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No. 264

I was visited by a voice at night. The curtains were open, a square of light on the dark wall.

I sat up to attention and it started its conversation.


:o what did it say?


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I looked out of the window as a square of light passed on the night wall. A police car passed the road beneath my room. Silent.

A little later another police car and two unmarked police cars with lights in their grill gently blinking blue traveled in the opposite direction, silent. It was so quiet, and empty, everyone else would miss them.

The voice knew they were coming.

Unusually for spoken voices, this one was very mannered , very well mannered. And never met by me before.

Reality, Make-Believe, Stories, Actions, Repercussions, Responsibility, Freedom

Freedom in Stories, and Make-Believe

but other things as well, information, hooks, codes


Pretty spooky. Is that all that happened?


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I don't want to repeat the conversation with the voice. Seems too personal.

It started course of events and imaginations.

I have a chart (pic not related but to give an impression). The chart has numbers and circles, gobbledigook words of months,

Pillar of Severity
Pillar of Mildness
Pillar of Mercy

I meditated on it a little. I wonder if this chart is re-written with a significance for our times now? Is this chart past down?

My Father said something to me a few days latter I have never heard in my life.

I think there is a mystery I am part of.

I wish I wasn't so sick. I hope I finish what I need to do.


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Bringing about spring is more than a season or even a year, maybe ten years or one hundred. Or different in different places.

Holding hands and hoping for things, changing bits of minds.

Leaving things behind like seeds, that will go dormant, be found and start you up again.



Would you mind telling us what your father said?

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