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Has anyone experienced sleep paralysis? I've had episodes pretty regularly since I was a kid, at least once a month.

How is it like to you? Do you get it going into or out of sleep? How are your thoughts immediately before going into sleep paralysis?

I can tell when it is coming on but usually am in an altered or hypnagogic/hypnopompic state, and I'll just slowly drift into it. It still occasionally surprises me, I feel drawn in.

Usually what I get now as far as delusions is a soft buzzing or grinding which seems innocuous at first, but ends up growing louder and louder and just feels insane and malevolent. I have in the past had sort of delusions or hallucinations, I think my earliest memory of this happening were with big spouts filling my room with water, but these don't happen as frequently any more. It is mostly just the buzzing and some dark abstract dreams now.

I believe I usually get this going in to sleep. I'll be drifting off and it will just seize on me. I will no longer be able to move very much, and I'll lay there breathing waiting for it to end. It never ends unless I struggle, which leads to panic, which then leads to difficulty breathing. I do break out eventually though. I find it difficult to go back to sleep immediately, if I try to I just happen to go back into the sleep paralysis state. It helps to get up and do something else for half an hour before trying to sleep again at those times.

I believe I once got it sleeping in class. I tried to yell for help but could only manage a soft moan before I snapped out of it.


>Has anyone experienced sleep paralysis?
Yes, Have *I*?, yes.
>How is it like to you?
It has been a long time since I've experienced it, at least a decade, if not half a decade more; but it was always during awakening, however rarely it did occur. The first couple times it was integrated into a dream—a realistic dream, so really not true paralysis per se—although it lingered and affected the sense of panic upon waking up. Then a couple times later, it was good-ol' fashiouned sleep paralysis, below the waste only; it actually freaked me out a bit specifically because I thought my tendonitis'd finally caught up to me and I'd simply lost those muscles for real.


Never experienced it in only part of my body before. I can always move my eyes, breathe slowly and carefully, and maybe move my digits a bit. That's about it.

I know some people try and use it to launch themselves into lucid dreams. I don't have any experience with that.


I've experienced it twice so far.

The first time was last year, full body.

The second time was around a month ago, and then it was only below the waist, same as >>26


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Well, I'm not sure if it was sleep paralysis, but I experienced something similar several months ago while listening to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcYucC3644k

I didn't try to move my body, but it felt as if my whole body was folding in on itself.
It was strangely pleasant.


>Only Skin
FUCK I love that track. Possibly Newsom's masterpiece.


That's really cool, reminds me of this a bit: https://current931.bandcamp.com/track/black-ships-ate-the-sky-2

I occasionally feel a chill down my spine or body if I'm listening to or reading something that happens to mesh well with my emotional state at the time.

This is a physiological thing brought about by poor sleep habits, genetics, sleeping prone, etc.


yeah but you want to be careful though, it an be a symptom of exhaustion

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