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No. 396

Day two of the 2016 dream journal. I'd suggest everyone try one for 2016, you're not too far behind yet. If you can't remember anything, just write that you can't remember anything. I'm typing mine. Is this anyone else's new years "resolution"?


all I remember is wakingup with my throat raw and nose completely filled and just feeling awful with mucus


Last night I dreamt of my High School crush, I have no idea why, I hadn't thought of her in years and years and yet there she was with me throughout my entire dream.


ahhh that's the worst now you'll think about her ALL DAY


I really did


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Had a dream where I was in the datacenter I work at, and for whatever reason it was getting all dusty or something, and I can remember exactly the feeling of the dream turning into a nightmare…

So it was dusty, and I started seeing silverfish crawling on the thin mesh blankets they hang over some of the cages to keep them dust-free, and silverfish are small, right?

Well, they were small when I was looking at em closely, but then they looked the same size when I was looking at the dust mats that were really far away - like a really bad special effect or something, where the scaling is wrong. So I thought "That can't be right, perspective's off" and so the dream made them all fucking huge to correct for the perspective.

So now they're predatory-animal size, and my brain thinks that the most plausible strategy for them to survive in this environment is to crack open the false ceiling panels to hang upside down like stalactites, baring these huge mandibles, as if waiting for something to walk underneath them. But, the ceiling is too high/they were still too short and stubby to really reach anything.

Then I remember thinking "Well, evolution would dictate that if some are too short they'd be unsuccessful at catching things so…and I watched as they stretched and expanded to get fucking long enough to hang down at perfect human-head level so I was like "Fuck this" gotta call an exterminator - looked around, got a feel to where all of em were hanging down to dodge em so i could get over to a phone and call somebody, and when I got off the phone and stood back up to leave I backed into one and it bit the top of my head. I started to convulse with pain and sheer terror and was shuddering and spasming as I woke up.

Fuck you, brain.


File: 1454856972763.jpg (185.09 KB, 625x417, 1355030835973.jpg)


Had a couple of weird dreams…

One was me trying to get to this coffee shop to meet up with a buddy, and getting lost in an impossible maze of back-alleys on the way there, having to push my motorcycle up and down extremely steep broken and bumpy ramps again and again. Eventually ended up near the entrance to some apartment building, and a woman invited me in. She started mentioning some kinda flirtatious stuff, so I approached her about it, but she was reluctant to actually do anything I guess? So I backed away from her quickly, and then suddenly I couldn't speak to explain myself - my mouth shriveled up, I couldn't move my legs, and my arms and hands were barely responsive.

Woke up and my mouth was really dry, and my posture had made one of my arms fall asleep…

Fell back asleep…


File: 1454856992170.jpg (148.54 KB, 800x858, 1451836289152-0.jpg)


Some kind of dream about a delivery of some sort - had to take a plane to fly this package somewhere - at a really complex airport that I think I've seen in some of my other dreams….well, this one was different after I got on the plane. At some point it turned into some kind of spaceship, and then suddenly I wasn't really me, I was controlling Kirby riding on a Warp Star from Kirby's Air Ride. There were these enormous psychic alien bug-things and when they noticed "me" apparently it alerted some of their buddies - I guess one faction of these bugs within the space ship wanted this delivery of who knows what to who knows where, and the other one didn't, because a couple of them formed a shield wall around the character and told me to stay behind them. Suddenly I was playing Kirby's Air Ride through a space ship with a couple of these bugs protecting me, and others coming in to replace them as they died, while the others - which looked exactly the same - were trying to kill me.

Shit got crazy when we ran into corners and had to make extremely tight turns.

Then I crashed into some energy-shield-like wall with the warp star, enemies still coming, and the image in the frame turned to kirby sleeping next to the crashed Warp Star and a blemish/cracked surface on the shield/wall. The words "You took a short break" appeared over the image and I thought to myself, "omgwtfhurrythefuckupKirb—oh….it's just a loading screen"

Then the chase continued for a little while after, I eventually crashed through another one of these shield walls, then had to run/fly/grind down one of these perilous outer railings on the ship…

…then I woke up because I had to piss on account of all the water I drank earlier…and Here I am.


>huge silverfish
i'm sorry man ;_; i hate those fevery work dreams

dreams about females suck, on the other hand your kurby/alien hellmare sounds fucking awesome


File: 1455057894648.png (152.58 KB, 600x684, 1431762822236.png)

Fevery work dreams and silverfish are pretty bad, yeah :(

>dreams about females

Yeah, really never a good thing in the end…

>kirb dream

Yeah that shit was actually pretty fucking cool. Definitely made up for the girl dream I'd had earlier. I seriously wish I could play that game I dreamt. Kirby Air Ride with survival campaign when?

It has been months and months since I've dreamed at all, I'm wondering why I've had so many in such a short time…


I find it usually happens if there has been a change somewhere. Like being unusually fatigued or energetic I'll have amazing dreams all at once


i played the shit out of kirby super star on the nintendo. i haven't had any kirby dreams though :( definitely more than my fair share of fallout/xcom nightmares lol


File: 1455072437206.jpg (88.13 KB, 640x640, D_shortcake.jpg)

I did suddenly go from a nightmarish work schedule to having lots of time off (school ended, just working now) so that definitely could've been the cause…kind of fun to have dreams again.

Absolutely classic game…and yeah, this is my first Kirby dream ever. Hopefully next time I have a dream about cuddling with him or some such. I have a pretty respectable collection of Kirby music on my Mega, if you're interested. It's pretty nice to listen to on its own.


Yeah that sounds similar to what happened to me when I have dreams. Most of my dreams tend to be "realistic" at least as far as a dream could be, wish I would have a dream like your Kirby one!


It was definitely way out there as far as my normal dreams go - I've heard that just stream of consciousness writing RIGHT after waking up, like you already have the notebook in bed with you when you sleep, can yield some pretty trippy ideas. It might even encourage your brain to remember more dreams that you have. I'm sure you'll get a cool one.


I keep dreaming about girls, then it just gets me distracted all next day :/ I don't get it because I smoke weed everynight before bed. Only recently my dreams have started coming back, hard.

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