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What's your favorite dream you had this month?

I had a dream earlier this month where I was in this awards ceremony kind of place. I left the huge room because I needed to use the restroom, I looked around the building and it took me forever to find a restroom but I eventually found a restroom in the parking a lot. I went to go use the restroom but It was blocked by two men in suits telling me that I must leave. I said no then they threw me out of the area. I found a long haired man who said that he was also kicked out of the building. We became friends and left the area and started walking till we hit a river. We both got on a small boat and drifted down the river. All of the sudden a whole bunch of men in suits started chasing us in their own boats. My new friend turned into a talking can of soda which I shook up and opened. I would fire bursts of soda towards the suited men and every time I knocked a few guys off of their boats, there would be this animation of this superhero flying out of my soda can to tell me I leveled up. I kept shooting at the until I eventually woke up.


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that sounds kind of scary anon. I haven't had a nice dream in months, but I think I'll sleep a lot more easily having quit my slave retail job.

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