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What are some recurring things that appear every now and then in your dreams? Could be an event, a location, an object…

A recurring dream i used to have is being at a store buying a my little pony toy (i was obsessed with the show but couldn't tell anyone). Funnily enough i stopped having this dream after ordering a mlp toy online


A college friend of mine has betrayed me and then made up for it right after by saving me at least twice in my dreams.
Apparently I have invaded the dreams of this same guy just to tell him to wake up two or three times.


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I used to have a lot of dreams about relatives, but in my dreams my relatives were "usurpers" pretending to be my relatives, I will usually find out because while they act almost normal, the behavior will seem strange, the things they say, or their body language, etc.

I also used to have nightmares about strange beings observing me while I sleep.


A frequently reoccurring theme in my dreams is underground locations. Usually fallout bunkers, derelict basements, creepy tunnels with exposed concrete walls.

Another theme that's also highly prevalent is finding hidden functionality in computer games and software. Like it will be a dream where I'm messing around with it normally, and then I'll find a hidden menu or something. A notable recent dream that was exceptionally surreal was that I was at a MWR (Morale Wellfare and Recreation, it's a thing on military bases, I'm a military kid.) and I was messing around with a homebrewed wii and found community of people chatting about a old game.


Being in a more dystopian version of my town.

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