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aspirations and head movies
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No. 54

a board about dreams? alright

when did you have your first wet dream?

>be me

>night before the first day of eighth grade
>dream i am at my uncle's cabin on the porch
>girl i've never seen me before bends over railing
>go to town on her, she takes it
>finish in a creamy explosion
>woke up, spunk everywhere
>i felt like a man the next day at school


>when did you have your first wet dream?
Hmm, not sure if I (could) remember, honestly, but the earliest wet dream I distinctly remember having (although I also remember already knowing what it was, so it couldn't have been my first-first), involved a redheaded woman with humongous, freckled breasts, who I on some level identified as my mother (although they looked, and sounded, even, nothing alike), giving me a 'reward' for some reason, and then burying me in her bosom. I remember being a weird combination of off-put, afraid, and enjoying myself in the dream, and freaked-out a bit about it upon waking up. Amusingly, this was not really a formative moment for my sexuality as many would be led to think, as I'm not fond at all of big breasts in general or mothering age-play, and only neutral towards redheads.

(I would, however, develop an incest fetish more than a decade later, but that focuses more on brother/sister/cousins overall. Its development was probably delayed by wet dreams involving my sister going out to a dance in an outfit that was nothing but a bikini composed of thick layers of clear nail polish lacquered on her skin, which I found extremely alarming and uncomfortable.)


My first wet dream was pretty typical. Dreamed that Jessica Rabbit was pegging me in the arse.


But anon, that's anything BUT typical!


File: 1442876181447.gif (243.78 KB, 482x500, 1438976750865.gif)

Back in middle school.
>girl with fluffy and short black hair
>large breasts
>no pubic hair
>dream starts out with us both hugging each other tight and making out, while falling
>start fucking her while falling
I know it isn't much, but the dream was like…rose-tinted?
Everything felt really surreal and I felt really hot and lovey-dovey.


My first(and last) wet dream at probably around the age of 12:

>obese mulatto girl from school takes off shirt

>has pythons for breasts
>wake up
>heart racing fast
>dick hard as fuck
>dick is pulsing
>run to bathroom
>mixture of blood, semen, and urine comes out of dick.

I hadn't masturbated before it and it was painful enough to put me off masturbating until my late teens.
I pissed blood for about a week after it.


File: 1442978205677.jpg (185.18 KB, 1571x936, 1440148810719.jpg)

Never had one. They sound like fun though.


Do you jerk off a lot?


I never had a wet dream until I was 18 and it was in boot camp, no shit. I guess I fapped enough when I was going through puberty to not cum during sleep, but of course in boot camp I had no privacy so I didnt fap for 10 weeks. Pretty much the worst thing to wake up being yelled and cussed at every morning and having to deal with cum on your underwear.


I want to fuck that chick on the left then cum on that pearly white dog while the black cuck watches and that old lady shits on the ground.


Did anyone ever notice all of your nocturnal emissions

Was the military worth it


First weT dream

>fucks fat stepmom.

Very traumatizing yet HOT AS FUCK


I haven't had a stepmom but I used to have sexy dreams about my dad's gf

Does she have big tits or fat tits


Whoever was doing the laundry could have noticed I guess…I dont know

Yeah, it was worth it. Too bad I was too young and retarded to know to save money, I could have bought a house when I came back to the US. I spent it all on women and wine basically. Its "worth it" to use the GI bill and to make yourself grow up I suppose.
>tfw fucked up hearing in one ear
>tfw 30 and single
>everyone stereotypes you for being crazy
>theyre probably right


It seems to be a way that we expressed our middle school type affection, ways we saw and were familiar with and the way we thought it was supposed to make us feel. Feeling love and attraction tangibly.


I had just one.
>pushing crates around
>woman in black cat suit jumps out of crate
>her butt brushes my crotch
>semen everywhere


never had one, am I missing out?


A little bit. Most people won't have a lot but it's cool to experience it once.

Stop masturbating for awhile, maybe edge a few times before bed.

10x better orgasm. Your mind makes it reap ;)


My first wet dream was also the first one where I went lucid. I think I was about 15 at the time.

>walking around in the local mall for whatever reason

>suddenly realize that I'm dreaming
>decide to start flying around the place, feels good man
>eventually think "hey, maybe I can have sex too while I'm here"
>fly over to one part of the mall and see this girl I liked at the time
>tall, blonde hair, nice hips, a little plump
>a couple years younger than me, but I still found her hot
>we just start fucking in the middle of the mall
>wake up right as I cum

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