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Last night I woke up from seeing this vivid battle of WW2 style proportions. Islamic state soldiers had brought the fight to the outside of a government building, either London or Berlin. It was rawer than any movie Id ever seen. Their bodies were getting torn to pieces by cannon fire as the entire place was engulfed in flames like napalm was being used, people were running for their lives. The whole thing was live on the news and the reporter was even disturbed by how graphic it was.
This alone is no big deal but its a recurring dream, last month I was walking around Westminster, it had been completely destroyed by the Blitz II, bombed to shit. Then I was in Tel Aviv and a bomb went off in a gay community. I woke up and a bomb had gone off in Israel but that happens all the time. However the amount of dreams I have verses how little I care for all this war politics makes me wonder what the future holds…no more watching the news for a start.


It's the future we chose


It's that you, Zeta?


OP here, last night I dreamt about a mass shooting. For some reason I dont consider these nightmares. Its like Im seeing a reflection of the general political climate on the planet right now. I should be disturbed by them but an observant apathy is probably for the best, I couldnt handle it otherwisr.

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