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Hello /dr/ i wanted to talk about a recurring dream i have and maybe seek some guidance as to what it could mean. Also share yours if you have and maybe we can help each other.

I'll start:

I have this recurring dream where i engage in a fight and maybe lose. To elaborate further, it wall starts with an intense feeling of anger, as if i'm being wronged somehow and it gets to a point where i can't take it anymore and lash out. Usually happens that i'm near the person who wronged me and i get closer and closer, call their attention and throw the first punch, but here's the kicker (no pun intended heh) as i continue hitting and fighting i notice i'm struggling to even hit em and every punch is like my hand is a pillow to them, completely harmless, now you'd think that i'm just fighting resilient people, but i've done everything from mushing their face to the wall, to hit them with a plank and again it all seems like i'm hitting with a pillow.

So at that moment upon which rage secedes and reason showers my brain, i stand aghast at the scenario of my dream and finally realize the inescapable reality of the situation, i shall never defeat my foe.

So i wake up.


Maybe you should keep a baseball bat near you when you sleep

Then you can use that in your dreams instead of a pillow

Is there someone irl that's pissing you off?


well i have an 8th iron next to my bed and i don't think i've ever dreamt about using it.

As for a particular person pissing me off, man i don't think so, i find myself constantly annoyed by many people because of some petty shit sometimes and not so petty shit other times but almost always i just let it slide, it's never something worth the trouble, i guess there's been a couple of times i've been genuinely pissed off but i solved the problem right then and there and let my anger cool down after the fact.


It almost lines up perfectly, not being able to harm people in the dream, not releasing anger in real life

Maybe be more angry? Lmao. It can help from time to time


Hmm, not to sound flippant, but I think you might be reading too much into these dreams. Certainly, they're stressful, but I don't think it's a commentary on you or your psyche, it's just the kinda thing that would be, dreaming about. I mean, I've certainly had very similar dreams–or the opposite, where I can't *stop* hurting people–but I really think it's just a combination of: the brain fucking with you, because that's what dreams do, dig up discombobulated neural circuitry while they're cleaning up your wiring; venting stress — or rather, responding to stress, even the stress created by the dreams themselves!

By fixating on them, you're just fertilising them to keep growing under your skin, perhaps interfering with your daily interactions, repeat.

I might suggest trying to de-stress in general: give yourself some (more) private time away from people, pick up (or focus more on) a hobby, get some fresh air in nature, take a vacation, read some philosophy to help you understand other people's stupidity and ignore them. Just, little things, to get you thinking on something else, and reminding yourself of your own individual motivity.


I don't have very many recurring dreams. One recurring element in my dreams, though, has been RVs. For a week straight, all my dreams involved RVs. They stopped after I watched a video about one, and I don't know why.


I dream about work all the time, but I think that's normal for most people who work full time

A lot of my dreams involve doomsday scenarios too


Dream of being a man OP, and not a faggot.

Anyways, sounds like you have anger issues, not saying you're a violent faggot, but that you are anger at someone and frustrated.

So if someone is making you angry to the point that you dream about, I say confront them and get it over. Worse thing that could happen is that they beat you into a pulp, but hey that's life for you.


my dreams aren't identical, but they are similar.
I keep ending up naked in public, usually by a pool or some other body of water. also, Kids are usually around me. anyone know what the hell it means?

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