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No. 588

So, what have you been daydreaming about, recently?
What's your current project?

I've been spending a lot of time pacing and thinking about ruling a medieval country, and what I would do.

Of course, first thing to do would be to get an expert blacksmith to listen to my explanation of trains, and clockwork, and Etc.
Just get the modern technology I understand made.
Then, I'd make a senate like this:
The King, with the equivalent of maybe 10~ votes, he would be trained from birth to be a good king, no partying, or anything, just studies.
This would be inherited.
The Ministers, with something like 2~ votes, all experts at their field, and, of course, responsible for various sections of the government, like the Education Minister, the War Minister, the Entertainment Minister(Scheduling public plays, sports games, festivals, Etc.), Etc.
They would not be elected, but be chosen by their predecessor.
Then there would be the Noble Senators, elected from the nobility, only nobles could apply. They would number something like 1/10th~ of the Common Senators.
And the Common Senators, elected from the people, only commoners could apply. Elected from the people.
The Senators would have a single vote.

Anyway, that's just the gist of it, what do you think?
Just saw this cool little Chan on /qa/.


This is incredibly intricate and advanced daydreaming and I'm both impressed and jealous.

10/10 would let you rule them, but what about needs for War? An essential at any time, especially then.

Unfortunately lately I have only been daydreaming about this girl…


>The King, with the equivalent of maybe 10~ votes, he would be trained from birth to be a good king, no partying, or anything, just studies.

Been reading some Plato there?

Anyways I'd say the most difficult thing about a government like this is setting it up. Who is the first King? Who are the first ministers? Who decides how the King will trained? Why would the nobles agree to having 1/10th the voting power of the commoners?

And then it also matters how many noble senators vs common senators vs ministers there are in terms of voting power. I'd imagine the common senators quickly blocking the nobles from doing anything. And the nobles wouldn't stay nobility for long if they had no political power. If you look at how the Roman republic worked in the beginning patricians held the power and only through a lot of strikes and shit did the plebs get representation. And once that happened you started to see some breakdown in the rigidity of the classes.

I'd say you'd need to give more power to the nobles, and also split the government into more than just one senate. That way there's less risk of someone dominating the government.


Thanks, I have a very worn rug and very worn buttons, if you know what I mean.
And I suppose men would have to either become a professional, like a doctor or other important job, or enlist and serve for a small amount of time to be allowed a vote.
Same for women.
That'd be a good way to have a decent army.
Actually, it was after rereading LotR that I started thinking this up. I really dislike the nearly non-existent hobbit government. Then it shifted to humans.
You're right, but I believe the nobles should be put in their place regarding thier governmental power.
A 1/10th of the senate being restricted to nobles still leaves more nobles in power than there should be, by percentage.
And I started this out as me just reforming the government of uncaring hobbits, so I don't know how I'd get this to pass, other than just inheriting absolute power from a regular monarchy, and reforming it.
But you're definitely right.


Just to follow up on my patheticness today I was in an important client meeting and looked dumb when I had to ask what we were talking about because I was thinking about her rubbing her ass on my face

I have never read or seen LoTR


Read it, it's good.
But, basically, hobbits are naturally non-violent, very ordered, Etc., so they don't need much of an actual, in-law, government.
Most of their government is just the Postmaster General, the Mayor of the capital, and the Thain, who took the official place of the king they were technically under before his kingdom was destroyed, with the Thain leading them in any wars, though they nearly never have any.
Really a shame, there's so much potential.

I think I'll write some more on it soon.


I always more of a harry potter fan I guess (lol)

I should, although I admit medieval fantasy has never impacted me much. I've always preferred Fallout to The Elder Scrolls, Starcraft to WoW etc

I'd love to hear more!


>Harry Potter
And I like both fantasy and science fiction.
I'll write more after the Cubs win.


I'm watching too! At the very least this is a fantastic fucking game




Okay, here's more.

Every person who inherits a certain amount of wealth is automatically, legally, defined as a noble, to keep rich families from monopolizing the Common Senator seats.
Like, someone who moves from average wealth to being the richest man in the nation could run as a Common Senator, but his son couldn't, unless his son got no money at all.

The education system would consist of school for 6 through 16-year-olds, classes being language and literature, history, mathematics, science, physical training, and common practices.
The goal of public education would be to prepare people for work, primarily, a purpose I feel has been abandoned by our modern schooling.
Language and literature classes would teach how to speak the local language correctly, and would have kids read all national classics, and other important stories.
History would consist of the local history, history of the area, likely Europe, and stuff like philosophy and politics.
Mathematics would teach all the basics of math, arithmetic, and algebra, along with stuff like geometry.
Science would be natural sciences, astronomy, just everything we'd understand, at that point, along with the basics of the new sciences that I'd brought a little of with me, like engineering.
Physical training would basically be P.E., but with weapons training, more intense exercise, Etc. Pretty much bootcamp, for men and women. Good way to have a populace of soldiers.
Common practices would be stuff from how to fix a table, to doing taxes, to making friends. A class I feel is one of the most useful.
There would be a school in every major city, and one in every area, enough for a student to reasonably walk to school every morning all over the nation.
After public school, most children would either go straight into working an unskilled job, like at a farm or factory, into apprenticeship, or to the University in the capital, to become a scientist, doctor, or other useful position that extra education would really benefit. There would be no feminist studies courses, or anything, just useful ones.

I'll take a walk and try to come up with more now.

Also, if I could say where I'd imagine my nation being, I'd say in a Scandinavian mountain range, a very heavily forested one.


Maybe this belongs on /nos/ but I was on a Cubs team in little league, which is where I met Steve Blum the voice actor (through his kid who was my teammate - he did Flamedromon's voice for me.)

It made me want to root for the Cubs, even though I never really watch sports of any kind on television. Still, it was definitely a really good game of baseball.


That's really fucking cool!

I played little league from the ages of 5 - 13, and I was on the Cubs twice. I am not in to sports these days but I absolutely love a good game of baseball, I agree.

I was homeschooled growing up so Little League was where a lot of fun things happened for me. I bet some people could relate/share some good stories, maybe I'll make a youth sports thread on /nos/ in a bit.


I never really played Baseball, but my mom hyped it up for me, and so I watched and enjoyed.
But do you guys have any more dreams to share?


Well, I've given up drinking and smoking weed in the past week, so the stress dreams/nightmares have been ridiculous.

I have a secret, I wish I could reveal it anonymously (It's not illegal or immoral necessarily but I'm still uncomfortable) but it has eaten at me the last few years.

Last night I had a had a realistic, terrible dream where this secret was revealed and the destruction started. My family, friends, everyone knew. I was beating my head against the kitchen tile wishing it was a dream but I wasn't waking up.

Only when I was sobbing, balled up in the dream did I wake up. I was sweating hard and had to pee. I was so relieved that it really was a dream.

I'm scared to sleep tonight honestly.


Tell us what it is.
And we're talking daydreams.


I really wish I could. If it was only me at stake I would, but it could hurt my family a great deal, so I can't, I hope you understand.

Yes, I realize I'm off topic. As far as daydreams I only really have been daydreaming about this girl.

It's interesting, I have had sex with 6 girls, but I have not been close to one. I have never had someone that I could count on to be sweet to me, it kind of hurts. I realize I should count myself as lucky, but it's hard to from where i'm looking.


I'm a KV. Never even had a girl complement me.
Maybe I'll become a monk. Are there still a lot of Christian monks? I'm not becoming a Buddhist.
Maybe, if I become a monk, I'll start writing about some of the things I daydream about.


I wish I could share some of my experience with you, you are pry far more deserving.

I think Christian monks are just priests.. ahah. Own the celibacy anon


I don't deserve anything.
Also, priests have families, so that's not it.


Ah, I was thinking of Catholic priests.

It is Friday night and I am sitting at a park smoking. There is a homeless man talking to himself nearby


Catholic priests have families, too.
What is the man saying?


I grew up Catholic and all of the priests I ever came across were celibate

He was talking about the logistics of running a gas station

>"shit we outta 32oz cups, gotta restock the jerky, restock the jerky"


I thought they did.


Anyway, getting back on track, let's count the ministers.
Minister of Education(Obvious), Minister of the Treasury(Obvious), Minister of Defense(War, police, border guards, FBI-type stuff, Etc.), Minister of Entertainment(Festivals, sports, public plays, Etc.), Minister of Public Projects(Building and maintaining public buildings, roads, Etc.), Minister of Science and Development(Obvious), and what else? Can you think of any others?
The country, probably about the size of Luxembourg to Switzerland, would be divided into sections with elected noble leaders, and the cities would have mayors elected from the commoners, with their own, smaller, versions of the federal senate.

Now, I'd need a religion to bring my people together, and to reinforce good morals, so I'd create my own Christian church.
This church would teach that God and Jesus want to get every creation of their's to Heaven with them, but need to test each soul, first, by sending them into the cruel world we live on. Only people who led good lives on Earth could make it to Heaven, those who lived neutral or bad lives would be dragged down to Hell by the devil, to spend some unenjoyable time down there, until Jesus could pull them back up, and send them into another body, for another go, with the worst criminals having slipperier hands, making it harder for Jesus to pull them up.
Basically, reincarnation.

Now, it's pretty obvious what I mean by "good" and "bad" lives, so I'm not gonna write it out for you.

How do you think my church would work in keeping a moral populace? It would need to be more complicated, of course, but that would be worked out there.


File: 1478997261220.jpg (70.26 KB, 468x309, curved-shell-house-design.jpg)

Most of my daydreams constitute the time I lay in bed attempting to fall asleep (I have a hard time so it could be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour), which aren't really daydreams but imaginations.

>What's your current project?

I want to experience an adventure living vicariously through a fictional me in my imagination, in other words a world with the same setting I can go to every night before bed (and maybe one day have it cross over into my dreams). I've tried this before but I usually get bored because I spend too much time creating characters and plotlines. I'm hoping to get a good one going by allowing myself to set no limits on anything and just making shit up as I go. I have not even limited myself from entering or incorporating other fictional worlds I know of.

With no limits I can test my imagination. For example, instead of being a wanderer who turns up in some generic medieval village, I can come across a village of shell houses populated by crab-humanoid hybrids. Maybe they're xenophobic, and won't help me with my quest unless I learn their language. Like this I'm trying to break my tedious sense of imagination.


Sounds fun!
I do a lot of dreaming of myself doing things differently, too.
Like if I had been less weird in school, I might have friends.
Or a girlfriend.

But you dreaming of an adventure reminds me of how most of my daydreams were about Pokemon when I was around 10.


I daydream all the time. Too much really. I'll be doing something or sometimes I'll even be in conversation and my mind will just wander elsewhere.

As far as what I've daydreamed about recently?
A lot of them are just random sort of one-shot daydreams but sormetimes I'll have a really intense dream so my daydreams that day will be a continuation of that.
But for awhile now, many of them have included me traveling to odd, faraway places in a small car. They also almost always have some kind of romantic element.
It's a bit dystopian as well…


Some revised ministry stuff, wrote about it on /his/, so copypasta.

You have a monarch, raised and educated to be the most efficient ruler he can be, but instead of absolute power, all he gets is to be the head of the senate, of the nation, and to have a few extra votes in the senate.
Also, there would be ministers, who are appointed by the last ministers, based completely upon skill, and departments within those ministries.

Ministry of War; Departments of Police, Border Control, of Firefighting, and the Military.

Ministry of the Post, News, the Census, and Public Entertainment; Departments of Carriage Post(Mail delivered by carriage), Bird Post(Mail delivered by trained birds), the News(Weekly newspaper, with everything said by politicians, word-for-word, information released by the government, recent events, short-stories, puzzles, census data, Etc.), the Census(Makes censuses about everything imaginable), and Public Events(Circuses, plays, other organized public events, Etc.)

Ministry of Health, Education, Museums, and research; Departments of Health(Maintains hospital



Ministry of Health, Education, Museums, and research; Departments of Health(Maintains hospitals and clinics, one in each town), Education(Maintains schools, one in each town), Museums(Maintains museums, might just be one in each big city), and Research(Based in the National University, researches health, history, science, Etc.)

Ministry of Building and Maintaining(Builds and maintains everything built by the government, basically nation construction company); Departments of Roads, Sewers, Public & Government Buildings, and Inspecting.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Departments of [Every nation we have relations with]

Ministry of the Treasury and National Bank; Departments of the Treasury, and the National Bank(One in each town).

Ministry of the Courts; Department the Court(One in each town)


Oh, and change Ministry of Health, Education, Museums, and Research to Health, Education, Museums, Libraries, and Research and add a Department of Libraries.


OP here, recently been chewin' on an idea.
A radio show. Stay with me, now.
A radio show about a noir-style detective. Framed in his tapes. He'd record everything, from his ramblings while pacing, to his street interviews, to all his phone calls.
Episodic cases, probably two hours a week on some station.
Opening would be him pacing and rambling about something, just his footsteps, breath, and shirt buttons snapping as he does and undoes them.
Set in the year it airs, he doesn't really like modern conventions, but ends up doing a lot of internet searching off-air, since he can't get a ton of real work.
Became a detective after buying the office, making a website, Etc. on a drunken night.
There would be no description of him, but we'd gradually learn about how he looked through other's observations, like how he's missing half his right thumb(This comes from my grandfather, I thought it'd be an interesting addition.)
In the very end, his cassette recorder would be shot, and we wouldn't know whether he lived or died.
Now I'm just coming up with a few episodes.

What do you think? Would you tune in every week?


Lately I've been daydreaming about two things.
One, what I'd do if I could redo life by reincarnating as myself but younger. I'd fix many things, and learn so many arts and sciences.
The second would be what I'd do if I had some godlike regex powers.

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