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No. 433

A.K.A: Share your blogpost about a nightmare you've had.

Lemme star by talking about mine, which for some reason, always seem to be disjointed for some reason. Had these yesterday.

First nightmare was me having a conversation to this sort of cockroach with human, slanted eyes with a mouth (kind of similar to David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch), about dissecting a human corpse, which was on a tiny table and was only a torso with a couple of organs with it's head and one arm cut off. As i was doing the operation, the cockroach thing kept talking to me about some non-sense i forgot, while blood kept spurting on my hands inside the human corpse's carcass.

Second one was me starting at the bottom of a sterile, white staircase (which i suppose was a hospital?), which had a backdoor of some sort. When i opened it, there was a large city road that had two groups of crowded people in different sides, arguing about some religion thing; one dude that was from the left side of the street, which was somebody i personally knew, started to fight with the other group which was on the right. Hugged him in an attempt to restrain him from getting his shit fucked by the mob of angry people, and pulled him inside the (what i suppose is) hospital's backdoor and locked it. He was lying unconscious on the floor, as i hopelessly tried to wake him up.


*Lemme start



Sometimes, when i practice, im floating in a dark place without any gravity on my mind knowing my body is on my bed. Then i feel like im ready to do it and i wake up, but im not moving my real body, instead i move like another body that i use to call "non physic body". This is when im dreaming, but i just wake up and move around like if i were awake, i use to do any kind of things but im pretty limited to do some others.

Anyway, someday i did this and i was in my house as always looking at some stuff, eating things, touching things or trying to do new tricks like make things appear from nothing. It's very difficult to keep a conscious state, and if you force it you wake up so i think the best i could do is let my mind get distracted and "believe" what my senses are experiencing. That day at certain point my mind got so distracted i started dreaming normally with some kind of conscious (like a lucid dream), and then i say my father sitting on a couch, then my mother tells him something stupid and he get mad, i dont know why he was like that and i got afraid but when i was about to tell him to stop he started to have a hearth attack, my father was dying in front of me, it was bloody real and i had no thougths, i just watched him agonize.. Then i looked at my mother and tell her to do something, i felt so useless, i started to think about how people sometimes can do anything . My mother grabbed that thing doctors use to vaccination (english is not my native language, sorry) and crossed her chest with it, direct to his heart. That was really, really disgusting and i was about to puke but i didn't it. I remember most visual details of this part, his chest and everything.. Then i think i fell and i dont remember anything of what happened next. Then i woke up and my mom was reading a book in her room, and i did remember that my father died and started to cry a lot.. I was thinking about how anything is right and one second later it's all fucked up, and how you can't do anything to change it.



… I woke up and i felt like i have no heart because of all the pain, like i was empty. It took some hours until i felt actually good. The first thing i did was to call my dad, but he was working and didn't respondme… I don't even wrote down that dream (i have a dream journal) because of how horrible it was, but as you see i still remember it with a lot of details. It was between september and november.


File: 1455205284445.jpg (76.34 KB, 1059x706, disposable-syringes-and-hy….jpg)

>english is not my native language, sorry
It's mostly legible so I wouldn't worry about it
>doctors use to vaccinations
Like pic related? Very interesting nightmare to say the least


Wow OP, definitely some scary stuff…that's the worst part of nightmares, everything that's unknown - like why your friend was so suddenly lying on the floor (probably dead) What was the reason, how was it done, are you not safe either? Just weird how our brains work.

I'm sorry about your father. Did you know him?


Is anyone having a lot of stress dreams lately? I have, I may start sharing them. Gives me anxiety just thinking about them….


I'm certain I had one last night actually. Really feeling unwell so far into the day now, might have something to do with the dream.


I would say share them. Seeing it in writing may give you a clue about what they mean - that's why I write my dreams down, anyway. I've solved some difficult and elusive problems by observing my dreams, but our memory of them is too unreliable to use.


tomorrow i'll have some time to share some


I don't know if this counts as a nightmare but when I remember it it disturbs me a little. Haven't had a similar dream since
>have a dream where I ate my fingers but the inside kind of looked like bread with the air pockets




That reminds of a dream I had where I gashed my calf open on a tree trunk and the inside of my leg looked like a cadbury creme egg.


File: 1458796171288.png (30.57 KB, 80x136, 01.PNG)



Did you taste it? In mine it tasted like bread with some salt on it.


No :( if it makes you feel better though I had a real cadbury egg last night :D


Now I'm just hungry. I think I'll go get some before Easter


This sounds kind of like astral projection to me.


File: 1462481382806.gif (3.65 MB, 381x294, 1391264004092.gif)

For the first time in my life I'm having nightmeres that scare me so much that I have to leave my room and continue sleep in the sofa

It's always about some nonsensical mosnter.

But why is it happening now?


What's going on in your life right now? Sounds like stress dreams, which i've having right now since my life completely changed recently.


Nothing iin my life has changed in a long while.


Does that thought scare you at some level?


No, nothing that could make me anxious is going on.


Well what's your bedtime ritual like? Anything change there? Do you eat in your bed or do other things besides sleeping


now that you mention that
I've entered a cicle were each day my sleeping hour is later and later until I got to bed at dawn, when that happen I will try to recover and go to bed early but the cicle will reset.


I usually do this on mondays


Yikes. Do you do this on purpose or is there some other reason for it? we are creatures of habit and sometimes not consistently going to bed in a certain window can fuck with us


I don't like to end the day until I've done everything planned, I stick really hard to my routine even when it takes more tme than it should. I do try to keep a consistent bed time but it moves later and later at a slow pace.


I had a nightmare a little while back where I was being hunted by a faceless girl.

She was chasing me so I ran and hid in a diner. I dashed in and sat at one of the booth seats, trying to slow my breathing. The waitress came up to me and asked what was wrong. I shooed her away. I heard the door open behind me. I nearly had a heart attack. Slowly, I looked to the door. Nothing… no one was there. I start panicking. I move to another booth seat closer to the door so that I can run out if need be. As soon as I slide into the booth I start to hear laughing. I look down under the table, the faceless girl was was hiding under the seat. She slashed my achilles tendons with a butcher knife in one quick motion.

That was the first time id ever felt pain in a dream. I could feel the knife going through and the tendons tearing. In reality It was just a overly tight pair of elastic socks that were digging into my ankles. Weird shit tho… I remember it well.


File: 1466054858259.jpg (48.31 KB, 298x329, 1410752457500.jpg)

This was a recurrent nightmare that I had when I was a kid.

At the very start of the dream I would be exiting a cabin in the woods with some people. It's always night. I never knew what was inside the cabin, I never looked at it. The people I was with varied, could be cousins or distant friends, but always people I didn't consider close to me.

We then would start collecting berries near the cabin, when suddenly a strange roar would startle us. I'd look in the direction of the roar and a deep sensation of terror would fill me as the place the noise came from would turn pitch black.
Then, a lone, gigantic red light would appear in the middle of the darkness, I don't remember it clearly, but I always felt like it was an eye.

After that I always woke up.

It doesn't sound that frightening, but I dreamt it often, sometimes several nights in a row.


So this is easily the longest 'duration' a dream has last for me.

I dreamt I worked at Target for what seemed like 2 years. All of my coworkers were mean to me, and I gained a ton of weight eating the popcorn.

I woke up in such a panic and felt disoriented for about 20 minutes as I situated myself back in to reality.

Move away from the light anon!


File: 1466217543165.jpg (20.11 KB, 300x300, 1466141492304.jpg)

>It doesn't sound that frightening

You're right, it doesn't sound that frightening, it sounds fucking terrifying. In this thread, we should all be aware that dreams feel real and if I were in a dark forest, heard a wispy roar, then saw a creeping blackness approaching with a giant red eye I would literally shit my pants in fear.

That sounds horrible too. I remember being extremely sick once - feverish, flu symptoms, vertigo, headache, etc. Tossing and turning on a hot night trying to stay somewhat cool, but dripping with sweat and feeling like it's freezing - you know how fevers are.

So anyway, I'm looking at the clock every 30 minutes or so in anticipation of the night ending, and I fall asleep sometime about 2:45 AM

I had a horrible dream that I don't remember, but it was one that seemed like it lasted for months. In the dream I was in agony, and when I woke up my relief that I had escaped the dream was surpassed only by my eagerness to find out how soon it would be daytime again, so I looked at the clock, and it was 2:48. Three minutes had passed.

Now that I think about it, it probably wasn't even a dream so much as a sickness-induced full-blown hallucination. It sucked.


File: 1466634288731.jpg (18.49 KB, 400x300, Zafra-Hombre-Flotando.jpg)

Sometimes the same happens to me, when it happens to me I feel that I transport myself to a completely closed area and of illuminated white walls.

It's weird, but I enjoy it. so I could not say it's a nightmare.

English is not my language either, sorry.


File: 1466637291879.jpg (305.88 KB, 900x599, dark-basement-design-inspi….jpg)

Last night I had a pretty bad dream.
I was on my knees in a dimly lit, damp, dark room that semeed to be some kind of basement. I don't know why I was there but there was this huge guy with a gun standing in the room. Near me were three or four other people also on their knees. They looked scared to death. The big guy with the gun said something and pointed the gun at the guy across from me.
Big guy pulls the trigger but nothing happens. Then he goes to another person and pulls the trigger. Nothing. Then he comes to me and starts saying some stuff I don't remember. I just remember being really scared. He pulls the trigger and I feel slightly relieved but then I realize he's still got the gun to my head. He pulls the trigger again and I think surely two is enough. I'm thinking to myself "You've shot two blanks already! FUCKING STOP!" He smiles at me and he shoots again but it's another blank and at this point I'm mad and thinking I'm definitely going to die if he just keeps shooting until he has one in the gd chamber. And he shoots again. And again.
And then I woke up really super suddenly, feeling scared and feeling like utter crap.


I had a snowball fight with lots of faceless people that were much bigger than me, like adults to a child difference in proportion.

Except we weren't using snow, we were using ourselves, as if made of clay. Scrape some from yourself and throw it.


I also had another recurrent nightmare.

Me and my family were walking towards some theme park and, to get there, we would have to walk upwards one of those swirly roads typical of parking buildings (or whatever they're called).
Most of the dream would be spent walking upwards.
At the end, we would see theme park, bright lights, fortune wheels and everything. All we had to do to get there is jump over a small ditch.

The ditch itself was very short, but it went very deep (all the distance we had climbed). Everyone jumped over it without problems, until it was my turn.
As I jumped, the ditch suddenly seemed longer than what I expected, and I'd fall to the pit. The vertigo always woke me up, and it'd feel as if I was being crushed against my bed afterwards.


File: 1479747101931.gif (996.85 KB, 450x253, 1467744878361.gif)

I had an intense nightmare last night.
It's a bit hard to explain.
I was a child of 9 or 10 years in my dream.
I was dreaming (Yes, I was dreaming in my dream), in this dream my sister told me a very strange dream that she had about me, I also told her a dream that I had, in which I went to her room, and She was lying with part of her body on the bed, she was probably dead, half her head was missing, but there was no blood anywhere.
She laughed, and left my room.
At that moment I wake up (in my dream) and went to her room to her the strange dream I just had.
I found her lying just like in my dream, had been brutally murdered and there was blood all over the bed. It was pretty graphic.

At that moment I realized that my dream was a premonition.
I found my mother crying desperately.
At that moment he woke up and did not fall asleep all night.

I hope my English would be legible enough.




File: 1487902376217.jpg (245.63 KB, 1280x1228, teef.jpg)

This one's pretty weird, and doesn't really seem scary, but it scared the shit out of me and made me wake up at 3 in the morning.
>Am in some irish marching band for some reason (I'm not even irish, I'm a spic)
>Band takes a detour into a Jewel Osco (a lot of my dreams involve me going into grocery stores now that I think about it)
>Inside looks more like a well lit Tony's or something of the sort
>There's a gym in the Jewel
>We jog around the gym for no reason at all
>There's a oldass mexican looking cowboy, weird gait and generally very twitchy, huge ass hat
>Stutters when talking, isn't talking spanish, but not english either, sorta sounds crazy and talks gibberish
>Gives me a mangy blue sweater, and says it's mine (fucked if I knew how I understood him)
>walk alone for a bit
>now the grocery store looks more like a bodega/more grimy and dark
>It's also gotten a lot bigger
>look inside the pockets of the sweater
>an ID from my old middle school, belonging to some girl named "Loko" (crazy in spanish), no last name
>Picture shows her as incredibly deformed, whole face is patched with different skin tones
>eyes, face, nose are all scrunched up into one tiny part
>makes me want to vomit
>where there's usually school info, it's replaced by very clinical, almost SCP-like description.
>"Capable of limit speech and thought. Feed three times a day via…"
>Put it back in the sweater, tie the sweater (which now is more like a blanket than a sweater) around one a pole holding up one of the shelves
>Look behind me
>Cashier area, empty with very widely spaced registers
>two women are arguing in a corner
>one takes out these sort of knives which look kinda like shortened, fatter, ski poles
>throws them at the other woman, who is cowering in the fetal position
>wake up


I'm >>705, the starfish dude.
Last night I dreamed that I went fishing with a buddy. I caught a MASSIVE parasitic worm, it was like 7 feet long. It looked like a dark brown grub, with two long shiny black curved pincers. Kinda like a bobbit (not gonna post a pic, google it). As you may imagine I tried to throw that shit back as fast as I possibly could. Unfortunately, as I was whipping it around it smacked my friend into the water. I guess it laid eggs in him or something, because later he had big lumps on his back where grubs were living just under the skin. I had to cut him open with a fishing knife and try and pull the small white grubs out, but they kept trying to burrow their way deeper so I had to reach in after them to pull them out, while still being careful not to get bit by them.


I just woke up from a nightmare, I don't have the energy to write it right now but it involved ghosts, some really disgusting and strange shit happening between some relatives, and children. Might write it later.


>tfw you know you had a horrible nightmare but can't remember anything except that lingering feeling of dread and horror


File: 1561746197310.jpg (196.02 KB, 702x1023, peter-singer.jpg)

I had a bad dream that Peter Singer, Australian philosopher and advocate for animal rights, sexually abused me. I remember nothing except that he came up to me, perhaps in a fairly public place, and violently rubbed the lower half of his body on me.

It was just a dream, I am sure.


So far i've had two nightmares that have really terrified me.

In the first one, i was in a white van with my family. We entered what seemed to be a car wash, but it was actually a trap set up by ISIS.
They took my parents out of the car and shot them. They locked my siblings and i inside the vehicle and put it on a car crusher. The dream ended while we were being crushed to death.

The second one was in my house, i think it was very early in the morning, it was still dark outside. I was in the living room watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, an episode that doesn't exist, it was about Shinji and Asuka having to eat breakfast quickly because an angel was attacking the city very early in the morning.
Anyway, my mother and sister were having a shower together for some reason. I saw my father walking to the bathroom with a pot of boiling water.
At first i thought it was funny, it took me a second to realize what was going on.
My mother and sister were agonizing on the floor, their faces melting, dad had poured the boiling water on them.
I figured he went insane and would try to kill me too, the dream ended as i ran out of the house.


I can't tell if it was a nightmare or not but it sure was surreal
I was right in front of a entrance to a mountain and right outside the mountain was a bulletin board. It had some pictures in it I looked through all of them some completely white and some with couple of pictures I recognize but the last picture I saw was a pitch black boy in a white background. After I having looked at the picture, I slowly started to get a headache and I fell down to the ground. The pain progressed and my dream slowly faded as well.


I was in a house with a companion. I do not recall who my companion was - but I know that he was a man. The house was also not identifiable, but the carpet was the same as the one in my grandmother's sitting room.

I began to see tiny flashes of light in the carpet - short, glinting white flashes. I realise that the house is about to blow up. One of the scariest parts of the dream is that I then tried to communicate this to my companion, but I cannot speak the words. I just stuttered and gibbered, never being able to get past the start of words without my voice failing. At some point, I gave up and ran out of the house, forgetting my companion. The house was on a steep hill and was surrounded by concentric rings of wire fence. I jump from the top of one fence to the next, increasingly unsure of my balance. As the house explodes, I am falling a long way.


The whole planet was consumed by some parasitic alien lifeform which were very diverse. I saw closeups of flesh being assimilated by insect-like creatures, worms, formless beasts were roaring horribly. The suddenly there were "humans" walking among them. They were pale as corpses and parasites were showing out from their ears and noses, moving slowly, controlling them most likely. But there was a weird pair: old man and woman who were holding hands and smiling at each other with an artificial expression on their faces. Then I saw another portion of close-up frames of insects consuming and poisoning flesh, laying egss, etc. It was like a badly cut footage. After that old man and woman were dancing and screaming like beasts.
Woke up.


I had a nightmare the other day where I bought a really tiny dog, and I had it for a few days. All of the sudden, something is knocked of a table and crushes the dog; the dog is super bloody and can't walk but is still alive. For some reason, I decide to kill it by beating it to death.

After that dog dies, I go and get a big husky dog with the intent to kill that one too. I end up beating it to death with a hammer for a long time.

Even though I enjoyed it in my dream, I still consider it a nightmare. I woke up crying for those poor dogs, and I was furious at myself for dreaming something like that.


Any tips for inducing nightmares? Dreams are nice but I always feel very alive after a nightmare and I want to have more of them.
Also hi /v/


Stress can get you frequent nightmares, I can confirm, but I wouldn't recommend you to get stressed in order to have nightmares, in the other hand I've read that the metabolism can cause them, like eating certain kinds of food that the body can't process fast prior going to sleep, but that might just cause insomnia.

Seems most of the causes for nightmares are related to physiological disorders like depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.

>Also hi /v/

lol, someone actually came.


File: 1583408524354.jpg (282.69 KB, 1364x2048, 1581782031479-2.jpg)

I was sitting on a bench in the park, observing people and taking notes. It was related to a college project.
A girl approached me and we started talking. At one point, she said that she doesn't like being selfish, etc. and that killing her ego helped her be more connected to the world.
I said "I can't do that."
"You don't have a soul, then."
"What happens if you don't have a soul?"
She pointed to a red, bloody creature the size of a rat. It had a human skull attached to a rat body, and it looked like it was rotting even though it was alive. It was "grinning" at me.
She said "You will become like this when you die."
A few seconds later, I noticed a "man" who looked like a devil; he was staring at us.
I went home. The "devil" was around the house, but did not seem like it wanted to harm me (yet). I entered the house, but only stayed for five minutes. I went outside again and decided to run.
The house was surrounded by a tall fence. I tried to jump over the fence, because I couldn't leave normally. It took a few tries, but I succeeded in the end.


Had a bad dream last night. Don't remember what it was. Wasn't very happy before going to bed.


File: 1584608162249.png (333.1 KB, 800x400, 081.png)

a few days ago I had this nightmare where I was in some sort of rural area like a farm or something and me and someone else were sitting in a car talking. we were coming up with some sort of plan when I saw a group of people coming up to the car. When they came closer, I noticed that their faces were warped and bloody like pick related. the other guy in the car had a head lamp on, so I told him to quickly turn it off so that the people wpuldnt see us. but it was too late by the time he turned it off, the group had already notice us, so I decided to get out of the car to make a run for it. right when I stumbled out the door, I slipped and fell on the ground. that was when one of the monsters swung an axe at the back of my head, killing me instantly


File: 1587522478532.jpg (30.01 KB, 798x540, 73364324_2826429780709091_….jpg)

nowdays my nightmares with monsters and other stuff that means danger (nightmares like >>845
) are generally ending with me turning the nightmare into a lucid dream and then waking up, the sense of fear and danger became so familiar to nightmares that my mind notices that it's on a dream when danger and fear are present, from what i remember, it started with me just jumping or flying away from danger, i remember that in a dream i was surrounded by zombies and i just flew away, later i just used brute force and imagined that my arms were bionic arms with hydraulic-like strength and also in bad dreams were i fought with people, they were scolding me or humillating me, i just pounched them with inhuman strenght, more recently whenever i have nightmares of some danger chasing me i automatically think that i dont have to deal with that and confront it, sometimes doing a Saltzpyre battlecry and hacking my way through with an axe and a machete.
Nowdays i had only nightmares with bugs, that there are bugs everywhere, bettles and spiders of the size of your hand, but now i cant have dreams were i have the fear of dying.


>went to clothing store
>one blouse was on the wall, like a painting
>I asked if I could buy it
>the cashier brought an identical one and took me to the fitting room
>the perspective changed and I saw us from 3rd person
>she said she had to do a "test" to see if I don't have an "illness" (she phrased it like "weak energy" or sth)
>she started to move her hands in a weird way around me, like a part of a ritual
>I wore a necklace, she put the pendant on fire
>I blew to stop the fire
>she said I didn't pass the test so I couldn't buy the clothing
>I went home
>my phone was hacked - different OS layout and there weird messages in the apps (sort of like motivational quotes)
>for example, you started the "music" app and above there was this short "advice"
>I decided to fix it the next day and went to sleep


I would always get these dreams where I am on a rollercoaster and they start it before I buckle in. It felt so fucking realistic and I hated it. I would get these dreams for MONTHS.


File: 1592767841254.jpg (55.55 KB, 500x407, 9c94f844ffe0641849f6275b24….jpg)

I had a dream about having sex with my uncle's wife, I mean, she's a good person and all, but she's not… very attractive.

the fuck is wrong with me?


Weird that you say “uncle’s wife” as opposed to “aunt”. Did they just get married or something and you don’t see her as that relative?


I had dreams I kept constantly dodging a train that would barely miss me. When I finally got hit, my dream went dark for three seconds. Then I woke up in a nearby hotel.

I didn't feel it, thank goodness. I was anxious for the rest of the day, though.


Sorry I'm always been told that the wife's or husband of my (blood-related) uncles or aunts aren't really related as family, I call her aunt, but that's that.

It probably has to do with the fact of my aunts getting divorced and stuff like that.


I keep having nightmares where people laugh at me, in direct or indirect ways. How do I make it stop? It always sours my day and oftentimes has me waking up in cold sweat in the middle of the night.


I had a dream about puffball mushroom spiders. They had a bulbous white body about the size of a large onion, and big thick sharp legs extending out from their body. I cut one and it started releasing spores, a white mist through the air. They started growing out of the moist parts of my restroom. Tiny little spiders, growing out of the damp paint.


Seriously disturbing dream probably. Sorry if my post is like that with my reaction. I'm sure others cannot stand injustice like I can.

I had a dream where me and a few others were (presumably) kidnapped, put in a van, and - this is where the dream starts - dropped into a camp where there's a pole with a camera. In the camp, the rich would watch our torture and I was the first victim as I was injected with a liquid through my stomach that would put me to sleep. They kept putting more of the liquid in my stomach while I screamed with the intention of having me overdose. I was thinking of a plan either afterwards or during the dream to escape. Anyways, my dream ended there with me screaming as my delicious soft tummy flesh was pierced by a needle.

They wanted to watch me overdose. It's like stabbing someone to watch them slowly die. I was there with hostile faces and other victims who either would or could do nothing to help me. These thoughts aren't alien to me since I have OCD too. I want to rip their flesh off with my teeth.


I dreamed about being cursed by some kind of object, I don't remember the details anymore but it was something like this:

There was some kind of curse object around of my house and after finding it The Devil was tormenting me, that's the only things I remember, after that I woke up.


I've been having reoccuring nightmares that involve different family members and usually they have distorted faces or body parts. Just recently I had one where my brother had half of his face pixelated while his left arm looked like a deformed club, he would just wonder around in this alleyway in a part of town. Oddly enough, I have had dreams of him dying in that same alleyway. Very awful dreams in this alleyway, some even very apocalyptic, and these have ranged from complete societial collaspe to demonic invasions. Then come to find out he had been attacked in that alleyway the next day by a junkie that had a knife while being inflicted by some knife cuts on his arms. I've been trying to figure out if these dreams are trying to perhaps tell me something such as an ominous foreshadowing or merely a coincidence.


I had a near-reality dream again. Just around a few corners from my house, in the foyer of a café (where really is the bookstore), with my own mug suspisciously like but distinct from their colors, I finished, put unmarked-mine 2 and 4 books on their shelf (to return for them) and walked down the street to the grocer (where really is the deli) closed because mid-night but brightly lit for restocking, and around the corner across the street towards home night becomes impenetrably dark, traffic lights cease I press the crosswalk button to light it to nought, I reach my flashlight, it's button activates it's light I cannot see, desperately pressing more and more, cycling bright-dim-flashing-off and I see the changes but no light. I try cry for help but hear my voice inaudible. I fade to my bed, my self floating affine tied loosely to body I recognize as astral projection and try enhancing dissociage, failed returning to body and hands numb to feel number face I see (imagine). Sometimes I wish I had a camera in my bedroom.


>Sometimes I wish I had a camera in my bedroom
I've personally thought about doing this and then checking my findings. Would it be something you're willing to invest in? If so, I hope you'll share whatever you may discover.


Basically what I want to know is whether I really touched my face (I know there's nothing really visible about astral projection), or in another case I woke up screaming, but had the sensation as though my real voice started as a nigh-silent groggy hum gradually geometrically growing through a couple seconds to the full scream—then I was fully awake and stopped screaming, and noöne else heard the scream though they may have been out of earshot—so I'd want to know what part was in the dream, and what part was real. I could easily set something up, but my problem is I'd have to inspect everything to make sure it meets my security/privacy standards—knowing my laziness, that's unlikely.


I used to explore astral projection about a decade ago. I haven't really done anything further in doing anything else since around that time. Maybe, just maybe I should. I tended to have very unusual dreams during that period as well as more lucid dreaming to the point where I do honestly believe I had achieved my desired result. Sorry for going a bit off from your reply here. I've experienced similar as well with screaming and yet no one else seemingly hearing me. I've even done so while sharing a bed with someone or just being a room apart from each other. You very well could have experienced some inbetween state of being in your dream as well as awake very akin to the astral plane. I'm sure there's other anons that may be lurking that could expand on this. Which I'm also very curious to know more about. Just make sure it's an offline device instead of something more modern such as an IP security camera of sorts. Probably could order or get your hands on an old set up perhaps from the '80s or '90s if privacy is your main concern.


File: 1601108947042.jpeg (23.38 KB, 400x302, 145EE2B3-C9ED-4EBA-A80B-3….jpeg)

Biggest nightmare I ever had actually triggered something in me and formed a deep social anxiety and a panic attack that lasted three whole months.

I was being chased down the street at midnight. It was completely red. I knew I had to of died when I woke up. Don't know what it was about this dream but it fucked my brain UP.

I was also fairly young when I dreamt it so that may also be why.


I've been having some strange dreams of being all alone walking down a dusty broken down road where everything is decrepit while ash falls like snow.


I had a dream I was visiting in china, and there was this big TV in my bedroom that I couldn't turn off. I'd try turning it off by pressing the power button, and it'd turn off, and then in 3 seconds, it'd turn back on. I'd try to unplug it's data cables, but I guess it has wireless. Then I tried unplugging it's power cables, but it still turned on in a few seconds. Like it has some sort of wireless power supply.
And like the old soviet-russia joke, the TV was really a surveillance apparatus. And they probably know I tried to turn it off, but I woke up before anything happened.

At least the family I was staying with all had Signal on their phones, so they were at least trying to defend their freedom. I probably put them through a lot of trouble for trying to turn off the TV.. Such kind people.


I had a dream I was an heir to some source code. I (in the dream) never really thought about money before, and I especially never thought about computers, so I was confused about both the idea of inheritance and property, and about what source code is. My father explained it to me: so it turns out that this whole (dream) world runs on close-source software. As my father droned on about responsibility and not abusing it, the only thought that stuck in my head was that if I studied it well, that kid, that childhood bully of mine, would really get what was coming to him.

When I woke up, as I was thinking through my dreams of the night, when I started recalling this one, I really broke out in a cold sweat, that I could be so vapid. And that the world could be set up to allow something so cruel to happen.


I had a dream
Of a wall
That was 21 storeys tall


>While ash falls like snow
Reminds me a lot of angusnicneven.com
You can find a lot of sections the question "Is it ash or is it snow?" or something related to that theme, though I don't remember which ones.


File: 1610373924172.jpg (6.32 KB, 325x553, gordon1 - ifonlylow.jpg)

I regularly (about twice a week) dream about me laying in my bed until it is suddenly swarmed by insects. It's always a different species. It's been spiders, cockroaches, fast-moving worms, etc.


This dream takes place in high school. Cringe, I know, but it's not what you think.

There is plenty of "paranormal" stuff going on, and you have to figure it out. I come early so I have time to hang out in the hallway a little. I see a lot of creepy stuff, possessed people, and you have to throw certain objects at them and they calm down.

Anyway, I go into the classroom a few minutes before the class starts. Every day we learn some weird thing. Today there are sewing machines on every desk and my mind immediately goes to needles. I know that the machines will go out of control and I will be attacked by the needles. In the dream, I remember older dreams with this pattern but different objects. In reality, I have never had dreams like that.

Naturally, I'm scared so I skip class. On my way out, some people warn me about a certain creature that wants to "assimilate" me and kill me. They are disguised as people, no difference. A few people in the school have one of these chasing them. The creatures make people think that they are their "shadow" and they have to accepted but they are actually foreign and want to possess you (for lack of a better word).

So I ask around the school, and find out that they can be killed if they use a poisoned lipstick. It's not harmful for people, just for the "creatures". The girls who make these lipsticks offered me one.

I go home. On the way home, I see this girl, she was dressed somewhat like a magical girl. There is nobody else on the street. She is a few meters behind me, but keeps getting closer. We make small talk, I pull out the poisoned lipstick and I use it. I ask her if she wants to try it, she said yes. She applies the lipstick. In a few seconds she disappears. Mission accomplished lol.

When I'm close to home it's already midnight. I am tired and pass out on the street.


File: 1615783069689.jpg (104.13 KB, 1024x1024, HOAGY.jpg)

I have multiple nightmares every night and have since I was a kid. I only sleep well a few times a year. I suppose I'll share one from last night

>Insides my grandmother's house, out in the middle of the desert and filled with wax figurines (almost all my nightmares take place here)

>Close family members are berating me over my job performance/generally horrible lifestyle
>Go into bathroom and see I am covered in cysts and huge pimples
>Begin to pop one, gallons of puss begin to flow out and begins to wrap around my neck and choke me
>Eat it, pop more cysts
>Sentient, crusty eyeballs come out and stare back at me
>Do this over and over until I have massive gaping wounds all over my face and neck, I'm bleeding everywhere
>Wake up with a bloody nose

Honestly very mild for my dreams, but still very disturbing and left me feeling off all day


>multiple nightmares every night
try prazosin


File: 1615934247211.jpg (96.38 KB, 712x900, 1615896833425.jpg)

Just had a super freaky nightmare bros.

A group of hackers at my school decided that they were going to start fucking with me. For some reason in my dream Telegram and Twitter were basically the same app. But they like sent me a follow/friend request and thats when something felt wrong. I could hear them typing in shit and taking control of my screens and looking through all my stuff.

My twitter is safe but my tele is not. I ERP as a furry character sometimes and I have a lot of weird kinks, but these hackers were in my telegram account and laughing at everything. Nowhere in the dream did it confirm that they were sending it to my friends family and school mates but I knew that they were.

While they were doing this I hoped I still had time so I dug through the web app to try to find a place to report that I was being hacked and the page that it took me to was a fucking FBI pdf form you had to fill out that was a dozen pages long and it was time sensitive so I gave up and tried to find another way to get them out of the app.

Near the end of the dream I was just freaking out about how my reputation was ruined and everyone was gonna know about all my crazy shit and I'm never gonna have another chance with my ex because she'll know and all this stuff. Basically felt like my life was over.

I woke up and my heart was pounding. I like never have nightmares…


everytime i talk about this i get embarrassed and take it down. tw for csa/rape
alright, i had some sexual things done to me as a kid by another kid, a family member, who didnt really know what they were doing and learnt it from someone else. it's really fucked me up in the years past, but im doing a lot better now. still, i keep having dreams where family members, even those who have never done anything of the sort to ANYBODY (much less me) try to rape me, mainly my dad. they're so distressing and i wake up feeling sick. its hard to face him afterwards.
on a slightly lighter note, i have those weird teeth falling out dreams and man, the feeling of chewing with just gums is gross, even just in a dream. i hope i never feel it in real life. now i gotta grind my teeth just to remind myself they're there. people say that means your life feels out of control, but i just..have them randomly? even when i feel okay? i watch a lot of horror so it probably has to do with that.


Dream 1: Dream took place in a small beachside town with a friend of mine who had kidnapped and was torturing a small dog (one of those things you just know in dreams). Some sort of festival with sparse groups of people just standing in a field with dry, trampled summer grass. My friend starts to sing, forcibly mingling his voice with a group of festival NPCs. I can see the ocean down below. Looks like an upside down greenish glass bowl. It's rounded at the edges. it looked kinda like the logo of some corporate artstyle bubble big tech company. the song started to become darker. I looked at the sky and it was night. the sky looked expansive and at first I thought there were no stars, but I could see little ones lurking under the night. they looked like little holes or pockmarks and they terrified me. the sky flashed a kinda orange-pink several times, which informed me there was going to be a tsunami. the sky was black again and the sea started to move like a snake. this was where I woke up.

Dream 2: a fever dream I had when I was 9 with a "towel grabbing contest." still remember this because it was the most terrifying dream I'd ever happened. what happened is I grabbed too much of the red towel. woke up screaming and vomiting.

Dream 3: Vast field of wheat that stretched forever in 3 directions. 4th direction has a kinda fairytale twisted mess of a forest set up on a hill. Low conifers mostly with enough mangled branches to make one big tree mat. Almost oppressively blue sky. I'm half aware I'm dreaming and I feel like I'm trapped in an old movie with a kinda technicolor system- I'd just seen wizard of oz with my little cousin the night before. little cabin appeared to me, at first far away. broken windows, cobwebs, peeling paint. something was deeply wrong in the house.there was a kinda primordial fear attached to it. I had no choice but to walk towards it, fear increasing every step I took. when I reached it, I looked inside, felt a sort of intense vertigo fear, woke up.


I was on a sidewalk, going home, and I was carrying some coconuts.

There was a group of 5 girls who were going in the same direction and were laughing at me. I changed my route to avoid them but they came after me. I asked one of them "do I know you?" and they just kept talking like we have known each other forever.

I took one coconut and threw it at her, it pushed into traffic and she was run over by a car. No one reacted, I just heard whispers from the other girls. I threw another coconut at another girl, same result. They started to walk faster, and I think they were going to the police.

I went to the train station and took the first train lol.

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