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aspirations and head movies
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No. 58

daydreams turn much too serious as you get older


All i daydream about anymore is having sex and being dead


I dunno about that. >>59 They certainly do involve a lot more sex now, though, yeah.

I *do* however know this feel far too well for comfort: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9jut-9NBkY


For like three years, I've had a lot of daydreams. Like it's started to replace video games. It's interesting because it started off as daydreams about "what if vr was real" and slowly cut out the middleman. It was a lot of arbitrary situations. I wish I could l lucid dream to experience some of the worlds I built. The closest I can get is roleplaying games.

I remember a free graphics on this years ago, anyone have advice for lucid dreaming that doesnt wreck your sleep schedule? Don't want this board to devolve into that, but it's relevant.


Check out lainchan.org/zzz
There's a thread about lucid dreaming techniques.


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This graphic has helped me before

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