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No. 239

ITT:Worst nightmare you ever had.


I don't really have nightmares anymore, but when I was little (4-5), I used to get nightmares about the vacuum cleaner from the Telletubbies.


File: 1444868761783.jpg (285.71 KB, 1999x1244, fireburn.jpg)

>be about 8
>Have a dream that I had a virus that turned everyone around me slowly into shit
>There was a small 50's TV
>"Evil guy" was in it
>Explains his master
>End up killing the world
>Only one left alive
>Eventually turn the earth and then the universe into shit


When I was a little kid I had a dream that I got up in the middle of the night and walked out of my house for about half a mile. I got to this wooden fence, and a bright red light shined against me. I turned around and saw a robotic tripod creature with a long tube with an eye at the end shining the light. The way it moved was unnatural. I started running and the next thing I remember in the dream I was back in my house again. The next day after I had that dream I kept getting uncontrollable images in my head of kids with blank eye sockets and TV static where there eyes should have been. Really freaked me out. I had a couplr of extremely vivid and terrifying alien abduction dreams when I was young. It's messed up.

The scariest dream I've had recently was being devoured by large spiders that I couldn't fend off. I woke up literally drenched with sweat and nearly screaming.


Never been scared by a dream before, but had one a month ago that was disturbing and can't get out of my head. If anons could interpret it might help.

I am in the afterlife in an underground city, with a ghostly christian girl following me. I decide to visit a restaurant and meet 2 prophets at a table. They tell me I was born in the Age of Ion, and lay a death tarot card on the table.
I leave with the girl and find an office which she advises me to stay away from. Inside the office, it is an empty room except a small desk and a small bookcase in the corner. Inside the bookcase is a small flesh covered book, about the size of my palm.
The book details the life of a man named Satorus. No matter how much "willing meat" he ate, Satorus never was full, he needed to hunt his food. One day he began hunting humans, and as a trophy collected one unique body part from his prey. After collecting many parts, even flayed corneas, Satorus began to assemble them. He almost finished the corpse before being captured by an unknown group.
The office door begins to creak open and the dream ends.


One time I had a nightmare where I was trying the Occulus Rift, but for some reason it had to connect to your brain through some means in this dream.
So I was exploring a program that recreates past memories on it, and I went to this park I used to go to as a kid with an old stone castle tower in front that you could walk up and look over the whole park from.
There was something unnerving about the memory, though. There was no one in the entire park when I walked up the tower and looked over. Then when I looked back to the entrance there was a large group of people standing perfectly still in front of a flagpole waving a pitch black flag with nothing on it, in dead silence. All the people, in sync, looked up to me and I noticed that their eye sockets were just pure black as well.
That's when I got, what I believe to be a VR virus, which behaves like a computer virus would only it got into your brain because it was connected to the unit. So I started slowly waking up and as I did I couldn't see anything despite the fact that I knew my eyes were open IRL and I could feel myself moving around and getting on the floor from my bed and stuff, and I started forgetting a lot of stuff, as if that virus was now deleting all my memories. Just before I regained my vision I think I forgot entirely where I lived. After feeling my way back into my bed I finally fully woke up. Ever since that nightmare I've always felt this strange sense of paranoia, that everything I have will suddenly be gone one day.

Also this one time I got a shock of sleep paralysis because I saw an arm reaching over me but it was actually just my comforter.


Good advice is to never invite anyone into your home during a nightmare.


File: 1445544591279.png (474.74 KB, 600x638, finna.png)

When I was 7 or 8, I used to have a lot of nightmares. These nightmares were more vivid than my actual dreams.
It went something like this,
>be 7
>when i start dreaming, i couldn't tell if it was a nightmare or not
>it was close to a lucid dream, but i couldn't move, i was just a voice in my dream-self's head
>my dream-self starts to look around
>the environment is like the catacombs, closed-in walls, long halls, etc.
>but the place had torches
>my dream-self starts walking
>he does this for about 2 minutes, he stops, looks around, and starts RUNNING
>it was almost as if he was being chased
>suddenly he looked behind him
>i couldn't really make out what the thing chasing him looked like
>all i saw was a pretty large shadow running really fucking fast
>holy fucking shit.png
>i then started YELLING at my dream-self
>it seemed like he was listening to me
>the monster was chasing him for what seemed about 3 minutes
>my dream-self was no longer running
>he walked to a corner and just sat down
>i was yelling at him again
>"what are you doing? he's going to kill you!"
>my dream-self just started looking around
>suddenly i saw the monster walk into the room he was hiding in
>the monster was walking slowly
>he was right in front of my dream-self
>well shit
>the monster was only a shadow, with a human like shape, kinda like OP's image
>suddenly my dream-self stood up
>this entire time i didn't really know i was dreaming, i thought i was just part of my dream-self
>the monster got a little closer
>"i'm ready to die" i said
>monster swings
>everything goes black
>nightmare restarts, but i didn't notice
It restarted about 2 more times, and then i just woke up. Had this nightmare every week or so, and then it went away.

Any other nightmare I had after was basically the same, but in another environment.


one from long ago.

>night, walking with some guy

>almost complete darkness
>we stand on a bridge which is visible, water below
>turn on flashlight and point it down
>only water and some rocks in it
>turn light off
>and again turn on
>shadow human-like figure standing in water
>feel scared as fug, my heart hurts from this
>wake up


Why? Bad things happens?

It's better stay with friends if you feel scared. I think.


I had a nightmare that I was taking care of two younger kids, a boy and a girl, probably each around twelve years old or so. We were in some weird dark part of a city and I got separated from them. While I was frantically running between buildings to try to find them, I got thrown between two dumpsters and was being grabbed all over from all different gross, blistered, split, oozy hands. My dreams are very vivid so I could 'feel' everything. It was all really gross cartoonishly large and muscular bikers who were holding me in place and they took turns raping me in the front, back, and mouth. They were making these disgusting noises while they did it too, like an overlapping cacophony of all of their voices. It was so vivid and went on for what felt like hours while I could hear my own voice screaming and crying. I remember even while it was happening my greatest fear was what happened to the kids I was protecting. I woke up sobbing and my entire body hurt. I was staying in a motel that night so I was terrified enough to check the door lock set a few hundred times.


>Like 7 living in apartment complex
>I think I'm dreaming
>Crosses apartments and goes to play on bright sunny day and meets friend. Proceeds to jump in and out of truck beds playing 'guns' with friend.
>Possibly 'day dream' a cop SUV pulls up but doesn't of course
>Father whistles for me so I go home
>Wake up and it's all a dream but felt so real to this day I can't tell the difference between dreams and reality


When I was young I don't remember how old I had a fever dream. I remember being a part of a machine of flesh, it wasn't painful, just uncomfortable. There was now way to physically describe it but I could tell many other people were trapped and being used as well. That's really the only nightmare I can remember


File: 1447133515256.jpg (235.18 KB, 1366x768, 1441604058244.jpg)

When i was a little kid i had a lot of nightmares, very weird nightmares.
>Me in car with mom
>Drive across the forest
>Mom leaves me in a kind of kindergarten
>Come on, i'm eleven mom
>A doctor dresses me white
>There is a lot of dumbs kids there with me
>Suddenly the lights turn red
>Kids scream
>Kids start running to some secret tunnels
>Me too
>A doctor say: The nurses are comming
>The "nurses" start to become monsters, without eyes and bleeding from the mouth and hands and legs
>They start hunting us
>They can destroy walls
>Two nurses eat a girl infront of me
>They start eating my own legs
>i feel the pain, i scream
And… i woke up.




I was stared at by the most realistic skeleton ever. He would move about the room always staring at me. It felt real, it felt awake.


I've had several, and I can't remember how they began, but I remember how they all ended.

In one of them Doc Brown and Marty went back to the mezozoic and fucked around. They came back and the present looked exactly the same, except for one difference: The emissions from the Delorean went to the sun and started a chain reaction which would cause it to go supernova. A harsh orange light swept over the earth and I saw everyone and everything burn in excruciating detail.

In another, I was walking along a hiking trail on a forest somewhere and I learned I could see auras like in Stephen King's Insomnia (even though I've never read it). There were two other guys with me who could also see them. We also saw things other than auras. They were literal distortions in space that looked like wrinkled plastic wrap. The world darkened around these things and plants started rotting.

We found our way to a cabin where they gathered around a family with a newborn son. As they closed in we decided it was time to haul ass. We ran out into the dying forest and I very briefly saw a figure that was humanoid but clearly not human. I heard his voice, which was a surprisingly normal sounding voice. He told me that the forest was just he beginning and that before long he'd kill everything.


And there's more.

There was an underground building that looked like an overly elaborate public restroom. Vicious demons and men with guns were running around the place. The former were beating the latter and using their own guns against them. In a panic I grabbed a gun and tried to shoot myself in the chest. I felt a tightening sensation when I pulled the trigger and I knew they went through, but I was unfazed. I ran into a packed room with survivors who all had guns pointed at the door. A middle-aged woman with red hair walked through and I somehow knew she was a demon. My arm stretched to twice its length and I put my hand around her throat. I asked everyone why we were letting her in after what she did. I can't remember the reason, but it sounded like bullshit to my ears.


The most recent ones I had were more simple. One of them looked like a typical exorcism setup. There was a young girl strapped to a couch and a priest trying to remove the demon. There's a lot that happened before this that I don't remember. It seemed like the priest had succeeded in removing the demon from the girl, bu in truth it jumped into him. Up until this point I was just an observer. No one had acknowledged my presence and it was like watching a movie. The priest looked at me, grew enormous claws on his right hand and ripped my heart out. This is the first time something happening in a dream made me wake up.

Last night was pretty dippy at first. It was me and an old friend sitting on the floor watching TV. For some reason the floor turned into a bathtub, our clothes were stripped and the curtain on the window were shower curtains. The rest of the room was the same as it was before, just now with a bathtub in it. Then the flies came. They were no bigger than fruit flies but there thousand of them and they ate flesh. The dream really ceased to be a nightmare once we hauled ass out of there, so I won't go in to what happened next.


I once had a recurring nightmare about being chased by a hobo in an alley. He was a Vietnam veteran and he didn't have hands. In place of hands someone had duct-taped coat hanger hooks to his stumps. I ran away from him to the end of the alley and started climbing the fence, and he was clawing at my legs with those hooks trying to pull me down. They were way too flimsy to be effective and he could not get a grip but it scared the shit out of me that by some fluke they MIGHT catch on my socks or something and give him some leverage. Scared me every time I had that dream.


File: 1457724788663.jpg (219.54 KB, 600x600, vomit.jpg)

>me back in elementary school
>in a huge assembly
>it looks like a concert because there are so many people
>very dark
>principal announces gun ownership is now legal for anyone of any age
>not only is it legal, but it's mandatory
>teachers open up a storage closet jam-packed with handguns of all shapes and sizes
>kids line up to get their gun, and teachers hand them out without any kind of training or warning
>back in the assembly, guns start accidentally firing and blood splatters onto balloons hung around the room
>gun firing starts a chain reaction and all guns start to go off
>blood is spattering from everyone getting accidentally shot
>this continues until everyone is dead

it's weird, i'm not even for gun control, i guess I'm just scared of guns


File: 1457725711972.jpg (1.02 MB, 1024x768, 20101027153220_view--dead_….jpg)

another one I had

>some kind of weird beach boardwalk/highway

>foggy sky
>very desolate
>cats and dogs are strewn about everywhere
>they called it a 'yard sale'
>there were also piles of junk and stuffed animals, but many were just plain live animals
>no cages, but the animals can't escape
>some animals were alive, but some just sat there rotting, left to decay
>if you don't adopt the animal after a period of time, instead of euthanizing it, they just stopped feeding it until it starved
>they left the corpses to rot
>i pass by a giant, bloated, indistinguishable white animal
>all the live animals i pass by can talk, and are just as sentient as humans
>they seemed pretty nonchalant about their situation, like they didn't mind
>some make amused comments about the bloated, rotten animal nearby

not really scary, but very eerie


It was a history channel special on my life and I was a brutal dictator that killed and was just horrible. And it was more realistic than any other dream i ever had.

I feel awful thinking about it. The atrocities in it so vivid. The people I cared about mistreated. It felt like possession, being trapped.


A few weeks ago, I had a dream where an autistic kid visited my home. He said he wanted to play my PS2 and I said that its locked up in a box outside. So we went on an adventure looking for the PS2. We eventually found the PS2 and he disappeared. I was looking for him and I ended up in a murky area. There was thousands of tiny white bugs that was pulling me down in the murky land. I was able to escape by crawling but man, those little white fuckers were terrifying.


A few nights ago I had a dream where I was a small child and a friend of the family (who does not exist IRL) was living with us. Every day my parents would go out the house and he would chase me down and beat me, I felt so weak and helpless. Throughout the dream he would just hurt, torment and threaten me whenever my parents were out of sight and then act all charming around them. I remember in the dream I didn't even think about telling my parents what was going on because I was scared and it was sort of like I had the mind of a child. I was so confused and upset and the man actually seemed more like a big monster to me. And yeah… this dream went on for quite and while and it was very distressing. When I woke up I was both relieved and sort of shocked at what I had dreamed.
I had no such experience growing up so it came as a shock that I would dream it out of nowhere.
My parents never hurt me and neither did any family friends, I am not sure what caused this dream but it has been on the back of my mind ever since. There is nothing quite as scary as being a small child who has no hope of defending themselves from a fully grown adult.
The dream has given me more empathy and thought towards those who have had such experiences for real growing up.


that's pretty spooky


File: 1662636459705.jpeg (241.16 KB, 1200x878, FRbq6e4VcAAxSby.jpeg)

There's two I can think of.
The first one I had when I was about 8, or maybe even younger. I was in the house I house to live in and there were red lights everywhere. A robot was slowly chasing me and few of my friends, but we couldn't run full speed because there were obstacles. I see one of my friends fall, while I keep running away from the robot. I know something bad will happen to him and I don't wanna watch.

In the other one I was in a bizarre nightmare loop. There was a monster that I couldn't see, I could only feel their presence but only if I remembered that they were there. The monster would have control of my dreams, and they'd "change" the dream and erase my memories of the previous dream. I'd eventually remember that this new dream is actually part of the same dream, and that the monster is still around. The goal of the monster was to have me see something that for some reason I really didn't have to see. Whenever I remember the monster and their intentions, the dream would reset, I'd be in an entirely different scenario. As this situation advanced, I eventually started to dream that I woke up, until I eventually remembered that I was still in a dream, and that the monster was around, trying to catch me off guard to show me whatever the fuck it was that they wanted to show me. It was terrifying. I remember feeling paranoid as fuck after I had already woken up, because I had thought that I woke up so many times before waking up for real. This happened not that long ago, maybe 3 years.

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