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I wanted to post about a great dream I had, but when I tried to do it I discovered that I had forgotten most details.
What is the best way to remember your dreams? What are your tricks, if you have any?


you have to start a dream journal, writing everything you remember the second you wake up, there's no other way.

Gradually, you'll remember more and more and become more in tune with your dreams


don't smoke weed

and yeah what above poster said. I used to smoke often and i never could remember anything I dreamed (if i even dreamed at all)


Starting a dream journal actually improved my dream recall very rapidly. It was a couple of years ago but I think there was noticeable improvement within a couple of weeks, maybe even one. Even if I don't write down my dream now, I can usually still remember it later in the day. Only bad thing is that being woken up by an alarm makes it very hard for me to remember my dreams. I assume it's because the first thing on your mind when you wake up is turning off that alarm, rather than the dream you just woke from. Dream journals are also very fun to read once you've kept it for a while.


I can't really remember the details of most of my dreams.

Actually, I've had some pretty hyper-realistic and mundane dreams and they sort of confuse me, I might remember them at some point and am not quite sure if they actually happened or not or whether I was just dreaming something realistic. It's a bit of a mindfuck.


Ok, I'll start a dream journal.
I seldom remember my dreams, I hope it really does work.

Several years back I dreamed I bought a PS3 and started playing it. I was so real I woke up hyped as hell and got sad after realizing it wasn't true.

I ended up buying one the day after that.


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I dreamt I was playing in a snooker championship in Iraq during the reign of Saddam Hussein.


I keep my phone on my nightstand and if I wake up from a dream I quickly dictate it to a note while half-awake.



I had previously done the same thing with a little pocketbook but I have since just been using the notepad on my phone. Just the act of writing it down encodes it in memory better and I can look at it whenever


Try walking yourself through the dream again. Try to remember the earliest thing avout yiur dream and start from there. Talk about it in the present tense, as if you are actually doing it again.Try getting back into the different positions you were when you were sleeping. Start writing your dreams down more frequently.

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