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So when I smoked weed all the time I almost never dreamed. Sometimes when I would dream I would need a gun. (for whatever reason) when I would try to fire the gun it would never go off. Now I don't smoke and dream regularly. Why? The guns always go off Now too. Why?


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I'm not sure about the gun, but I read somewhere that weed reduces REM sleep, which is responsible for most of your dreams?


Yeah I figured it meet with my ability to go into a deep sleep. The gun just is curious to me.




Immediately we could say that his something to do with your inability to perform sexually lmao.

Do you have guns in all of your dreams?


No not in all of them. Prolly 25-30% of them. I'm a gun enthusiast and own sevral guns too so that could have something to do with it.

Honestly I do have a problem with cumming too fast. Like I'm talking 1st nut in under 2 minutes usually and then it takes a while to get hard but once I do I'm usually solid. Idk if that's somewhat average or what, but it is more likely due to porn than weed I would think.


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Does weed mess with your stamina or cause ED? I know cigarettes can and I still smoke those. I've never performed well until after the 2nd nut. Now that we are on the subject the dreams where I would be having sex I'd never get my rocks off or even penetrate sometimes. Now I usually do. Maybe it has something to do with sex, but I am now ashamed at my shallow dreams


I didn't realise that was a screenshot from tumblr………


It's alright anon we won't tell anyone


Weed kills dreams. Hell, it's one of the reasons I want to stop because I haven't had a good dream in a while.

I used to have really vivid dreams, sometimes it would be almost like a movie. Other times I would get weird geometric things or odd colors like a screen saver. Nowadays, nothing. It's pretty sad.

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