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No. 7

Often I daydream about having a yacht even though I really don't want a yacht.


Maybe you're like the kid from that one disney movie who becomes a mermaid but you're a boatkin

Do you live near the water?


Maybe you DO want a yacht.


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>even though I really don't want
>really don't
Like, as in the idea does not appeal to you, or actively sickens you? Maybe you think too much on the things you don't like, and they're taking over your everyday passing thoughts. Have you even been on a yacht?


Gonna go out on a limb and say he probably doesn't hate yachts, just worded it oddly.


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I daydream about artillery a lot, but I do want artillery. Is that anything like it?


What kind of artillery dreams?

Is your house getting shelled?

Are you making dinner for a bunch of scud missiles?


The dream involves a fairly complex plot to build artillery and burn down the multicultural center of my university. There is a lot of different things though, like I will get the feeling of being lost about half way through it because the buildings are not in the same places, and just a wrong turn down an ally takes me to this maze like thing of back ally-ways that I can't ever get out of.

Not to hard of a dream to understand actually, but it re-occurs a lot. I mostly full on dream it though


Are you in some ultra liberal school? is it a "diverse" safe zone or something

One time I had a dream I was in a Fry's food store. The owner of Fry's, John Flora, came on the intercom and said

>Hey this is Fry's president John Flora. I am calling on all of my shoppers to take arms with me and rush the government

The rest of the dream was a glorious revolution ran by a man who owned a large chain of grocery stores


I dream of Apocalypse for some reason

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