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No. 720

What are the recurring themes/elements in your dreams?

>places I've been to, but mixed in a way that create new places, so I can't recognize them

>flying (rare)
>time travel (e.g. have a limited amount of time to restore things)
>being late


Going shopping. Small stores and shopping malls. I've had so many dreams where I do that. I'm not sure I've ever bought anything though. Another is being in public in my underwear or otherwise under-dressed and being uncertain whether it's socially acceptable or not.


I seem to always find myself working in a fast-food establishment of sorts, usually under a great deal of pressure


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My dreams repeat, not over nights but within themselves with slight changes. I also tend to feel a strong sense of deja vu the second time around so I'm aware in some sense (I feel deja vus very often in day to day life)

Like I'll experience a scene with my parents, talking or similiar, something else happens and then I somehow go back into talking with my parents again.
Sometimes it seems that I'm aware of it and I noticed more than once that my dream self said something along the lines of "I wanna see that again" or "I need to repeat that". Like studying.


>>places I've been to, but mixed in a way that create new places, so I can't recognize them
I have kinda the same dream every now and then. But it's my hometown, with a different layout. (ie a plaza where a hotel used to be, roads that weren't in the original layout, etc)
I've also been having a lot of dreams where i get shot in the head


Mostly places from my childhood.
My old house, my grandmother's house, and so on.


>apocalyptic scenarios
>traveling alone
>being killed


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I don't remember most of my dreams but i know buying my little pony toys at the store is a recurring theme in my dreams


Its hard to remember exactly but pretty much every dream i have is about things in life going wrong, like failing school and crashing my car. They are very believable until i wake up.


I used to dream a lot of bathrooms one to two years ago and probably still do, just that I don't write down my dreams right now.


File: 1579249790723.jpg (106.73 KB, 600x417, de54967cf2f04b91fc74479ef9….jpg)

>schools, especially cafeterias and rows of lockers
>places I used to live
>malls, sometimes merging with schools
>houses with tons of staircases and usually one room at the very top
>vast underground complexes
>driving, or trying unsuccessfully to find my car
>systems of narrow, sometimes very steep dirt trails winding through the woods
>bathrooms (but only when I have to pee IRL)


>bathroom privacy, very long bathrooms and broken stall doors
>zombie cats, killing my pets, feeling regret seeing them limp around all bloodied and mangled
>rivers and swamps, boating around em, trying not to get ate by a crocodile
>being unprepared for calculus or biology finals
>cockroaches chasing me around dark rooms
>out of control cars driven by someone else


File: 1596889466206.gif (83.26 KB, 1200x368, dt911115dhc0.gif)

My only repeating theme is my mother yelling at me. I don't know why, but every few dreams my mother appears randomly and starts critiquing what I'm doing. I feel like there's some Freudian bent to this because all her dream rants sound like her irl.


>being late (especially for things like trains, buses and vehicles that come only once)
>being naked for absolutely no reason
>a white cat called Chrona
>schools, classrooms and tests (being unprepared to take them)
>places that do not exist and heavy modifications of existing places
>open spaces (like cities, forests, hills) that I can freely explore
>running from something/someone dangerous and being pursued by them in those places
>extremely large spaces like buildings, skyscrapers and underground complexes with relatively large rooms
>suicide, especially by jumping off of high places
>stopping time (related to the white cat)
>being unable to return to a place I was familiar with earlier in the dream, and sometimes being frustrated by that


People acting the like the opposite of their IRL selves. Like my loved ones being completely evil. Even I act differently.


for years I had reoccuring nightmares about being robbed at knifepoint after a traumatising experience with that irl. These days I often have dreams about just walking around urban places which are in the dream logic familiar to me, but don't actually reasemble any real places I've been to. For the amount of time I spend on my computer, it's surprising how little it shows up in my dreams.


File: 1659381255457.jpg (47.59 KB, 720x720, facebook_1659269721226_695….jpg)

Going back to college and being intellectually challenged with new things to learn.


I often have nightmares where the theme is trying to go home.
Sometimes there are people who follow me and try to stop me. I tend to stop by and hide in stores. Sometimes I don't know the path home and get lost, it can be a short path or I could come back from another city or country.


just remembered this - i used to have dreams where i was in school and just trying to fight everyone, yelling etc. no one reacted. they were sitting there like statues and i was the crazy person yelling at them. lol


File: 1674149397367.jpg (47.57 KB, 500x722, 29e90cc4654970fbed67d7a842….jpg)

Any person that I somewhat like I've had a dream of them telling me to leave them along and the only reason they hang with me is they're to kind not to. Most likely a sign of how paranoid and anxious I am


I recognize some of the motives here as they were:
>Slightly familiar places which i can remember but never been to really, i know its xy but it doesnt look like this place or places that shift into each other.>
>large to endless underground comlexes>
Other reoccurring features of dreams are
>having to drive a car which i cant, but its somehow working> (Cant drive for real)
>Having rough sexual contact with obese women (when lucid)>
>cats or insects that hurt my hands and have to be killed by me for not letting go (I sometimes sleep on my hands and they hurt)>
>being intoxicated by drugs so much i cant talk to people anymore (sleeping with extremely dried out open mouth)>


i've had three dreams about andrew tate. in the first i challended him to a fight even though i knew i would lose because he had insulted my gf in some way. in the second he was a shriveled sickly thing and i stabbed him with my knife and crushed his body with a book. in the third he was actually some kind of henchman for me. i don't really think about him that much during the day but i guess subconsciously my hatred for him is pretty extreme.


Cheating on my girlfriend or my girlfriend cheating on me.


I really like the part where you crushed his body with a book. Nice metaphor. I just found out about this weird edgelord some months ago. Unlikeable Charakter so far.


I only first found out about him because he was arrested after edgelording so hard he stumbled and the police caught him. He sounded despicable and I'm glad not to have fallen down his internet rabbit hole, unlike horny and susceptible young men.

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