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I keep having dreams about a guy I know who won't talk to me anymore. They're good dreams where I run into him and have a good time and everything turns out OK but then I wake up and i get incredibly sad because it was just a dream


Are you beyond being able to talk to this guy again?

I hate when you have dreams about friends/lovers that aren't accessible anymore because it's all you end up thinking about the next day.


I keep having similar dreams aswell with a friend who this got aquward with once I started hanging out with other people. We don't talk anymore and even eye contact seems strenuous. But I have dreams where we talk and hangout and it's a good time.


haha i love daniel johnston


I've tried calling him but it goes to voicemail after a few rings and there's no followup. I saw him a few months ago, he waived but didn't respond to any text i sent him the next day.
That wrecked me for a good month.


I feel like a lot of times our dreams capture our regrets and worries. You'll make new friends annon but you just have to savor the memory and move on.

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