and I'd just walk up to my moms. I could go up there hang out, make prank calls, watch online videos, even when I was more immature and would do "internet trolling" she got a kick out of it. Just generally really as I said before she was laid back and fun to be around. She never judged me or put me down. It was as if my mom was honestly more a friend to me but I don't think that was a bad thing at all. And there was moments where she was truly a mother of course and made me extremely proud. She may not have really had a lot of money and didn't get me a lot of materialistic items growing up. But she sure as hell gave me her time and to me that meant a lot more.


Wow, that's brutal anon. Who are you living with now, or are you living on your own?


I'm living with a roommate but might as well say on my own.


File: 1515870195486.jpg (552.77 KB, 1860x2630, 3a4baf3e129d10af88678690bf….jpg)

I had a dream with my sister, and I was licking her feet.


…why :(


What's the matter?


Do you think about licking her feet much


I recently had a dream that I was rubbing oil on my sister's naked body. I have zero sexual feelings for her and was pretty disgusted when I woke up. Dreams are very weird when they throw things like that at you.


i too once had a weird dream where i had sex with my sister. I was mortified for the next couple of days because it was so vivid

I think this sort of thing just happens


For some reason survival type dreams are often very pleasant for me. Maybe some yearning for a more technically simple life. Nice gf, get to hang out with cool people, what ever it is I've had a few really nice ones.

The thought of dying for something like the survival of a group of people isn't too bad either.


File: 1534871908305.jpg (31.25 KB, 400x400, 1367773114802.jpg)

>I also have had a dream where I've slept with my sister before

Is this what brought us together to this place?


It does not "just happen". It is symptomatic of a highly disordered mind.

[spoiler]Looks automated?[/spoiler]


Those are good dreams, don't listen >>971



Reading this hasn't helped those thoughts.


File: 1538148294739.jpg (274.89 KB, 736x1196, beautiful-pencil-drawing-l….jpg)

I am working in catering and my coworkers and I want to do something but my boss tells me to dry the dishes. They are still dirty so I'm a bit annoyed I also need to wash them. A woman coworker asks if I would join a card game they play. "No I still need to do this". When she's walking away I say silently, afraid others might hear me, "but I'd love to play with such a beauty as yourself".

Some time has passed. I know now that she's the daughter of the boss and she tells me she wants to move out of her mothers house. "I have places all over the country" she states. "Come live with me, it's more exotic; I live in a different country". She sits on my lap wearing a dark vest and skirt. I feel her around me as I look slightly up to her face. Shes's got long black hair (used to be blonde) and her nose is shorter than expected, like an asian woman. Taken by both love and lust I thrust faster. "Nope nope, nope, don't come yet" she coos as she copies my rhytm, phase and amplitude to be relatively motionless. I slow down and she keeps moving in her own slower pace. I feel that she loves and wants me just as much as I her — and I wake up.

First time I've had sex albeit in a dream in the presence of mutual love. Felt good fam. Even despite the frustration of waking up too early.


I dreamed I had friends a few times. It always hurts to wake up from


Came to post something so similar.

Last night I had a dream that my dog was still alive (his name was Max too!). It's been over a year since he passed away but I still have dreams about him regularly, it's like my brain can't comprehend that he's gone. I wasn't there to see him put down (thankfully) so I guess it makes sense that he still appears the way he was when I last saw him in my dreams. I'm sad when I wake up and realise it wasn't real but at the same time happy that I can still see him when I'm dreaming.

I still miss him so much and I always wonder if he enjoyed his life and I hope his last day on earth wasn't too bad.


Last night I had a dream I was playing with my three year old son lifting him up, whilst my wife was in the kitchen. It was a happy feeling and felt very real. I saw my reflection in a window and looked older.

I dont have either ;(

Im currently in love with a girl who is in a long term relationship with someone from another town. I tried not to be but I cant help these feelings.

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